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KitchenAid PRO LINE KPWB100 Service Manual page 8

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PROBLEM: Ready light does not stop fl ashing.
CAUSE: Damaged or defective control PCB board or thermistor.
SOLUTION: Check control PCB board located in cradle for damage. If the control board is not damaged, then it is the thermistor.
The thermistor cannot be repaired or replaced. Replace unit according to warranty.
PROBLEM: Thermometer warps or needle does not indicate preheat, ready or cool.
CAUSE: Thermometer casing leaks and condensation gets inside.
SOLUTION: Replace thermometer.
PROBLEM: LCD timer fades.
CAUSE: Wears out over time.
SOLUTION: Replace control PCB board.
PROBLEM: Rotating handle turns white.
CAUSE: Handle rubbing on the base each time it rotates. The handle material is Phenolic and discoloration occurs naturally over
SOLUTION: Rub a little vegetable or mineral oil with a paper towel on the discolored area. The normal color will return.
PROBLEM: One or more of the four black clips on the back of the waffl e baker break.
CAUSE: Defective material or user damage.
SOLUTION: The black clip that holds the stainless steel cover in place may be replaced. The clips that hold the clamshell together
are not replaceable.
PROBLEM: Owner upset about formaldehyde used in insulation.
CAUSE: Formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing of the insulation in the clamshell unit lids so that the lids will not become
excessively hot even after extended use. Proposition 65 in California requires that KitchenAid® put a warning on the waffl e baker for
this reason. In testing, no amounts of formaldehyde release were found.
SOLUTION: Let owner know that there is no risk associated with using the unit. If they are not convinced, instruct owner to return
the waffl e baker to the place where it was purchased for a full refund.