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Lightweight And Water Resistant - Canon 10 x 30 IS Manual

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Lightweight and water resistant: Excellent for outdoor use.
The bird that you were following from afar suddenly came close
to you. One problem you encounter is the closest focusing
distance. In general, the more magnification the binoculars
have, the longer the focusing distance. There are plenty of times
when you had no choice but to watch with the naked eye,
because you couldn't focus in time.
Also, when you are bird watching, you are constantly walking
around with a pair of binoculars. For that reason, you would
like to carry around something light. 10x30 IS, despite its image
stabilizer and full size, weighs only 600 gr. Because a tripod
would weigh a couple of pounds, the burden is cut down
The "15x50 IS ALL WEATHER" and the "18x50 IS ALL
WEATHER" are designed with a sealed construction that suits
them for outdoor use, even in the heaviest rain conditions.
They are built for ALL WEATHER action.
And what's more, because the 12x36 IS is water resistant, you
can still use it in a light drizzle. Even if it gets wet, it is still easy
to hold, because it is covered by a rubber material.
The ALL WEATHER type is suitable for ALL WEATHER conditions - rain or shine.
Doublet Field-Flattener Lens/ Field-
Flattener Lens/Closest Focusing Distance


Table of Contents

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