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  • Page 1: Operation Manual


  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS READ BEFORE OPERATION Safety precautions ......... 2 Names of parts..........4 Preparation Before Operation ......7 OPERATION AUTO · DRY · COOL · HEAT · FAN Operation ............. 10 Adjusting the Air Flow Direction ....12 POWERFUL Operation ........ 14 OUTDOOR UNIT SILENT Operation ..

  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    • Do not attempt to repair, relocate, modify or reinstall the air conditioner by yourself. Incorrect work will cause electric shocks, fire etc. For repairs and reinstallation, consult your Daikin dealer for advice and information. • The refrigerant used in the air conditioner is safe. Although leaks should not occur, if for some reason any refrigerant happens to leak into the room, make sure it does not come in contact with any flame as of gas heaters, kerosene heaters or gas range.

  • Page 4: Installation Site, Electrical Work

    • Do not stand or sit on the outdoor unit. Do not place any object on the unit to avoid injury, do not remove the fan guard. • Do not place anything under the indoor or outdoor unit that must be kept away from moisture. In certain conditions, moisture in the air may condense and drip.

  • Page 5: Names Of Parts

    Names of parts I Indoor Unit...

  • Page 6: I Outdoor Unit, Indoor Unit

    I Outdoor Unit I I I I Indoor Unit 1. Air filter 12. Indoor Unit ON/OFF switch: (page 10.) • Push this switch once to start operation. 2. Photocatalytic deodorizing filter and Push once again to stop it. Air purifying filter: •...

  • Page 7: Remote Controller

    I Remote Controller HOME LEAVE ON/OFF TEMP POWERFUL MODE SWING SILENT SENSOR CANCEL TIMER < > ARC433A1 1. Signal transmitter: • It selects the operation mode. • It sends signals to the indoor unit. (AUTO/DRY/COOL/HEAT/FAN) (page 10.) 2. Display: 8. SILENT button: for OUTDOOR UNIT •...

  • Page 8: Preparation Before Operation, Operation

    Preparation Before Operation I To set the batteries Position + and – correctly! 1. Press with a finger and slide the front cover to take it off. 2. Set two dry batteries (AAA). 3. Set the front cover as before. ATTENTION I I I I About batteries •...

  • Page 9

    Preparation Before Operation I To operate the remote controller • To use the remote controller, aim the transmitter at the indoor unit. If there is anything to block signals between the unit and the remote control- ler, such as a curtain, the unit will not operate. •...

  • Page 10

    I To set the clock 1. Press “CLOCK button”. is displayed. blinks. 2. Press “TIMER setting button” to set the clock to the present time. HOME LEAVE ON/OFF Holding down “ ” or “ ” button rap- TEMP POWERFUL idly increases or decreases the time dis- play.

  • Page 11: Operation

    OPERATION AUTO · DRY · COOL · HEAT · FAN Operation The air conditioner operates with the operation mode of your choice. From the next time on, the air conditioner will operate with the same operation mode. I To start operation 1.

  • Page 12

    I To change the air flow rate setting 5. Press “FAN setting button”. DRY mode AUTO or COOL or HEAT or FAN mode Five levels of air flow rate setting from “ ” to “ ” plus “ ” “ ”...

  • Page 13: Adjusting The Air Flow Direction

    Adjusting the Air Flow Direction You can adjust the air flow direction to increase your com- fort. I To adjust the horizontal blades (flaps) 1. Press “SWING button”. • “ ” is displayed on the LCD. HOME LEAVE 2. When the flaps have reached the ON/OFF desired position, press “SWING TEMP...

  • Page 14

    I To adjust the vertical blades (louvers) Hold the knob and move the louvers. (You will find a knob on the left-side and the right-side blades.) Notes on flaps and louvers angles • When “ SWING button ” is selected, the flaps In DRY mode or COOL mode swinging range depends on the operation mode.

  • Page 15: Powerful Operation

    POWERFUL Operation POWERFUL operation quickly maximizes the cooling (heating) effect in any operation mode. You can get the maximum capacity . I To start POWERFUL operation 1. Press “POWERFUL button”. • POWERFUL operation ends in 20 minutes. Then the system automatically operates again with the settings which were used HOME LEAVE ON/OFF...

  • Page 16: Outdoor Unit Silent Operation

    OUTDOOR UNIT SILENT Operation OUTDOOR UNIT SILENT operation lowers the noise level of the outdoor unit by changing the frequency and fan speed on the outdoor unit. This function is conve- nient during night. I To start OUTDOOR UNIT SILENT operation 1.

  • Page 17: Home Leave Operation

    HOME LEAVE Operation HOME LEAVE operation is a function which allows you to record your preferred temperature and air flow rate settings. I To start HOME LEAVE operation 1. Press “HOME LEAVE button” . • “ ” is displayed on the LCD. •...

  • Page 18

    I What’s the HOME LEAVE operation Is there a set temperature and air flow rate which is most comfortable, a set temperature and air flow rate which you use the most? HOME LEAVE operation is a function that allows you to record your favor- ite set temperature and air flow rate.

  • Page 19: Intelligent Eye Operation

    INTELLIGENT EYE Operation “INTELLIGENT EYE” is the infrared sensor which detects the human movement. I To start INTELLIGENT EYE operation 1. Press “SENSOR button”. • “ ” is displayed on the LCD. I To cancel the HOME LEAVE ON/OFF TEMP POWERFUL INTELLIGENT EYE operation...

  • Page 20

    I To adjust the angle of the INTELLIGENT EYE sensor • You can adjust the angle of the INTELLIGENT EYE sensor to increase the detection area. (Adjustable angle: 15° to right and left of centre) INTELLIGENT EYE 15˚ 15˚ sensor •...

  • Page 21: Timer Operation

    TIMER Operation Timer functions are useful for automatically switching the air conditioner on or off at night or in the morning. You can also use OFF TIMER and ON TIMER in combination. I To use OFF TIMER opera- tion • Check that the clock is correct. If not, set the clock to the present time.

  • Page 22

    I To use ON TIMER operation • Check that the clock is correct. If not, set the clock to the present time (page 9.). 1. Press “ON TIMER button”. is displayed. blinks. 2. Press “TIMER Setting button” until the time setting reaches HOME LEAVE ON/OFF the point you like.

  • Page 23: Note For Multi System

    Note for Multi System 〈〈 〈〈 〈〈 〈〈 〉〉 〉〉 〉〉 〉〉 What is a “Multi System”? This system has one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units. room Outdoor unit I Selecting the Operation Mode room Living room 1. With the Priority Room Setting present but inactive or not present room When more than one indoor unit is operating, priority is...

  • Page 24

    I Priority Room Setting The Priority Room Setting requires initial programming during installation. Please consult your retailer or dealer for assistance. The room designated as the Priority Room takes priority in the following situations; 1. Operation Mode Priority As the operation mode of the Priority Room takes precedence, the user can select a different operation mode from other rooms.

  • Page 25: Care And Cleaning

    CARE Care and Cleaning Before cleaning, be sure to stop the operation and CAUTION turn the breaker OFF. Units I Indoor unit, Outdoor unit and Remote controller 1. Wipe them with dry soft cloth. I Front grille 1. Open the front grille. •...

  • Page 26: I Air Filter

    Filters 1. Open the front grille. (page 24) 2. Pull out the air filters. • Push a little upwards the tab at the center of each air filter, then pull it down. 3. Take off the air purifying filter, Photocatalytic photocatalytic deodorizing filter.

  • Page 27: Before A Long Idle Period

    Check Check that the base, stand and other fittings of the outdoor unit are not decayed or corroded. Check that nothing blocks the air inlets and the outlets of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Check that the drain comes smoothly out of the drain hose during COOL or DRY operation. •...

  • Page 28: Trouble Shooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING Trouble Shooting These cases are not troubles. The following cases are not air conditioner troubles but have some reasons. You may just continue using it. Case Explanation Operation does not start soon. • This is to protect the air conditioner. •...

  • Page 29: Check Again

    Check again. Please check again before calling a repair person. Case Check The air conditioner does not • Hasn’t a breaker turned OFF or a fuse blown? operate. • Isn’t it a power failure? (OPERATION lamp is off) • Are batteries set in the remote controller? •...

  • Page 30: Call The Service Shop Immediately, Disposal Requirements

    Call the service shop immediately. WARNING I I I I When an abnormality (such as a burning smell) occurs, stop operation and turn the breaker OFF. Continued operation in an abnormal condition may result in troubles, electric shocks or fire. Consult the service shop where you bought the air conditioner.

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    3P141308-1F M04B007B (0512) HT...

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