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Blender Service Procedures; Figure - KitchenAid 5KSB555AAC Service Manual

Midline blender
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Blender Service Procedures

Electrical Shock Hazard
Disconnect power before servicing.
Replace all parts and panels before operating.
Failure to do so can result in death or electrical
Unplug blender or disconnect power before servicing.
Before starting any service procedure, review the
"Safety Guidelines" in the front of this manual.
Perform any blender disassembly on a clean surface
and provide a cushion for the power base to avoid
scratching the surface of the product.
Power Base Access (Fig. 9)
To access the power base (1), remove four rubber feet
(2) on the bottom of the power base (1). Remove four
Phillips head screws (3) with a clean, medium-sized
Phillips screwdriver.

Figure 9

If any of the rubber feet (2) are heavily soiled or
cracked, you should replace all four of them.
When replacing or installing the rubber feet (2), make
sure that they are all inserted equally into the power
base (1) so that the blender will sit level on the work
Power Cord Replacement (Fig. 10)
Always be sure to inspect the condition of the blender's
power cord (4) before running the unit.
Replace the power cord (4) when heavily soiled, cut, or
damaged in any way.
Once the four screws (3) on the bottom of the power
base (1) are removed, the upper housing (5) and
base (6) can be easily separated for power cord (4) and
component inspection.
Note the orientation of the power cord so that the
proper orientation can be repeated when installing the
new cord assembly.
To replace the power cord (4), disconnect filter
connector (7) and remove ground screw (8) with a
Phillips screwdriver.
Remove the original power cord (4) by sliding the
power cord strain relief from the upper housing (5).
Figure 10
Before installing the new power cord (4), remove any
soil from the base (6) using a mild dishwashing soap.
If the base (6) is contaminated or stained, replace the
base (6).

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