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Fusion MS-RA205 User/Instalation Manual

True marine stereo
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MS - RA 205



  Summary of Contents for Fusion MS-RA205

  • Page 1 U S E R / I N STA L L AT I O N M A N U A L MS - RA 205 T RU E M A R I N E ST E R E O...
  • Page 2: Care And Maintenance

    As with all products exposed to the harsh marine environment, a little care will help preserve the finish. FUSION recommends that you clean any salt water and/ or salt residue from the stereo with a damp cloth soaked in fresh water.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    OPERATION ..................18 ANDROID (MTP) DEVICE OPERATION BLUETOOTH OPERATION ..................20 SiriusXM SATELLITE RADIO ..............22 ZONE OPERATION ....................23 ADDITIONAL FEATURES ..................24 MENU STRUCTURE ....................25 TROUBLESHOOTING ..................... 26 FUSION MARINE ACCESSORIES ................28 SPECIFICATIONS AND LICENSING ................ 30...
  • Page 4: Installation

    INSTALLATION If any modification to the vessel is required, such as drilling holes etc FUSION recommends consultation with your boat dealer or manufacturer beforehand. Create mounting hole for product and drill Screw Pilot Holes. Refer to mounting template included with product or download from
  • Page 5 Mounting Hole Screw Pilot Hole Mounting Gasket Screw Covers...
  • Page 6: Electrical Wiring

    ELECTRICAL WIRING Caution: The MS-RA205 is designed for vessels with a 12V DC Negative ground electrical system Rear support holes AERIAL SiriusXM REMOTE In some cases a rear support strap (not supplied) may be required. Please use the two holes indicated above, to attach the strap using two 8 gauge x 8mm self-tapping screws (not supplied).
  • Page 7: Wiring Diagram

    ELECTRICAL ISOLATION OF THE MS-RA205 The MS-RA205 stereo has a metal chassis which is connected to the Ground / Negative / Black wire (like most other stereos).Extra care should be taken when installing this type of stereo in an aluminium boat (or boats with a conductive hull) if you require the electrical system to be isolated from the boat hull).
  • Page 8: Connections

    When the red “Accessory +12V switched” wire is not required for ignition on/off control, it MUST be connected together with the Yellow “Battery +12V” wire at the MS-RA205 head unit wiring loom. GROUND WIRE — Recommended minimum wire size for Negative Ground wire: 16AWG for wire length up to up to 6 meters / 20 feet.
  • Page 9 (not included). Media Transfer Protocol (MTP): MTP is a standard developed for connecting media (music) devices over USB. It has been adopted on a number of platforms including Android. FUSION currently supports a range of smartphones utilising MTP.
  • Page 10: Button Description

    BUTTON DESCRIPTION ROTARY ENCODER Turn To adjust volume, move up or down a menu structure, or adjust a specific setting. Press To select a highlighted option, confirm a setting. Press to step through each zone for volume adjustment. Press and Hold For quick access to subwoofer level adjustment POWER Press to turn the unit ON/OFF.
  • Page 11 BACK/PREVIOUS Short Press iPod/MTP Device/Bluetooth/USB - Select the previous track. AM/FM/VHF - Start tuning down the frequency spectrum or channel. In Auto mode (AM/FM) press to seek down the spectrum to the next available station. In Preset (AM/FM/VHF) mode step to previous Preset.
  • Page 12: General Operation

    Any key press exits the menu screen. TONE — Adjust the Bass/Middle/Treble settings. Press the ‘Rotary Encoder’ to cycle between Bass/Middle/Treble ZONE SETUP — The MS-RA205 Marine Stereo features Multi-Zone technology which enables 2 ‘Zones’ with independent volume/balance control. Select the Zone you wish to setup.
  • Page 13 LCD/Button backlight turns off after 30 seconds of non-activity TEL MUTE — Control the connection to a cell phone hands-free kit. MUTE — Mutes the audio output from the MS-RA205 Marine Stereo when a call is received on your cell phone.
  • Page 14 Tuner Region - Australasia-Europe-Japan — In these Tuner regions once the MS-BT200 is installed and connected the source will be available. SET DEVICE NAME — Select `Set Device Name’ to give the MS-RA205 a network name of your choice. The name is visible to other devices (Marine Wired Remotes MS-NRX200i) connected to the same FUSION network.
  • Page 15 ABOUT — This option displays the MS-RA205 Marine Stereo software version, remote control version and F-Link software versions.
  • Page 16: Radio Operation

    RADIO OPERATION SOURCE SELECTION Press the ‘Source’ button and cycle to desired source. iPod MTP Device Bluetooth SiriusXM (USA only) Note: Disconnected sources may not be displayed. STATION SEARCH Press ‘Play’ to cycle between tuning seek modes. Auto Manual Preset AUTOMATIC SEEK TUNING Press ‘Play’...
  • Page 17: Usb Operation

    Press ‘Source’ and cycle to AUX mode. Start playback on your auxiliary audio device. • Use both the volume control on your auxiliary device (if available) and the volume control on the FUSION Marine Stereo to set the volume level. MAN000002C...
  • Page 18: Ipod/Iphone Operation

    OPERATION CONNECTING AN iPod/iPhone Connect a FUSION compatible Marine Dock to gain the benefits of integrated housing for your iPod or iPhone. Alternatively a certified Apple iPod sync cable can be used to connect your iPod/iPhone to the MS-RA205.
  • Page 19: Android (Mtp) Device Operation

    Press the ‘Menu’ button to enter the MTP menu. Songs stored in MP3 and M4A format (see note below) can be played on the FUSION Stereo. The FUSION Stereo will display your music collection in groupings of Songs, Albums and Artists allowing you to browse in these categories.
  • Page 20: Bluetooth Operation

    Note: The MS-BT200 cannot be operated simultaneously with a Satellite Radio (SiriusXM) receiver. For installations where the Satellite Radio (SiriusXM) socket is not available the FUSION MS-BT100 audio only Bluetooth module is recommended. The MS-BT200 supports control (Play/Pause/Next/Back) of the media device from the MSRA205.
  • Page 21 Browsing music collections from the MS-RA205 is not supported over Bluetooth. Initial song and Playlist selection must be done on the media device. However the FUSION Stereo does provide basic playback control with the Play / Pause, Next and Previous keys. Forward and Rewind functions are not supported.
  • Page 22: Siriusxm Satellite Radio

    SiriusXM Connect Tuner (sold separately) and Subscription are required. For more information, visit The MS-RA205 is ready to connect to a SiriusXM Connect Tuner (service only available in 48 states). The SiriusXM tuner is an optional extra that must be purchased separately.
  • Page 23: Zone Operation

    PIN RESET When on SiriusXM source, press & hold mute key for 15 seconds. PIN will be reset to ‘0000’. ZONE OPERATION The MS-RA205 Marine Stereo features Multi-Zone technology which enables 2 ‘Zones’ with independent volume control. ZONE SETUP Press the ‘Menu’ button and select ‘Settings’. Select ‘Zones’ then the Zone you wish to setup.
  • Page 24: Additional Features

    The FUSION-Link equipped stereo can be installed out of sight if space is an issue and users need to visit the unit only to replace removable media.
  • Page 25: Menu Structure

    FUSION’s MS-NRX200i wired remote controls are capable of operating over an existing NMEA 2000 network, removing the need to wire back to the stereo unit. Smaller or older vessels without NMEA 2000 can still have FUSION MS-NRX200i wired remotes installed by utilising our standard FUSION remote control network.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    3. Remove all power for 1 minute and then reconnect. FACTORY RESET The factory reset function will return all settings in the MS-RA205 to the factory default value. Warning: All AM, FM and VHF station presents are erased. Tuner and VHF tuner regions are reset to USA.
  • Page 27 • Reset the iPod/iPhone (see the user manual for your Apple product) and also reset the Head unit (Page 11). If you are still unable to connect: • Contact your FUSION dealer or contact FUSION via the tech email on the FUSION website. Problem...
  • Page 28: Fusion Marine Accessories

    New FUSION MS-BT200 marine grade Bluetooth audio module. Certified IP65 water resistant and tested for the marine environment, the MS-BT200 is designed to connect to the MS-RA205 via the Satellite radio connector of the unit. The MS-BT200 module streams audio from any A2DP Bluetooth capable Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry or other device directly to the MS-RA205.
  • Page 29 Features a down firing bass reflex Add more power and increase the bass enclosure and its own internal Active 210 level of your music of your FUSION Marine Watt amplifier allowing easy connection Audio System by connecting a 5-Channel to the music source delivering crisp Amplifier.
  • Page 30: Specifications And Licensing

    NMEA 2000 is a registered Trademark of the National Marine Electronics Assosiation, Inc. PUBLISHED BY FUSION ELECTRONICS LIMITED. © Copyright 2013 by FUSION Electronics Limited. All rights reserved. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. YOU CAN HELP PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT Please remember...
  • Page 32 WWW.FUSION E LECTRON ICS.COM FUSION Electronics New Zealand 09 369 2900 FUSION Electronics Australia 1300 736 012 FUSION Electronics Europe +31 76 5723 632 FUSION Electronics USA 623 580 9000 FUSION Electronics Pacific +64 9 369 2900 MAN000002C...