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Hp ethernet 1gb 2-port 361t adapter
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Service and Support
Related HP Care Pack Services to enhance your HP product experience
Related Services
Insight Remote Support
HP Support Center
Parts and materials
3-Year HP 24x7 4 hour Response, Proactive Care
Helps optimize your systems and delivers high levels of application availability through proactive service
management and advanced technical response. A skilled Technical Manager will own your query or issue
end to end until resolved, delivering a single point of contact for you
3-Year HP 24x7 4 hour Response, Hardware Support Onsite Service
Provides you with rapid remote support and if required an HP authorized representative who will arrive on
site any time and day of the year to begin hardware maintenance service within 4 hours of the service
request being logged
3-Year HP 6-hour Onsite Call-to-Repair, HP Collaborative Support
Offers customers a single point of contact for server problem diagnosis, hardware problem resolution to
return the hardware in operating condition within 6 hours of the initial service request to the HP Global
Solution Center, and basic software problem diagnosis, fault isolation, and resolution if available to HP.
HP Proactive Select Service
Provides a flexible way to purchase HP best-in-class consultancy and technical services. You can buy
Proactive Select Service Credits when you purchase your hardware and then use the credits over the next
12 months.
Provides 24 X 7 remote monitoring, proactive notifications, and problem resolution. Learn more
Personalized online support portal with access to information, tools and experts to support HP business
products. Submit support cases online, chat with HP experts, access support resources or collaborate with
peers. Learn more
HP's Support Center Mobile
live support. Now, you can get access to personalized IT support anywhere, anytime.
HP Insight Remote Support and HP Support Center are available at no additional cost with a HP warranty,
HP Care Pack or HP contractual support agreement.
*HP' Support Center Mobile App is subject to local availability
HP will provide HP-supported replacement parts and materials necessary to maintain the covered
hardware product in operating condition, including parts and materials for available and recommended
engineering improvements. Supplies and consumable parts will not be provided as part of this service;
standard warranty terms and conditions apply. Parts and components that have exceeded their maximum
supported lifetime and/or the maximum usage limitations as set forth in the manufacturer's operating
manual or the technical product data sheet will not be provided, repaired or replaced as part of this service.
DA - 14334 North America — Version 8 — October 11, 2013
allows you to resolve issues yourself or quickly connect to an agent for
HP Ethernet 1Gb 2-port 361T Adapter
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents