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GE PROFILE GLD6900 Owner's Manual

General electric dishwasher user manual
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Safety Instructions
Careand Cleaning ......... ii,12
ControlPanel and Settings.../4-6
Loading PlaceSettings........ ii
Loading the Racks ............
Using the Dishwasher
Tips .. 12-14
Consumer Support
Consumer Support
GLD6900 Series
PDW7000 Series
Write the model and serial
Model #
Serial #
You can find them on the tub wall
just inside the dooE
04-07 JR



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  Summary of Contents for GE GE PROFILE GLD6900

  • Page 1 Safety Instructions Operating Careand Cleaning ... ii,12 ControlPanel and Settings.../4-6 Loading PlaceSettings... ii Loading the Racks ... Using the Dishwasher Troubleshooting Consumer Support Consumer Support Warrantg Write the model and serial numbers Model # Serial # You can find them on the tub wall...
  • Page 2: Proper Installation And Maintenance

    Instructions before it is used. lf gou did not receive on Installation gout dishwasher, gou can receive one 8g visiting our website at • Connect to a grounded metal, permanent wiring sgstem; or run an equipment-grounding...
  • Page 3 Cascade®Complete and Electrasol ®Automatic Dishwashing Detergents,and Jet-Drg ®and Cascade Crystal Clear_ rinse agents have been approved for use in all GE dishwashers. • Locate sharp items so that they are not likely to damage the door seal. • Load sharp knives with the handles up to reduce the risk of cut-type injuries.
  • Page 4: About The Dishwasher Control Panel

    _RWNG SE.SEUR LAW_E S_C_A_E Control Settings Status Indicator Lights TheStatusdisplautells Uouwhat'shappeningwhilethe dishwasher i s in operationand mauflash,indicatinga malfunction(see page6).Thelightswill come ONindicatingthe sequence of operationthe dishwasherisin. LOW Displaued whenthe SmartDispense DETERGENTdetergent. SENSING Displayed whilethe ExtraClean Thedishwasher w ill adjustthe selectedcycleto achieveoptimalperformance.
  • Page 5 To unlock the dishwasher controls, touch and hold the HEAT DRY pad for 3 seconds. The light above the LOCKpad will turn off. To lock the dishwasher, touch and hold the HEAT DRY pad for 3 seconds. The light above the LOCK pad will turn on.
  • Page 6: Flashing Display Lights

    Theamountof rinseagentreleased intothe final washcan be adjusted. T hefactory settingis atthe midpoint.If thereare ringsof calcium(hardwater)spotson dishes, t ry a highersetting.If you seefoam in the dishwasher, m ovethe indicatorto a lowersetting. Toadjust thesetting Remove the dispenser c ap;thenturn the adjustercounterclockwise t o increase the amountof rinseagent,clockwise to reducethe amount of rinseagent.
  • Page 7 DONOTUSE HANDDISHDETERGENT leavethe NOTE: Usinga detergent t hat isnot specifically designed for dishwashers w ill cause the dishwasher t o fillwith suds. Duringoperation, t hesesudswillspilloutof the dishwasher vents, c overingthekitchenfloorand makingthefloorwet. Because somangdetergentcontainerslookalike,storethe dishwasher d etergentin a separatespacefrom all other cleaners.
  • Page 8: Using The Dishwasher

    SmartDispense This dishwasher may have a SmartDispense which automatically dispenses liquid automatic dishwasher detergent into each cycle based on soil level and water hardness. To utilize the SmartDispense'" Detergent Dispenser, it must first be filled. Although any liquid or gel automatic dishwashing detergent can be used in the SmartDispense'"system, all liquid or gel...
  • Page 9 SmartDispense :MDetergent Dispenser Water Hardness Calibration Prior to the first use, the dishwasher needs to be calibrated for water hardness. Pleasefollow directions below to calibrate the dishwasher to the hardness of gour tap water. Determine the Hardness of Your Tap Water In the bag containing these instructions, gou should find a water hardness test strip package.
  • Page 10: Loading The Dishwasher Racks

    Cups and glassesfit best along the sides.This is also a secure place for dishwasher-safe plastics. The upper rack is adjustable Ion some models to add flexibility in loading your dishwashen Tolower, push tabs in and lower rack.
  • Page 11: Caring For The Dishwasher

    Do not use appliance wax, polish or any chemical agent on CleanSteel doors. Do not wipe the dishwasher with a soiled dish cloth or wet towel. These mug leave a residue. Do not use scouring pads or...
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting Tips

    Drain water from the water inlet line E] Reconnect the water inlet line to the The air gap is easy to clean. m Turn off the dishwasher and lift off the []Remove You may not need to call for service.
  • Page 13 • Useonlyautomaticdishwasher d etergentsto avoidsudsing. C ascade ®and ElectrasoPAutomaticDishwashing Detergents havebeenapprovedfor use • in all GEdishwashers. Toremovesudsfrom the tub, openthe dishwasher a nd letsudsdissipate. Close and latchthe dishwashen Pumpout water by touchingthe START/RESET padonce;then 30 secondslater, t ouch the START/RESET padagain.Repeat i f necessary.
  • Page 14 • Replace fuseor resetcircuitbreakenRemove any otherappliances from the circuit. • Insomeinstallations, the powerto the dishwasher i s provided througha wall switch,often locatednextto the disposer switch.Hakesureit ison. • Unlockcontrolpanel.Seepage S. • Turnoff powerto the dishwasher ( circuitbreakeror wall switch) for 30 seconds;...
  • Page 15: Dishwasher Warranty

    Five Years The dishwasher racks or the electronic control module, if they should fail due to a defect in (for Profile models materials or workmanship. During this five-year limited warranty, you will be responsible for any labor or in-home service costs.
  • Page 16: Consumer Support

    Consumer Support. Have a question or need assistance with your appliance? Try the GEAppliance Website 24 hours a day, Appliance Websites any day of the year! For greater convenience and faster service, you can now download Owner's Manuals, order parts or even schedule service on-line. ScheduleService Expert repair serviceis only one step away from your dooEGet on-line and scheduleyour service at your convenience24 hours any day of the year! Or call 1.800.561.3344 during normal businesshours.