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Overview - Canon 10 x 30 IS Manual

Technology guide
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Table of Contents
Image Stabilizer switch
Eyepiece barrel
Diopter adjustment rings
Focusing ring
Eyepiece lens
Eye cup
Erecting prisms
Vari-Angle Prism
Objective lens
Image Stabilizer switch: To activate the image stabilizer.
Eyepiece barrel: To adjust the spacing of the eyepieces to the
spacing of your eyes.
Diopter adjustment rings: To adjust the diopters to your own
Focusing ring: To adjust the focus.
Eyepiece lens: Enlarges the object refracted from the objective
lens. It consists of three groups of 5 lenses.
Eye cups: Protect the eyes from shock and harmful rays.
Doublet field-flattener: Makes the images sharp throughout
the field of view. This consists of two lenses.
Erecting prisms: Corrects the inverted image.
Vari-Angle Prism: System which stabilizes the image, using
Canon' s unique optical technology.
Objective lens: Pulls in the image of a distant object.


Table of Contents

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