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Configuring And Programming The D6686; Factory Default Ip Address; Identifying The Mac Hardware Address; Obtaining An Ip Address - Bosch Conettix ITS-D6686-INTL Installation Manual

Ethernet network adapter


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Conettix ITS-D6686-INTL | Installation Guide | 3.0 Configuring and Programming the D6686
3.0 Configuring and
Programming the D6686

Factory Default IP Address

By default, the D6686 uses DHCP to obtain an IP
Address. The unit requires a static IP Address.
Refer to Sections 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 for more
Identifying the MAC Hardware
1. Verify that the D6686 is properly installed,
connected, and powered.
Refer to Section 2.0 Installation on page 4.
2. Locate the D6686's media access control
(MAC), or hardware, address.
The MAC address is hard-coded into the
D6686 during manufacturing, and it cannot
be changed. This address is 6 bytes (12
digits) in length and is located on a label on
the D6686 in the format of "xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx".
Figure 4: MAC Address Location
1- MAC address location on D6686 label
3. Record the MAC address and keep it for

Obtaining an IP Address

Provide the D6686's MAC address to the site's
network administrator, who will assign an IP
address for the D6686.
An IP Address is an identifier for a computer or
device on a transmission control
protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP) network.
Networks use the TCP/IP protocol route
messages based on the IP address of the
destination. The format of an IP address using
IPv4 is a 32-bit numeric address written as four
numbers or fields separated by periods. Each
number can be 0 to 255. The format of an IP
address using IPv6 is a 128-bit numeric address
written as eight groups of four hexadecimal digits
separated by colons.
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. | 11/12 | F01U274797-02
For example, could be an IPv4
address and
could be an IPv6 address. Within an isolated
network, you can assign IP addresses at random
if each one is unique. However, connecting a
private network to the Internet requires using
registered IP addresses (called Internet
addresses) to avoid duplicates. IPv6 addresses
are typically set using DHCP on the network. The
D6686 supports IPv4 and/or IPv6 addressing
schemes or both at the same time.
Bosch Security Systems, Inc. recommends that
you read this entire section before proceeding.
The D6200 Software is the recommended way to
program the network devices. Review Section 3.5
Programming Overview for the D6600 on page 8
and the Network Utilities section in the D6200
Programming Software Operation and Installation
Guide (P/N: 4998154991).
Using the D6200 to configure the
In order to access the configuration
program, ensure that the D6686
and the PC used to configure it are
directly connected using an
Ethernet cable.
Be sure that the PC being used to
configure the device is configured
to use DHCP to obtain an IP
Address. When it is connected
directly to the D6686 it will obtain
an Auto-IP address.
1. When you have the IP address and the
network administrator confirms that it is
ready, connect the Ethernet port of the
D6686 directly to the PC Ethernet port
using an Ethernet cable.
2. With the PC already booted and running,
apply power to the D6686 and wait
approximately 1 minute for the PC and
D6686 to acquire an Auto-IP Address


Table of Contents

Table of Contents