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IBM T541H Installation & User Manual page 8

Speaker bezel flyer
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2. Press both sides of the back panel 1 and push it outward from the monitor to
3. Push the remaining panel outward from the monitor to remove.
4. To replace the back panels, reverse the steps, after bezel speaker cabling has
Attaching your flat panel speaker bezel to your monitor
Follow these instructions to connect your speakers to your flat panel monitor, refer
to the illustration for identification.
Attention: Do not attach a power adapter to this repetacle while attached to the T541H.
1. Locate the cables on your flat panel monitor speaker bezel. The dc power
2. Remove the back panels on the IBM T541H monitor. See "Removing the back
3. Connect the dc power plug 2 to the receptacle connector on the monitor.
Speaker Bezel: Flyer
remove it completely. Push panel 2 upward to remove.
been routed and attached (see step 6 on page 5).
1 DC power cable (from bezel speaker assembly)
2 DC power plug
3 DC power receptable (not required for T541H)
cable 1 is hardwired to your speaker bezel.
panels from your T541H flat panel speaker" on page 3.



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