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Leaving A Memo; Remote Access; Screening Calls (Auto Disconnect Feature) - GE 29875 User Manual

Digital answering system (with english or spanish voice prompts)
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Leaving a Memo

Press and hold the PLAY/MEMO button. Record your message after the
announcement and the beep are heard. Release the PLAY/MEMO button when you're
finished talking. The answering system treats the memo as a message, and the
MESSAGE counter flashes.

Screening Calls (Auto Disconnect Feature)

When a call comes in the answering system rings the number of set times, plays the
greeting, and records the incoming call.
You may screen incoming calls by listening as the caller leaves a message. If you
want to talk to that caller, pick up any extension phone.
Auto Disconnect tells the answering system to stop playing the greeting or recording
a message when an extension phone is picked up. Sometimes you may pick up the
phone and the machine keeps playing the greeting. This is normal. If you want to pick
up the phone while the greeting is playing, wait about two seconds after the system
answers before picking up the phone.
If the greeting continues to play after picking up an extension phone, press and
release the STOP/SET button.

Remote Access

You can access your answering system from any touch-tone phone by entering your
3-digit security code (the default security code is 123, but you can change it.) Be aware
that remote functions do not work with rotary or push-button, pulse-dialing phones.
You can cut out the wallet-size remote card located at the end of this instruction book
so you will have the touch-tone commands when you're picking up messages from
another location.

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Table of Contents

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