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Clock & Timer; Setting The Time; Setting The Countdown Timer; Radio - GE Spacemaker 7-5400 User Manual

General electric undercabinet stereo cd player user manual
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Clock & Timer

Setting the Time

The time display has a 12-hour format with AM
and PM indicator. To set the time:
1. Press
(inside battery compartment) to enter
time setting mode.
The clock
icon will appear on the display.
2. To set clock time, use the
buttons to
select the correct time.
Press and hold to fast reverse or fast forward
clock time.
3. Press
again to save clock time. The clock
will turn off.
In standby mode, press
to show the seconds counter.


Built-In AFC

The Built-In Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
works only on FM. It helps to reduce drift on FM
reception and to keep the radio locked in on the
FM station to which it is tuned.


AM Antenna - A built-in ferrite rod antenna
eliminates the need for an outside antenna for
AM reception. Rotating the unit slightly may
improve reception of distant AM stations.
FM Antenna - The power cord acts as your FM
antenna. The power cord picks up moderate to
strong stations and eliminates the need for an
external antenna in most strong signal areas. Be
sure the power cord is stretched out to its full
length. Do not coil or bunch the cord together.
Changing position of the power cord may
improve reception.

Setting the Countdown Timer

1. Press VOLUME/TIMER to enter timer setting
The TIMER icon will flash on the display.
2. To select countdown time, rotate VOLUME/
TIMER knob to select the countdown time
from 00:01 to 59:59 (default: 01:00). The
background light of VOLUME/TIMER will
change to green during adjustment.
3. Press VOLUME/TIMER again to activate the
timer. The unit will beep twice to indicate
countdown has started. Remaining time
shows on the display.
The TIMER icon will remain lit during
4. Press VOLUME/TIMER to turn timer off at any
time or after it has sounded.
The radio or CD player is muted
when alarm turns on.

Turning on the Radio

Press RADIO ON / BAND (or RADIO on remote
control) to turn on the radio.
Turning off the unit
Press OFF (or
on remote control) to turn off
the radio.
Selecting Radio Band
Press RADIO ON / BAND (or RADIO on remote
control) to select among FM, AM, TV and Wx

Tuning to a Channel

to tune down radio frequency or
select the previous TV channel.
to tune up radio frequency or select
the next TV channel.

Automatic Channel Search

Press and hold
for more than 1
second and release to start automatic channel
search in the direction selected.
Search will stop once a channel is found. Press
to quit automatic channel search.

Radio Frequency Memory

1. Follow steps in "Selecting Radio Band" and
"Tuning to a Channel" to tune to the station
you want to store into memory.
2. Press SET to assign a memory location to the
selected station.
"P" will flash with the next available memory
location light on the display
If you wish to assign another memory location
or overwrite a previously set memory, press
PRESET to select a memory location.
3. Press SET again to confirm selection.

Memory Recall

Press PRESET (or PRESET +/– on the remote
control) to recall preset stations.
Tips: A Maximum of 10 preset memory
locations are available. "P--" shows on
the display to indicate all memory locations
are occupied. Nevertheless, you can still
overwrite occupied locations by using
PRESET (or PRESET +/– on the remote
RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data
The unit can support radio broadcast data system
reception and display RBDS information in FM
radio mode. Available information depend on
individual radio channel. The RBDS icon
on the display when data received.
Press DISPLAY to cycle among RBDS information
whenever available: FM frequency, program
service name (PS), program type (PTY) and radio
text (RT). RBDS icons (PS, PTY and RT) light on
the display indicating the nature of information

Program Type Search

This function lets you search for a particular type
of radio program among all RBDS radio channels.
1. Press DISPLAY until program type (PTY)
information show on the display.
2. Press
once to enter program type search
mode with program type flashing on the
3. Press
repeatedly to cycle among all
program types available (e.g. news, sports,
4. Press
to start backward or
forward search through the radio frequencies
for the particular type of program you have
chosen. Radio is muted during the search.
Tips: During program type search, the
unit will search through the whole
radio frequency range for the selected
program type. If the search fails, the radio
will return to the station previously being

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