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Automatic Shut-Off - GE 169058 Instruction Manual

General electric coffeemaker owner's manual
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to Brew Coffee:
1 ensure that the filter basket is properly seated; place one # cone paper filter
into the filter basket.
2. add desired amount of coffee according to the coffee measurement chart
found above. Shake lightly to level coffee.
. open the water tank cover and fill the water tank with the correct amount of
water for the desired number of cups of coffee as indicated on the water
. Close the water tank cover and place the carafe on the warming plate.
5. for immediate brewing, plug the power cord into a standard 120 volt aC
electrical outlet and press the "on/auto/off" button once; the "run" indicator
will illuminate blue. for the delay Brew time, see the "to Set the timer" section.
Note: after a loss of electrical power, if the appliance is plugged in again within 10
seconds, it will resume to the original state.
6. When coffee stops dripping, the brewing cycle is complete. Carefully remove
the filter basket and discard the used ground coffee and paper filter. rinse the
filter basket and replace.
Note: the amount of brewed coffee will be less than the amount of water poured
into the product as the ground coffee absorbs some water during brewing.
7. to keep the coffee warm, return the carafe to the warming plate after
pouring coffee.
8. press the "on/auto/off" button twice to turn off the product; the "run"
indicator will shut off. unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet when
the product is not in use or the carafe is empty.
Pause n Serve
this feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the entire brew cycle has
completed. By removing the Carafe, the flow of coffee from the bottom of the filter
basket will stop.
Caution: return carafe to warming plate within 20 seconds. Hot water continues to
flow into the filter basket when this feature is used. overflowing coffee and hot water
are a burn hazard.
automatic Shutoff
the automatic Shutoff feature shuts off the warming plate 2 hours after brew cycle
begins. always turn coffee maker off and unplug when finished.
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