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GE Profile 162D9617P008 Owner's Manual Page 31

Side by side refrigerators.
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Cube dispenser does
not work
Water has poor taste/odor
Water dispenser does
not work
Water spurting from
Water is not dispensed
but icemaker is working
No water or ice cube
Refrigerator has odor
Moisture forms on
outside of refrigerator
Moisture collects inside
(in humid weather, air
carries moisture into
refrigerator when doors
are opened)
Interior light does
not work
Water on kitchen floor or
on bottom of freezer
No panel touch pad
Door not closing properly
or only partially closing
Possible Causes
Icemaker turned off or
water supply turned off.
Ice cubes are frozen to
icemaker feeler arm.
Irregular ice clumps in
storage container.
Water dispenser has not been
used for a long time.
Water supply line turned
off or not connected.
Water filter clogged.
Air may be trapped in the
water system.
Newly-installed filter cartridge.
Water in reservoir is
Supply line or shutoff
valve is clogged.
Water filter clogged.
Foods transmitting
odor to refrigerator.
Interior needs cleaning.
Not unusual during
periods of high humidity.
Too frequent or too
long door openings.
No power at outlet.
Light bulb burned out.
Cubes jammed in chute.
If interior light is not on,
refrigerator may not be
plugged in at wall outlet.
Tripped circuit breaker
or burned-out fuse.
The doors are designed to stay
open partway for ease of
loading food.
What To Do
• Turn on icemaker or water supply.
• Remove cubes and move the feeler arm to the
ON (down) position.
• Break up with fingertip pressure and discard
remaining clumps.
• Freezer may be too warm. Adjust the freezer control
to a colder setting, one position at a time, until
clumps do not form.
• Dispense water until all water in system is replenished.
• See Installing the water line.
• Replace filter cartridge or remove filter and install plug.
• Press the dispenser pad for at least two minutes.
• Run water from the dispenser for 1 minute (about a
half gallon).
• Call for service.
• Call a plumber.
• Replace filter cartridge or remove filter and install plug.
• Foods with strong odors should be tightly wrapped.
• Keep an open box of baking soda in the refrigerator;
replace every three months.
• See Care and cleaning.
• Wipe surface dry.
• Replace fuse or reset the breaker.
• See Replacing the light bulbs.
• Poke ice through with a wooden spoon.
• Make sure refrigerator is securely plugged in at
wall outlet.
• Replace fuse or reset the breaker.



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