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To Set The Timer - GE 169058 Instruction Manual

General electric coffeemaker owner's manual
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Before first use, it is recommended that you fill to the maximum level mark with
fresh water, boil and empty the coffee maker at least 2 times to clear coffee maker
of any tiny particles. do not drink the water.
Ground Coffee Usage Instructions;
to Brew
12 cups
10 cups
to Set the Clock
1. plug the power cord into a standard electrical outlet. "12:00" will blink on Led
2. press the hold the "Hr" or "mIn" buttons until you reach the current time. If the
time of holding the "Hr" or "mIn" button exceeds 2 seconds, it will activate a rapid
time advance of hours or minutes.

to Set the timer

1. after setting the clock, press "prog" button and at the same time press the "Hr"
or "mIn" buttons to set the required delay brew time.
2. to activate the brewing timer, press the "on/auto/off" button twice. the "deLaY"
indicator will illuminate.
. at the present time, the "run" indicator will illuminate blue and the coffee maker
will begin brewing coffee automatically.
. to deactivate the brewing timer, press the "on/auto/off" button once again.
Note: to check the programmed time, press the "prog" button. the display will show
the delay brew time you have set.
operatIng InStruCtIonS
8 cups
6 cups
9 tbsp.
7 tbsp.
6 tbsp.
2 tbsp.



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