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Connections And Settings; Connecting Inputs; Priority Microphone (Input 1) - Bosch PLE-1MA030-EU Installation And User Instructions Manual

Plena mixer amplifier
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Plena Mixer Amplifier | Installation and User Instructions | Connections and settings

Connections and settings

4. 1

Connecting inputs


Priority microphone (input 1)

The priority microphone (or a generic call station) that
can be used with push to talk (PTT) should be
connected to "microphone/line 1 input". The PTT
mode can be activated by setting the DIP switch (12) at
the rear of the unit. Microphone/line 1 input has
priority over all other microphone/line inputs.
If, however, the "Tel. emergency/100V input" receives a
signal, all inputs including microphone/line 1 input will
be overruled.
The microphone/line 1 input has two connectors wired
in parallel:
an XLR connector (for a 3 pole microphone), and
a Euro style pluggable screw terminal connector.
The Euro style pluggable screw terminal connector has
a trigger input, which can be used in combination with
the Euro and XLR connector.
The priority microphone can be connected to the
microphone/line 1 input as follows:
XLR connector only. See figure 4.1.
XLR connector with trigger. See figure 4.2.
Euro connector with trigger. See figure 4.3.
Euro connector only (without trigger).
If a microphone is connected to both the XLR
connector and the Euro connector for the
microphone/line 1 input, the input signals will be
added together.
Set the DIP switch settings next to the XLR connector
for microphone/line 1, as required. See section 4.3.
Bosch Security Systems | 2007-11 | PLE-1MA030-EU, PLE-1MA060-EU, PLE-1MA120-EU en
When connecting an unbalanced line level
(200 mV) signal to the microphone/line input,
connect it as follows: Signal to pin 2, pin 1 and
pin 3 to ground.
figure 4. 1 : XLR connector only
figure 4.2: XLR connector with trigger
figure 4.3: Euro connector with trigger
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