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Philips Hospitality TV
Status: Approved
Version 1.0
Date: June 2013
Author: Marian Pufulete
Installation Manual for


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Philips Hospitality TV Installation Manual for 19HFL2807D/10 24HFL2808D/10 32HFL2808D/10 39HFL2808D/10 Status: Approved Version 1.0 Date: June 2013 Author: Marian Pufulete...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Requirements before starting the installation ......................2 Find out the state of the TV ............................3 Re-install TV ................................5 Installation wizard ..............................6 Channel options ..............................14 Professional Settings .............................. 18 Welcome Logo ................................ 22 Clone ..................................23 Feature settings ..............................
  • Page 3: Requirements Before Starting The Installation

    1. Requirements before starting the installation Before starting the installation, make sure that you have everything you need at hand. Master remote control 22AV8573 Guest remote control 22AV1107A USB stick For the 19HFL2807 the master remote control is mandatory. For the xxHFL2808 you can use the guest remote and use the key sequence MENU, 7,9,3,5 to access the Hotel Mode. To enter the Hotel TV menu using the master remote control (22AV8573): •...
  • Page 4: Find Out The State Of The Tv

    2. Find out the state of the TV It is important to know if a TV is in ‘virgin mode’ (out of the box) or installed before. If you can see this screen below, you know that the TV is in ‘virgin mode’ and you can install the set. See chapter 4 of this manual.
  • Page 5 Disable the Hotel TV mode To access the setup menu you should press the ‘RC5 SETUP’ key and then press the ‘Home/Menu’ button. You can use the guest remote to select with the up or down arrow buttons and change values with the left or right arrow buttons.
  • Page 6: Re-install Tv

    3. Re-install TV If you want to start an installation from scratch you can always re-install the TV. First step is to set the Hotel Mode to OFF and exit using the MENU or Return button on the guest remote. Note: It is not required to use a save button, once you exit the menu, you will save the settings from the Hotel TV Menu Press the MENU button on the guest remote to access the full menu of the TV.
  • Page 7: Installation Wizard

    4. Installation wizard When you turn on the TV for the first time, or you have reinstalled the TV, you should see the following screen. Please select your language and press “OK” to start the installation of the TV set. The next step is to select the country.
  • Page 8 In some cases due the country regulations, you have to provide a pin code formed from four digits. This pin code will be required in case you want to modify the settings of the TV. Selected PIN code cannot be 0000. Enter a PIN code and confirm it by entering it once more.
  • Page 9 Cable Installation If you want to install DVB-C channels, select the “CABLE” option and press the “OK” button on the remote control to continue. To continue, please select “YES” and press “OK”. To cancel the operation, select “NO” and press “OK”. You can select frequency ranges from this screen.
  • Page 10 Pressing the MENU button will bring the MENU with all options active. Accessing the picture submenu will bring the following menu on the screen: The option which can be set: Mode: Can be set to one of these options: Cinema, Game, Dynamic and Natural. Contrast: Sets the difference between the brightest and darkest of the screen.
  • Page 11 The sound options are available from the main menu: Select and press “OK” to access the submenu: The options available are: Volume: Adjusts the volume level. Equalizer: In the equalizer menu, the preset can be changed to Music, Movie, Speech, Flat, Classic and User. Press the “MENU”...
  • Page 12 The settings menu is available from the main menu. The submenu can be access by pressing “OK” when this menu is highlighted. The options available are: The Conditional Access: Controls conditional access modules when available. Language: Configures language settings (-may change depending on the country selected) Preferred and current settings will be available.
  • Page 13 If automatic scanning in Upgrade Options menu is enabled, the TV wakes up at 03:00 and searches broadcast channels for new software upgrade. If new software is found and downloaded successfully, with the next power up the TV starts with new software version. In a hotel the safe approach will be to disable this option. Application Version: Is the software version currently installed on TV.
  • Page 14 Manual Channel Scan This feature can be used for direct broadcast entry. Network Channel Scan Searches for the linked channels in the broadcast system. Analogue Fine Tune You can use this setting for fine tuning analogue channels. This feature is not available if no analogue channels are stored.
  • Page 15: Channel Options

    5. Channel options For channels options like: reorder, rename or delete you have to access the menu from the picture below. Press “OK” for the submenu. Note: If the following menu is not displayed in the menu, please go and disable the Hotel TV mode. From the submenu select the “Edit channel list”...
  • Page 16 The TV will ask for confirmation by showing the following picture. Select “Yes” and press “OK” if you want to delete the channel. To move a TV channel in the list you need to do something similar. Select the TV channel with the up or down arrow buttons, and then select the Move function and press “OK”.
  • Page 17 Note: For 32 and 39 HFL2808D/10 you cannot delete channels from the channel list. For these two models you have to use the option Favourites from Channel list. Add the channels in to the Favourites list according with you needs and make the Favourites list as active Channel list. The Favourites allows you to have a particular channel plan with your desired order and number of channels.
  • Page 18 After adding all channels to Favourites list you can press Return button to go to previous screen. On this menu please select Active channel list and press OK to access the lists available. Go down the list, select the Favourites and press OK to activate this list. When the tick mark appears in front of the list you can press MENU button to exit.
  • Page 19: Professional Settings

    Select [On] to block all RC commands Select [Off] and all RC commands are enabled. 19HFL2807D/10: Don’t set this feature to <On> All configured settings will be lost!! Recovery of TV to control with a RC is only possible after reinstall TV software.
  • Page 20 [Startup Position] Select startup program/source when TV is switched on via Power On key or Digit keys. • Auto TV wakes up in last used channel/source. • TV: The TV set wakes up with the channel specified in Startup Channel field •...
  • Page 21 [OSD Disable] Feature to hide menu items when the Remote Control Menu key is pressed. • Disable All Menus :all menu icons are hidden • Disable Setup Menus: Picture, sound, settings and media browser menu icons are displayed. When [Hotel Mode] is set to Off, all TV menu items will be displayed (picture, sound, settings install and retune, channel list, media browser).
  • Page 22 [USB option] Feature to detect if a USB device is connected. • On: to enable USB device detection. • Off: to disable USB device detection. When [Off] the Media Browser icon will be displayed but cannot be activated. [Fixed Pic. Mode] Feature to hide the picture menu icon •...
  • Page 23: Welcome Logo

    7. Welcome Logo Once this feature is configured and set, the welcome image will be displayed within 8 seconds after switch on. This page will remain until a key on the RC is pressed. How to upload Welcome Logo 1. Create a graphics file: 960 x 540.png with the logo. a.
  • Page 24: Clone

    8. Clone With cloning it is possible to copy to/from a USB device the configuration data and the channel list data from a TV. Place a USB Memory stick in the USB side connector of the TV. *The USB device should be formatted as FAT or FAT32. Access the Hotel Mode Menu with the RC 2573 (yellow remote) and navigate with the TV remote.
  • Page 25: Feature Settings

    9. Feature settings [Multi RC] Enter the MultiRC Menu Feature to configure the remote control to work with one TV. To enter the MultiRC Menu: • Press the key sequence: MENU, RETURN, 1,2,3,4 On the TV a menu will guide you to select the desired TV. Choose a number to assign to the remote control and press OK to confirm.
  • Page 26: Csm (consumer Setup Menu)

    CSM (Consumer Setup menu) Enter Service Menu It is only possible to enter the Service Menu if the Hotel Mode is disabled. Enter the Hotel Mode menu and set the Hotel Mode to “Off” To enter the Service Menu: • Press the following key sequence: Menu, 1,2,3,6,5,4 No items can be selected in the Service Menu.

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