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Hitachi 55PD8800TA Specifications

High definition plasma and lcd range
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High Definition Plasma and LCD range



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  • Page 1 High Definition Plasma and LCD range...
  • Page 2 fl at panel televisions. Although we are a leading global company, Hitachi is swift to respond to the needs of local markets. Australia is at the forefront of High Defi nition digital television and in 2007 Hitachi offers a range of HD Plasma and LCD televisions with integrated High Defi nition tuners designed to Australian specifi...
  • Page 3 50 years of research and development; no wonder our visual technology is so advanced.
  • Page 4: What's The Difference

    Picture quality Plasma and LCD both produce excellent picture quality and all Hitachi models are High Defi nition capable. When choosing between Plasma and LCD a good starting point is to consider what type of viewing you will want to do most.
  • Page 5 In reality the difference in the power consumption between these two types of displays is nominal. Try it for yourself We suggest viewing the range of Hitachi LCD and Plasma televisions for yourself to see which picture quality you prefer.
  • Page 6 True High Defi nition 1080 line resolution The ability of Hitachi Plasma Screens to produce crisp, vibrant images is due to the use of Alternative Lighting of Surfaces (ALIS) technology. Precise, vertical 1024 x 1080 pixels and a high luminance effect are achieved by emitting light from even numbered and odd numbered lines alternately every 1/50 of a second.
  • Page 7 Unless you were sitting straight on, you would be plagued with lacklustre colours, poor contrast and washed out images. To combat this problem, Hitachi developed In Plane Switching (IPS) technology. This technique employs pairs of electrodes at the sides of each cell which keep the liquid crystals parallel to the front of the panel.
  • Page 8 Motorised Swivel One touch switching remote All Hitachi TVs feature one touch input switching from the remote control. At the press of a single button the internal tuner and each of the many inputs can be accessed without any confusing menus or scrolling.
  • Page 9 Hitachi television features USB photo input terminal & SD card slot This unique feature enables you to perform a slide show of all your favourite digital pictures directly onto your TV screen. Simply plug your SD card, digital camera or card reader into the side terminal and photos can be displayed as a slide show or even rotated to 90, 180 or 270 degrees.
  • Page 10 • 1280 x 1080 pixels To make HDTV viewing both elegant and simple Hitachi now offers a range of Plasma and LCD • HD integrated tuner televisions with the HDTV tuner integrated into the TV itself. There is no need to purchase an external •...
  • Page 11 High Definition integrated television 42PD960DTA 42PD900DTA 32LD960DTA • 106cm HD integrated Plasma TV • 106cm HD integrated Plasma TV • 80cm HD integrated LCD TV • 1024 x 1080 pixels • 1024 x 1080 pixels • 1366 x 768 pixels •...
  • Page 12 High Defi nition video is now available in many different devices including camcorders, computer games, video recorders and set top boxes. Hitachi offers a range of High Defi nition capable TVs with a range of inputs for connecting almost any High Defi nition source.
  • Page 13 High Definition ready television 37LD9000TA 32LD9000TA 26LD9000TA • 94cm HD ready LCD TV • 80cm HD ready LCD TV • 66cm HD ready LCD TV • 1366 x 768 pixels • 1366 x 768 pixels • 1366 x 768 pixels •...
  • Page 14 Plasma technology. As it’s a Plasma TV, the 55PD8800TA performs brilliantly as a TV for watching sports on a sunny afternoon or as a high contrast home cinema display for watching a movie late in the evening.
  • Page 15 150w lamp that produces an impressive 1200 ANSI Lumens. The unique design of a Hitachi projector means it is easy to use and even easier to install in any location. It can even be placed off-centre of the screen yet still...
  • Page 16 P L A S M A HD INTEGRATED MODELS MODEL 50PD960DTA 42PD960DTA 42PD900DTA PICTURE Effective display area (HxV)mm 1,106 x 626.4 (1271 diagonal) 922 x 522 (1059 diagonal) 922 x 522 (1059 diagonal) Aspect ratio 16 : 9 16 : 9 16 : 9 Number of pixels (HxV) 1,280 x 1,080...
  • Page 17: Specifications

    P L A S M A HD READY MODELS MODEL 55PD8800TA 50PD9800TA 42PD9500TA PICTURE Effective display area (HxV)mm 1230 x 692 (1412 diagonal) 1,106 x 626.4 (1271 diagonal) 922 x 522 (1059 diagonal) Aspect ratio 16 : 9 16 : 9...
  • Page 18 LC D HD INTEGRATED MODELS HD READY MODELS MODEL 32LD960DTA 37LD9000TA 32LD9000TA 26LD9000TA PICTURE Effective display area ( HxV)mm 698 x 392 (801 diagonal) 820 x 461 (941 diagonal) 698 x 392 (801diagonal) 626 x 373 (600.5 diagonal) Aspect ratio 16 : 9 16 : 9 16 : 9...
  • Page 19: Lc D P R O J E Cto R

    1080 is the shorthand name for a LC D P R O J E CTO R PJTX200 category of video modes. The number PICTURE 1080 represents 1,080 lines of vertical Liquid crystal panel structure 0.7” polysilicon active matrix TFT wide panel (x3) resolution.