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  • Page 1 Manager PLUS User’s Guide CASIO Worldwide Education Website CASIO EDUCATIONAL FORUM
  • Page 2: Getting Started

    This means that emulator data can be used to create assignments, tests, and other materials. • A presentation feature lets you play back saved Key-Log records. • You can connect your fx-CG10/fx-CG20 unit to your computer and display its contents on your computer screen. Important! •...
  • Page 3: System Requirements

    System Requirements ® ® Operating Systems: Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional (32-bit), Windows ® ® Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Your hardware configuration needs higher than functionalities that operating system recommends. Computer: IBM PC/AT or compatible computer Computer with one of the Windows ®...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    7. Other Functions ..................E-32 Printing .......................... E-32 Shortcut Menu ....................... E-34 8. File Types Supported by fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS ....... E-35 9. Differences between fx-CG10/fx-CG20 Calculator and fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS Functions ..........E-36 10. Using Screen Receiver to Display the Calculator Screen Image on Your Computer ................
  • Page 5: Installing And Uninstalling Fx-Cg10/20 Manager Plus

    1. Installing and Uninstalling fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS This section explains how to install and uninstall fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS. To install fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS Place the CD-ROM into your computer’s CD-ROM drive. • After a short while, the fx-CG Manager PLUS screen will appear on the display.
  • Page 6 Select the language you want and then click [OK]. Click the [Next] button. • This will display the end user license agreement (EULA). Carefully read the EULA.
  • Page 7 If you agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement, click “I accept the terms…”, and then click the [Next] button. • If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the license agreement, click “I do not accept the terms…”...
  • Page 8 Click the [Install] button. • This will start installation. The dialog box shown below will appear when installation is complete. Click the [Finish] button. • This completes installation. Note • Installing the software will put a “fx-CG10_20 Manager PLUS” shortcut icon on your Windows desktop.
  • Page 9 • This completes the uninstall operation. To start up fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS On your computer’s desktop, click the “fx-CG10_20 Manager PLUS” icon. • You could also start up the application by clicking [Start] - [Program] - [CASIO] - [fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS] - [fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS].
  • Page 10: Screen Configuration

    2. Screen Configuration The following shows the fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS screen. Menu Bar Toolbar Emulator Status Bar File Display Area * When you have both the emulator window and Key-Log (or bitmap file) window open on the display, the emulator window always will be displayed on top.
  • Page 11: Menu Bar

    Menu Bar • This section explains the fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS menu bar. • If a menu command can also be executed by clicking a toolbar button, the applicable toolbar button is also provided. File Menu File History Toolbar Menu Description Button Creates a new Key-Log file.
  • Page 12: Edit Menu

    Toolbar Menu Description Button (File History) Shows up to four of the last files you worked on. Exit Exits fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS. Edit Menu Toolbar Menu Description Button Undo Undoes the last operation. Redo Redoes the last undone operation. Cuts the currently selected screen area and places it onto the clipboard.
  • Page 13: View Menu

    View Menu Menu Submenu Description Small Selects small-size calculator keys. Calc Key Normal Selects normal-size calculator keys. Small Selects small-size display. Calc Screen Normal Selects normal-size display. Standard Toggles display of the standard toolbar on and off. Toggles display of the log toolbar on and off. Toolbar Edit Toggles display of the edit toolbar on and off.
  • Page 14: Window Menu

    Toolbar Menu Description Button Adds a new Key-Log record. Delete Deletes the currently displayed Key-Log record. Emulator Enters the emulator mode. Editor Enters the Key-Log editor mode. Starts Key-Log auto playback. If a calculation contains a Memory Character to the left of the cursor, Key- Auto Play Log playback automatically starts from the Memory Character position.
  • Page 15: Help Menu

    Tools Menu Toolbar Menu Description Button Screen Receiver Starts up Screen Receiver. Options Displays a dialog box for configuring optional settings. Help Menu Menu Submenu Description Calculator Displays the Calculator User’s Guide. Manual Manager PLUS Displays the Manager PLUS User’s Guide. License Displays the end user license agreement.
  • Page 16: Toolbar

    Toolbar • This section explains the fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS toolbar buttons. • The toolbar buttons correspond to menu bar commands. See the section of this manual that explains the menu bar for details about each button’s function. Standard Toolbar Editor...
  • Page 17: Status Bar

    Status Bar Help text is displayed here. Displays the process currently being performed. Toggles between the insert and overwrite modes. Clicking here while in the Key-Log editor mode toggles between the insert mode and overwrite mode. E-16...
  • Page 18: Emulator Mode And Key-Log Editor Mode

    3. Emulator Mode and Key-Log Editor Mode fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS has two modes. You can use either of the following to operations to select the mode you want. • On the [KeyLog] menu, select either [Emulator] or [Editor]. • On the standard toolbar, click Emulator Mode Use this mode when you want to perform mainly emulator operations.
  • Page 19: Emulating Fx-Cg10/Fx-Cg20 Calculator Operation

    • The emulator makes it possible to mimic fx-CG10/fx-CG20 calculator operation using your computers mouse and keyboard. • For details about emulator operations, see the fx-CG10/fx-CG20 User’s Guide. You can view the User’s Guide by selecting [Manual] - [Calculator] on the Help menu.
  • Page 20 In the Emulator Mode, you use your computer keyboard to operate the emulator. The following explains the keyboard keys you should use to perform each emulator key operation. (1) Computer keyboard keys that have the same key markings as the emulator keys —...
  • Page 21 Using the Floating Emulator Feature • You can display the emulator LCD screen and its keypad in their own windows that are separate from the fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS window. To make the LCD screen a floating window Double-click the LCD screen.
  • Page 22 • Perform the following steps to move the LCD screen and/or keypad back into the fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS main window from independent floating windows. - Double-click the floating LCD screen and/or keypad. - Drag the LCD screen and/or keypad back to the left side of the fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS main window. Important! •...
  • Page 23 Capturing the Emulator LCD Screen Image • You can use the following procedure to capture an image of the emulator LCD screen. To capture the emulator LCD screen image On the [File] menu, select [Capture Screen] to display a capture of the emulator LCD screen. •...
  • Page 24 Opening a Saved LCD Screen Image • You can open a saved LCD screen image and display it on your computer. You can have multiple screen images open at the same time. • LCD screen images can be copied and pasted into other applications in order to create operation example handouts, assignments, etc.
  • Page 25: Using The Emulator Key-Log

    5. Using the Emulator Key-Log This section explains how to use the Key-Log, which is a log of the emulator’s key operations. It also covers playback of recorded key operations and editing of Key-Log records. All of the operations in this section are performed using toolbar buttons. Key-Log File Structure A Key-Log file can contain multiple Key-Log records.
  • Page 26 To record emulator key operations using Key-Log Click to start Key-Log recording. • The Main Menu will appear with the Run-Matrix mode icon already highlighted. • Click to save the calculator’s current Main Memory contents and insert a Memory Character ( ) at the current cursor location on the emulator screen.
  • Page 27 To perform Key-Log auto play of a recorded key operation Click and then open the Key-Log file you want to play. Click to start playback. The next key to be played back is orange. Played key operations are blue. The last played key The next key to be played is framed in orange.
  • Page 28 Note • Executing a playback operation while the cursor is located within a calculation will cause the cursor to move back to the nearest Memory Character before (to the left of) the current cursor position (in order to determine the current Main Memory contents) and start playback from there. •...
  • Page 29 To playback a Key-Log record manually (STEP playback) Click and then open the Key-Log file you want to play. Click to play the first key operation in the Key-Log. Keep pressing to play Key-Log contents one step at a time. To stop playback, click To edit a Key-Log record Click...
  • Page 30 • A Memory Character also can be copied into another application. A Memory Character that has been pasted into another application can be copied and pasted into fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS. When a Memory Character that has been pasted into fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS is played back, it reproduces the applicable memory contents.
  • Page 31: Configuring Options Dialog Box Setting

    6. Configuring Options Dialog Box Setting • This section explains the settings on the Options dialog box. LCD Screen Capture Settings Select this option to add a frame to an LCD screen capture. Specifies the screen size during LCD screen capture. Supported sizes are Small, Normal, 2 and 3.
  • Page 32 Spread Sheet Setting ® You can configure Copy & Paste so either values or Excel formulas are pasted into a spreadsheet. Paste Formulas ... Pastes formulas. Paste Values ... Pastes values only. ® ® You also can specify the language to be used when pasting to Microsoft Excel ®...
  • Page 33: Other Functions

    7. Other Functions Printing • You can use the following procedure to print LCD screen captures. Click the window of the LCD screen capture that you want to print to select it. Click . This will display the Print dialog box. Click [OK] to start printing.
  • Page 34 Print Preview • Selecting [Print Preview] on the [File] menu displays the print preview image. Displays the Print dialog box. Enlarges the preview image. Reduces the size of the preview image. Closes the print preview window image. Print Setup Dialog Box •...
  • Page 35: Shortcut Menu

    Shortcut Menu • Right-clicking the mouse displays one of the shortcut menus shown below. • During Key-Log Editing • During Bitmap Display of the Calculator Screen A screen zoom operation affects only the screen where you display the shortcut menu. If you have multiple screens on the display, the other screens are not affected by the zoom operation.
  • Page 36: File Types Supported By Fx-Cg10/20 Manager Plus

    8. File Types Supported by fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS • The following are the file name extensions that are supported by the Memory application. File Extension Description .g1m, .g2m, .g3m, Data items listed in the Main Memory information screen that has been .g1r, or .g2r...
  • Page 37: Differences Between Fx-Cg10/Fx-Cg20 Calculator And Fx-Cg10/20 Manager Plus Functions

    9. Differences between fx-CG10/fx-CG20 Calculator and fx-CG10/20 Manager PLUS Functions • This section explains the differences between fx-CG10/fx-CG20 calculator functions and fx- CG10/20 Manager PLUS emulator functions. Link Application Calculator: Data transfer execution supported. Emulator: Data send/receive, and configuring cable, and wakeup are not supported. Attempting to perform any of these operations causes an error.
  • Page 38 Click (PC). Click (Import). • This displays a dialog box for opening a file. Select the file you want to import, and then click [Open]. Select the folder where you want to import the file and then click (SAVE). Click E-37...
  • Page 39 To export a file From the Main Menu, enter the Memory mode. Click (PC). Click (Export). Highlight the file you want to export. Next, click (SELECT) and then (Copy). • This displays a dialog box for selecting the destination folder of the exported file. Select the destination folder you want and then click [OK].
  • Page 40 Installing an Add-In You can perform the following procedure on the emulator to install an Add-In application or Add-In language. To install an Add-In application From the Main Menu, enter the Memory mode. Click (PC) (Import). • This displays a dialog box for opening a file. Select the Add-In file you want and then click [Open].
  • Page 41 Click Click • The icon of the application you just installed should be visible on the Main Menu. • Some Add-In applications may act differently on the fx-CG10/fx-CG20 calculator than they do on the emulator. OFF ( Calculator: Turns off power.
  • Page 42 The table below shows how some formulas may be modified automatically when a paste operation is performed. Modified Formulas ® Spreadsheet Paste Operation* Excel <> >= <= Omitted multiplication sign CellIf( CellMin( MIN( CellMax( MAX( CellMean( AVERAGE( CellMedian( MEDIAN( CellSum( SUM( CellProd( PRODUCT(...
  • Page 43 ® Spreadsheet Paste Operation* Excel –1 sinh ASINH(#1) –1 cosh ACOSH(#1) tanh –1 ATANH(#1) Abs #1 ABS(#1) GCD( GCD( LCM( LCM( MOD( MOD( Int #1 TRUNC(#1) Intg #1 INT(#1) RndFix( ROUND( #1P#2 PERMUT(#1,#2) #1C#2 COMBIN(#1,#2) NORMSDIST( Ran# RAND() Not #1 NOT(#1) #1 And #2 AND(#1,#2)
  • Page 44 E-43...
  • Page 45 E-44...
  • Page 46 Note ® Some mathematical functions do not copy and paste correctly between Microsoft Excel 2010 and ® the Emulator Spreadsheet. Change the functions below in Excel to the proper function names. Correct Function Name Pasted Function Name (Rename as shown below.) Czech NENÍ...
  • Page 47: Using Screen Receiver To Display The Calculator Screen Image On Your Computer

    10. Using Screen Receiver to Display the Calculator Screen Image on Your Computer This section explains how to connect an fx-CG10/fx-CG20 calculator to a computer and display the calculator screen image on the computer. See the Screen Receiver User’s Guide for details.
  • Page 48 • Windows ® XP Users If this is the first time you are connecting the calculator to your computer, use the following procedure to install the USB driver. ® 3-1. Connecting the calculator to a computer running Windows XP causes the screen shown below to appear on your computer display.
  • Page 49 3-3. Though a message appears to let you know that the software has not passed the “Windows Logo Test”, there is no need for concern. Simply click [Continue Anyway] and proceed with installation. 3-4. Click [Finish]. Press • This automatically establishes a connection between Screen Receiver and the calculator, and displays the calculator screen on the Screen Receiver window.
  • Page 50: Error Message Table

    11. Error Message Table Message Description Required Action An error occurred while reading Wrong file format. Check the file to see if it is the file <file name>. The file corrupted. may be corrupted. There is no more playable There are no playable keys to Move the input cursor to the data.
  • Page 51 Message Description Required Action There is not enough memory. There is not enough memory to Increase memory capacity and Increase memory capacity and perform the operation. try again. try again. A problem occurred while A problem occurred during Try restarting the application. launching the emulator.
  • Page 52 Message Description Required Action File Extension Error The file you selected has an Make sure that the extension invalid file name extension. of the file you are selecting is bmp or jpg. <path> Invalid Extension The file path you selected has Make sure that the extension of an invalid file name extension.
  • Page 53 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. 6-2, Hon-machi 1-chome Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Japan SA1011-A...

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