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Tv Band; Weather Band; Cd Player; Loading Cd Disc - GE Spacemaker 7-5400 User Manual

General electric undercabinet stereo cd player user manual
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TV Band

CH 2-13 are available for TV Band.
The channel number lights on the display when
TV band is selected.
TV Band
CH 2
59.75 MHz
CH 3
65.75 MHz
CH 4
71.75 MHz
CH 5
81.75 MHz
CH 6
87.75 MHz
CH 7
179.75 MHz
CH 8
185.75 MHz
CH 9
191.75 MHz
CH 10 197.75 MHz
CH 11 203.75 MHz
CH 12 209.75 MHz
CH 13 215.75 MHz

Weather Band

Weather information is given continuously from
U.S. Government Weather Stations on frequencies
from 162.400MHz to 162.550MHz.
Weather Band
CH 1
162.550 MHz
CH 2
162.400 MHz
CH 3
162.475 MHz
CH 4
162.425 MHz
CH 5
162.450 MHz
CH 6
162.500 MHz
CH 7
162.525 MHz
The Weather transmission, broadcast 24 hours a
day, are taped messages that are repeated every
4 to 6 minutes and revised and updated as
needed to match the changing weather
conditions. For additional information, check
your location office of the National Weather
Service (Department of Commerce).
Important: The listening range of
NOAA weather stations varies from 10
miles up to a maximum of 40 miles
from the station's transmitter. In some
areas of the United States, weather
transmissions cannot be monitored. The
effective range of this radio will have side
variations due to the height of the local
transmitting antenna, atmospheric
conditions, and the terrain between the
transmitter and your radio's location.

CD Player

Loading CD Disc

1. Press
to open the disc tray.
2. Insert CD disc with label side facing up.
3. Press
again to close the disc tray.

Play and Pause Playback

to start playback.
Press again to pause. The track number will flash
when in pause mode.
Press again to resume.
• "READING" flashes on the display while
CD is being read.
• If no disc is in the disc compartment
"NO DISC" shows on the display.

Listening to External mp3 Player

External mp3
player holder
Connect the
audio cable
to the unit
mp3 player
before first

Skip and Search Tracks

to go to the previous track.
Press and hold to quick search backwards
through a track.
to go to the next track.
Press and hold to quick search forward through a

End Playback

to end playback.

Repeat and Random Playback

Press DISPLAY on the remote control
repeatedly to select among playback modes.
- Repeat track
- Repeat disc
- Random playback
- Repeating all tracks on the disc in
random order
An external mp3 player holder is located at the
bottom of the unit. You can connect your mp3
player and play music through the unit.
1. Slide the lock to the right to open the holder.
2. Connect the audio cable to your mp3 player
and let the player rest on the holder.
• You also need to connect the audio cable
behind the holder to the unit before first use.
3. Turn on the mp3 player and press MP3
AUDIO IN to listen to it.
4. Adjust the mp3 player to mid-range volume
and adjust the master volume by rotating
VOLUME/TIMER knob on the unit. Do not
turn the volume of the mp3 player too high
as this may affect the sound quality. For other
playback operatons, control them on your
mp3 player.

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