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  • Page 1 Register your product and get support at 26PFL4007H/12 26PFL4007K/12 26PFL4007K/12 EN User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Channel issues Important information Picture issues Sustainability Sound issues Help and support Connection issues Network issues Use your TV Contact Philips Watch TV Product specifications View programme guide View media Power and reception Browse Smart TV Display and sound Interactive TV...
  • Page 3: Get Started

    Press connect your TV to the Internet, you can For information about the availability of HD access more extensive programme details. channels in your country, contact your Philips EasyLink dealer or see If you connect your TV to HDMI-CEC...
  • Page 4: Tv Controls

    Remote control TV controls Rear controls (Standby): Switch the TV on or to standby. 2. Play buttons: Control playback of media files. SOURCE: Access a connected device. FORMAT: Change picture format. TV: Switch source to watch TV. 1. : Switch the TV on or to standby. 2.
  • Page 5: Important Information

    TV, disconnect the TV from 21. TEXT: Switch text on or off. the power outlet immediately. Contact Philips Consumer Care to have the TV EasyLink controls checked before use.  Never place the TV, remote control or...
  • Page 6  Never expose the remote control or Risk of injury to children! batteries to rain, water or excessive Follow these precautions to prevent the TV heat. from toppling over and causing injury to  Avoid force coming onto power plugs. children: Ensure that the power plug is fully ...
  • Page 7: Screen Care

     Unplug the TV before cleaning. without notice. Trademarks are the property  of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V or their Clean the TV and frame with a soft respective owners. TP Vision Netherlands damp cloth. Never use substances such B.V. reserves the right to change products at...
  • Page 8 Covered by one or more of the following One of Philips’ leading Business Principles is U.S. patents: 7,295,673; 7,460,668; to take all necessary health and safety 7,515,710; 7,519,274.
  • Page 9: Sustainability

    PlayReady Final Products Sustainability Content owners use Microsoft PlayReady ™ content access technology to protect their Energy efficiency intellectual property, including copyrighted content. This device uses PlayReady This TV is designed with energy-efficient technology to access PlayReady protected features. To access these features, press the content and/or WMDRM-protected content.
  • Page 10 1 year. You can also find the power consumption values for the product on the Philips website for Please act according to your local rules and your country at
  • Page 11: Help And Support

    TV menu, press the Yellow button. Visit the Philips website If you can't find what you need in the onscreen [Help], visit the Philips support website at On the Philips support website, you can also:  Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ...
  • Page 12: Use Your Tv

    2 Use your TV Automatic switch off You can save energy with this TV's energy efficiency settings. The settings are enabled by default, so that if there is no user Watch TV interaction (such as pressing a remote control button or a control on the rear panel) for four hours, the TV will Switch TV on or off automatically switch to standby.
  • Page 13 Switch TV channels Manage channel lists  Press CH +/- on the remote control or After the channels have been installed, you can manage them:  Press the Numeric buttons to enter a  Rename channels channel number.  Reorder channels ...
  • Page 14 Listen to digital radio Use smart settings If digital radio channels are available, you can Your TV comes with smart picture and listen to them. They are installed sound settings. You can apply these settings automatically when you install TV channels. or customise them.
  • Page 15: View Programme Guide

    Set programme guide Change picture format Before you use the programme guide, check You can change the picture format to suit the following settings: the video source. 1. Press . ADJUST. 1. Press 2. Select [Setup] > [TV settings] > 2.
  • Page 16: View Media

    Access the TV programme guide  Philips wireless USB adapter (PTA01) 1. Press . for WiFi-ready models, or a LAN cable 2. Select [Programme guide], then press that connects your TV to your home network  A media server program running on...
  • Page 17 Listen to music Play files from USB Press the Navigation buttons to select a If you have photos, videos or music files on a music track, then press OK. USB storage device, you can play the files on  Press to pause.
  • Page 18: Browse Smart Tv

    TV > View Scenea > 3. (Optional) On your PC, register with Load TV wallpaper (Page 32). Philips to enjoy exclusive benefits and receive updates on product information. You Browse Smart TV can register at any time.
  • Page 19 Scroll pages Access Smart TV Applications Press P+ and P- to scroll up and down on a (Apps) web page. You can access apps through the Smart TV Reload page home page. The icons on this page represent If a page does not load correctly, press the apps installed on your TV.
  • Page 20 3. Press the Navigation buttons to select a Rent online videos store, then press OK to confirm. What you can do The icon of the video store is added to the With this TV, you can rent a video from home page.
  • Page 21: Interactive Tv

    Access interactive TV Interactive TV Most channels that offer interactive services invite you to press the Red button or OK to What you can do open their interactive programme. With interactive TV, you can view additional 1. Switch to a digital channel with interactive information or entertainment pages provided services.
  • Page 22: Use More Of Your Tv

    3 Use more of  Do not overload the USB port. If you connect a USB hard drive device that your TV consumes more than 500mA power, make sure that it is connected to its own external power supply. 1. Make sure that the TV and the USB hard Pause TV drive are switched off.
  • Page 23: Record Tv Shows

    Pause a live TV broadcast Record TV shows What you can do If your TV is connected to the Internet, you can record TV programmes onto a USB hard drive. You can either record current TV programmes or a future TV programme. Start and manage the recordings from the electronic programme guide on the TV.
  • Page 24 If you can't see the [TV Recording] button, Note: While you are formatting the USB make sure that the programme guide data is hard drive, do not connect other USB set to be updated through the network. devices to the TV. >...
  • Page 25: Start Recording

    3. Select the programme, press Start recording OPTIONS, then select [Record]. One-touch recording 4. To record beyond the time when the To record the programme you are currently programme is scheduled to end, change the watching, you can use the button on the recording time.
  • Page 26: Play Games

     To search forward or backwards, press Play games  To stop, press . Add a game console Note:  If a broadcaster limits the number of You can play games projected on your TV. days that a recording can be viewed Before you start, connect your game console after the programme has been to this TV.
  • Page 27: View Text

    Text language View Text For digital TV channels where the broadcasters provide different text Select a page languages, you can select your preferred primary and secondary languages. While you watch channels that broadcast text, you can view the text. 1. Press . 2.
  • Page 28: Set Locks And Timers

    Set the clock manually Text 2.5 You can set the date and time manually. With Text 2.5, you can view text with more Before you start, set the clock mode to colours and better graphics than normal text. [Manual]. If Text 2.5 is broadcast by a channel, it is 1.
  • Page 29: Use Easylink

    BRAVIA Sync (Sony). Not all brands are fully HDMI (Page 42). compatible with Philips EasyLink.  Configure each HDMI-CEC compliant After you have switched on Philips EasyLink, device properly the following features are available:  Switch on EasyLink One-touch play...
  • Page 30 Control devices simultaneously Select speaker output If you connect multiple HDMI-CEC devices If a connected device is HDMI CEC that support this setting, you can control all compliant, you can output TV audio through such devices through the TV remote control. an HDMI cable.
  • Page 31 TV is set to [Auto format] or [Movie them. expand 16:9].  If you are using a Philips HTS, the audio and video are automatically Listen to another device while TV synchronised. is in standby ...
  • Page 32: View Scenea

    View Scenea What you can do With Scenea, you can display a picture as the wallpaper on your TV. Display the default picture or load your own picture as the wallpaper. The wallpaper is displayed for 240 minutes or for the duration of the sleeptimer. Switch on 1.
  • Page 33: Set Up Your Tv

    4 Set up your TV  [Pixel Plus HD] / [Pixel Precise HD]*: Control advanced settings to fine-tune each pixel to match surrounding pixels. This setting produces a brilliant, high- Picture and sound definition image. - [HD Natural Motion]*: Reduce motion judder and reproduce smooth Settings assistant motion.
  • Page 34: Channel Settings

    More sound settings Reset picture and sound You can change the settings in the Sound You can restore the default picture and menu. sound settings, while the channel installation settings remain the same. 1. Press . 2. Select [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Sound], 1.
  • Page 35 Tip: Press LIST to see the channel list. Install digital channels Note: When digital TV channels are found, NonPu blish If you know the channel frequency of the the list of installed channels may display channels you want to install, you can search empty channel numbers.
  • Page 36: Update Channel List

    1. Switch on the second TV (on which you dealers and service personnel. want to copy the channel list). You can copy channel lists from one Philips Initial installation starts. TV to another through a USB storage 2. Follow the onscreen instructions and device.
  • Page 37: Satellite Settings

    4. Connect the USB storage device. Satellite settings 5. Press . 6. Select [Setup] > [TV settings] > [Preferences] > [Channel list copy] > What you can do [Copy to TV], then press OK. View satellite channels The channel list is copied to the TV storage Note: Available on certain models only.
  • Page 38: Language Settings

    Test signal strength 4. To install all channels, select [Install]. The If a channel or transponder is skipped during installation can take several minutes. installation, you can test the signal strength of Remove a satellite a satellite or add a new channel. 1.
  • Page 39: Universal Access Settings

    Subtitles on analogue channels Hearing impaired access Tip: To make sure that a hearing impaired 1. While you watch an analogue TV channel, press TEXT. audio language is available, press OPTIONS, then select [Audio language]. 2. Enter the three-digit page number of the subtitles page (usually '888').
  • Page 40: Other Settings

    Select audio from speakers or headphones  [Descriptive]: Hear descriptive speech You can choose to hear the visually impaired in the visually impaired audio. audio through the TV speakers, headphones  [Subtitles]: Hear subtitles in the visually or both. impaired audio. 1.
  • Page 41: Update Software

    Stand mount or wall mount Note: The update assistant directs you to You can apply the best settings for your TV the Philips support website. See the by selecting wall mount or stand mount. installation instructions on the website to complete the update.
  • Page 42: Connect Your Tv

    5 Connect your About cables Cable quality Overview Before you connect devices to the TV, check the available connectors on the device. Connect the device to the TV with the highest quality connection available. Good quality connectors transfer picture and sound better.
  • Page 43: Connect Devices

    SCART A SCART connection combines video and You can connect VGA to display PC content audio signals. on the TV. SCART connectors can handle RGB video VGA only transmits video. For sound, also signals but cannot handle high-definition connect to AUDIO IN. (HD) TV signals.
  • Page 44 Connect the disc player to the TV with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable. TV receiver Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver to the TV with an antenna cable. (SAT is available on certain models only.) Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver to the TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Page 45 Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver to the TV with a SCART cable. Connect the satellite or digital TV receiver to the TV with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable. Video recorder Connect the recorder to the TV with an antenna cable. (SAT is available on certain models only.)
  • Page 46: Game Console

    Connect the recorder to the TV with a SCART cable. Connect the recorder to the TV with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable. Game console Connect the game console to the TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Page 47 Connect the game console to the TV with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable. Home theatre Connect the home theatre to the TV with an HDMI cable and an optical cable. Connect the home theatre to the TV with a SCART cable.
  • Page 48 Connect the home theatre to the TV with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable. Digital camera Connect the digital camera to the TV with a USB cable. Digital camcorder Connect the digital camcorder to the TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Page 49: Connect More Devices

    Connect the digital camcorder to the TV with a component video cable (Y Pb Pr) and an audio L/R cable. Connect more devices USB hard drive Connect the USB hard drive to the TV with a USB cable. Computer Connect the computer to the TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Page 50 Connect the computer to the TV with a DVI-HDMI cable and an audio cable. Connect the computer to the TV with a VGA cable and an audio cable. Note: Keyboard and mouse  If you need extra USB connectors, use USB keyboard a USB hub.
  • Page 51: Watch A Connected Device

    Watch a connected device When the TV detects the keyboard, you can select the keyboard layout and test your selection. If you have selected a Cyrillic or Add new device Greek keyboard layout first, you can also select a secondary Latin keyboard layout. You can watch a connected device in one of To change the keyboard layout, press >...
  • Page 52: Network And The Internet

    From Source menu What you need You can also press SOURCE to display a Warning: This TV complies with the EMC list of connector names. Select the directive only when you use a shielded connector that connects the device to the Cat5 Ethernet cable.
  • Page 53 Wired connection 1. Switch on your wireless network router. 1. Switch on the router and switch on its 2. Connect the Philips USB adapter PTA01 DHCP setting. to a USB connector on the TV. 2. Connect the router with an Ethernet The wireless installation starts automatically.
  • Page 54: Common Interface

    Set secured connection with WPS Common interface encryption 1. To set the secured connection with a PIN code, select the [WPS pin] and press OK. What you can do 2. Write down the 8-digit PIN code shown You can watch scrambled digital TV channels on TV and enter it in the router software on with a Conditional Access Module (CAM).
  • Page 55: Troubleshooting

    Wait until the TV cools down before appear in the channel list. For information you reconnect the power cable. If the about managing channel lists, including blinking reoccurs, contact Philips Consumer rearranging channels, see Watch TV > Care. Manage channel lists.
  • Page 56: Picture Issues

    The picture from broadcasts is scrambled: Picture issues You may need a Conditional Access Module to access content. Check with your service The TV is on, but there is no picture or the operator. picture is distorted: An "e-sticker" banner displaying ...
  • Page 57: Sound Issues

    Sound issues Connection issues There is a picture but sound quality is There are problems with HDMI devices: poor:  Note that HDCP (High-bandwidth If no audio signal is detected, the TV Digital Content Protection) support can automatically switches the audio output off delay the time taken for a TV to display —...
  • Page 58: Network Issues

    TV and that your router has open access to the Internet. If your router has a If you wish to speak to or email a Philips firewall or security settings, make sure that it representative, contact the Philips Consumer allows Smart TV data to pass through - Care in your country.
  • Page 59: Product Specifications

    For power consumption, see the 1024 x 768 - 60 Hz product specifications at 1280 x 720 - 60 Hz 1280 x 768 - 60 Hz 1280 x 1024 - 60 Hz The power rating stated on the product...
  • Page 60 Supported audio/video files Multimedia file names must not exceed 128 characters. Supported audio/video files Multimedia file names must not exceed 128 characters.
  • Page 61: Connectivity

    Supported audio/video files Multimedia file names must not exceed 128 characters. Supported subtitle formats Multimedia file names must not exceed 128 characters.  MediaTomb Supported media server software  Buffalo LinkStation Live  Twonky Media (for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X) ...
  • Page 62: Supported Tv Mounts

    For 26 inch models: 9-10 mm  HDMI 1 ARC: HDMI Audio Return Channel  HDMI 2: HDMI  TV ANTENNA: 75 ohm coaxial  SAT: F-pin satellite (available on certain models only) Side  CI: Common Interface  Headphones: stereo 3.5mm mini-jack ...
  • Page 63: Index

    CAM, insert - 54 connectors - 42 CAM, see Conditional Access Module - 54 contact information, on Internet - 11 channel list - 13 contact Philips - 11 channel list, copy - 36 channels - 13 channels, favourites - 13 demo - 40...
  • Page 64 EasyLink - 29 install channels, automatic - 34 EasyLink, controls - 30 Interactive TV - 21 EasyLink, enable - 29 EasyLink, features - 29 kensington lock - 7 EasyLink, onscreen control - 5 EasyLink, remote control buttons - 30 EasyLink, TV speakers - 30 language, menu - 38 end of use - 10 language, subtitles - 39...
  • Page 65 Smart TV, network - 52 smartphone control - 5 rear controls - 4 software, check version - 41 record, TV programmes - 23 software, digital update - 41 record, USB device - 23 software, Internet - 41 recorder, connect - 45 software, USB - 41 recordings, manage - 26 sound settings, reset - 34...
  • Page 66 wall mount - 61 wallpaper - 32 wireless, dongle - 53 YouTube - 19 YPbPr, component video - 42...
  • Page 67 © 2012 TP Vision Netherlands B.V. All rights reserved. Document order number 313913705631...

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