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What Makes Canon's Is Series So Unique? - Canon 10 x 30 IS Manual

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Eliminated "image shake," which was a major problem
with binoculars.
Uses the most advanced image stabilizer.
Almost everybody who has ever used binoculars at sporting
events or concerts has experienced how much the images shake,
and you feel that the binoculars are useless. The main complaint
of users has been image shake. The higher the magnification,
the larger the image shake. In general, any binoculars with over
10x magnification should not be used for a long time.
The best solution in the past was to use a tripod. However,
tripods are bulky and can't be used everywhere. Even if you
need a pair of binoculars of over 10x magnification for bird
watching, the most you would want to use since you walk
around a lot would be something of 7x or 8x magnification.
Canon is the world' s first maker to use an active optical image
stabilizer for IS series. Because two Vari-Angle Prisms
are controlled by a microprocessor, hand shake is eliminated
(Fig. 8). As a result, even with over 10x magnification, a tripod
is not needed. And they can even be used while viewing from
a moving car or train! In addition to the light weight, there is
no eye strain to make you tired, so it is possible to use these
binoculars for a long time.
Vari-Angle Prisms
Without shake.
Image shake is compensated.
(Fig. 8)


Table of Contents

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