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Post Error Codes; Undetermined Problems - Lenovo IdeaCentre B340 Maintenance Manual

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POST error codes

Each time you turn the computer on, it performs a series of tests to check that the system is operating
correctly and that certain options are set. This series of tests is called the Power-On Self-Test, or POST.
POST does the following:
• Checks some basic motherboard operations
• Checks that the memory is working correctly
• Starts video operations
• Verifies that the boot drive is working
POST Error Message
Keyboard error
Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot
Media in selected Boot device

Undetermined problems

1. Power-off the computer.
2. Remove or disconnect the following components (if connected or installed) one at a time.
a. External devices (modem, printer, or mouse)
b. Extended video memory
c. External Cache
d. External Cache RAM
e. Hard disk drive
f. Disk drive
3. Power-on the computer to re-test the system.
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until you find the failing device or component.
If all devices and components have been removed and the problem continues, replace the system board.
IdeaCentre B340Hardware Maintenance Manual
Cannot initialize the keyboard. Make sure the keyboard
is properly connected to the computer and that no keys
are held pressed during POST. To purposely configure
the computer without a keyboard, select Keyboardless
operation in Startup and set the option to Enabled. The
BIOS then ignores the missing keyboard during POST.
The BIOS was unable to find a suitable boot device. Make
sure the boot drive is properly connected to the computer.
Make sure you have bootable media in the boot device.


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