Installation; Mounting The D6686; Connecting The D6686 - Bosch Conettix ITS-D6686-INTL Installation Manual

Ethernet network adapter
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Conettix ITS-D6686-INTL | Installation Guide | 2.0 Installation

2.0 Installation


Mounting the D6686

Mount the D6686 on a rail or other user-supplied
spot behind the D6600 that it will be connected
to. Refer to Figure 3.

Connecting the D6686

Connect the D6686 as follows:
Power cable to an available electrical outlet
Ethernet cable to network switch
RS-232 serial cable to Serial 1 port
Refer to the D6600/D6100IPv6 Installation and
Operation Guide – Network Communication
section, (P/N: 4998122704) for applications
using both serial ports.
Refer to Figure 3.
Figure 3: D6686 Connections
1– Power cable
2– Ethernet cable
3– RS-232 serial cable (Serial 1 port)
4– Serial 2 port (empty)
5 – Standard 19-in. mounting rack
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents