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Care Of Your Instrument - Casio LD-50 User Manual

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Care of your Instrument

Avoid heat, humidity or direct sunlight.
Do not overexpose the instrument to direct sunlight, or place it near an air conditioner, or in any extremely
hot place.
Do not use near a TV or radio.
This instrument can cause video or audio interference with TV and radio reception. If this happens, move the
instrument away from the TV or radio.
Do not use lacquer, thinner or similar chemicals for cleaning.
Clean the instrument with a soft cloth dampened in a weak solution of water and a neutral detergent. Soak
the cloth in the solution and squeeze until it is almost dry.
Avoid use in areas subjected to temperature extremes.
Extremely high or low temperature can cause figures on the LCD screen to become dim and difficult to read.
This condition should correct itself when the instrument is brought back to normal temperature.
When using batteries, be sure to replace them or shift to one of the alternate power sources whenever you notice
any of the following symptoms.
• Instrument does not turn on
• Dim, difficult to read display
• Abnormally low speaker/headphone volume
• Distortion of sound output
• Occasional interruption of sound when playing at high volume
• Sudden power failure when playing at high volume
• Dimming of the display when playing at high volume
• Abnormal rhythm pattern and demo tune play
• Dimming of digital drum lights when notes sound
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