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High Availability; Network Management - HP 665240-B21 Specification

Hp ethernet 1gb 4-port 366flr adapter


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Standard Features
HP Sea of Sensors 3D
HP Active Health System Supports HP Active Health System monitors and records changes in the server hardware and configuration
10/100/1000T Twisted
Pair Networks
FlexibleLOM slot

High Availability

Network Adapter

Network Management

Management Support
Server Integration
Support for HP Sea of Sensors 3D which is a collection of 32 sensors that automatically track thermal
activity - heat - across the server. When temperatures get too high, sensors can kick on fans and make
other adjustments to reduce energy usage. What makes it better is the upgrade from all six fans kicking on
at one time to a new system where only one kicks on - the one in proximity of the area that started heating
up - thus reducing the amount of energy used for cooling.
enabling customers to have accurate information that will assist in diagnosing problems and delivering
rapid resolution when server failures occur.
In addition to Gigabit Ethernet, the 366FLR adapter supports both 10Mbps and 100Mbps providing
compatibility with Ethernet and Fast Ethernet twisted pair networks.
The HP 366FLR is compatible only with HP FlexibleLOM slot available on select HP ProLiant Gen8 rack and
scale-out servers.
ProLiant Network Adapter Teaming provides fault tolerance and load balancing across a team of two or
more network adapters. The team of adapters works together as a single virtual adapter. The HP 366FLR
FlexibleLOM provides support for several different types of teaming.
The teaming options offer IT professionals an easy, efficient, and cost-effective way to provide network
fault tolerance and increased network bandwidth. For more information, refer to the ProLiant Network
Adapter Teaming Whitepaper available at:
The HP 366FLR automatically senses the speed of the device to which it is attached. It also automatically
configures for full duplex, depending on the duplex mode of the switch, hub, or router connected to the
Like all HP server adapters, the HP 366FLR ships with drivers and agents that can be managed from HP
Systems Insight Manager, as well as using any other management application that supports SNMP. HP
Systems Insight Manager can recognize the 366FLR individually or in teams, and can collect and report
SNMP statistics on the adapter events.
The HP 366FLR is a completely integrated, tested, and qualified solution that is optimized for HP servers.
HP validates a wide variety of major operating systems drivers with the network drivers plus provides
central interface to simplify network management.
DA - 14480 Worldwide — Version 2 — September 10, 2013
HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 366FLR Adapter
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents