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Using The Dishwasher; Dish Preparation Prior To Loading - GE Triton Profile GSD5610 Owner's Manual

Ge appliance dishwashers owner's mannual
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Using the dishwasher.

Check the Water Temperature
The entering water must be at least 120°F. and not more than
150°F., for effective cleaning and to prevent dish damage. Check
the water temperature with a candy or meat thermometer. Turn on
the hot water faucet nearest the dishwasher, place the thermometer
in a glass and let the water run continuously into the glass until the
temperature stops rising.
Use Jet-Dry
rinse agent removes spots and prevents new film build-up
on your dishes, glasses, flatware, cookware and plastic.
Fill the rinse agent dispenser
until it reaches the bottom of lip
inside the opening. Do not overfill
the dispenser. Replace cap.
To check if rinse agent is needed,
press the clear center of the fill cap 2 or 3 times. If rinse agent fills
the center of the fill cap, you have enough.
A full dispenser should last about one month.
If rinse agent is spilled, wipe up the excess.

Dish Preparation Prior to Loading

No pre-rinsing of normal food soil is required.
Scrape off hard soils, including bones, toothpicks, skins,
and seeds.
Remove large quantities of any remaining food.
Remove leafy vegetables, meat trimmings, and
excessive amounts of grease or oil.
Remove acidic food soils that can discolor stainless steel.
Using the Dishwasher Door
The door must be closed and locked into place to select a LOAD
If the door is opened during a cycle and left open, the dishwasher
will beep once every minute until the door is closed and latched
into place.
Rinse Agent


Table of Contents

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