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Kenmore 251.907Q1 Use & Care Manual page 12

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The remote monitoring station is a receiver
with a receiving range of only 330 feet in
open air with no obstructions.
Actual receiving
range will vary depending on what is in
the path of the signal transmitted from the
dehumidifier unit. Each obstruction (roof,
walls, floors, ceilings, thick trees, etc.)will
effectively cut signal range in half.
Example: The wireless remote monitor with
a 330-foot range is mounted on an interior
wall or placed on a countefiop so the signal
from the dehumidifier has to pass through one
basement wall, across the 10-foot width of the
room through the room's other wall and then
through the floor to the room upstairs where
the receiver is located, The first wall
will reduce the range to 165 bet, and the
second wall will reduce the range to 87 feet.
Factoring in the 1O-foot room, this leaves
a maximum of 77 feet of remaining signal
range. Passing up through the floor has now
reduced the effective range to 38 feet.
Typically this allowance is enough for most
homes; however cerlain
materials can reduce range even further.
Metal siding, stucco, and some types of
glass can reduce signal range by as much
as75o/o compared to the 50% reduction
typical of most obstructions. lt is possible
to receive a signalthrough these materials;
however maximum range will be much less,
due to their tendency to absorb or reflect
a much larger portion of the dehumidifier's
s i g n al .
NOTE: You may have to move the monitor
closer to the main unit if it is not receiving a
proper signal following set-up procedures.
S et u p G u id e
lnsert the batteries in the monitor. After
the batteries are inserted, the Monitoring
Station will start receiving signal data from
the dehumidifier: temperature, humidity, etc.
sh ou l d b e dis pla y ed on th e mo ni t or ' s s c r e en.
lf this doesn't happen after 2 minutes, check
t he d eh u m id ifie r t o m a k e s u r e i t i s o pe r ati n g
properly. Remove the batteries from the
mo ni to r, wa it a m i n ut e, th en r e pl a c e.
,s$ *
. X'H,,
"" !-11'tJi-!
] ! r ! ' . ] ' : ] ' i . : | i . |
OIi Cg S-r>
t i . , 1
$ Receiver On
$ Low Battery
$ Sound Alert
Q rime of Day
$ ran on
Bucket Full
Rump on
u) lemperature
$ Humidity
Q w a l t H a n g e r
$ set autton
$ wtinus
$ etus
$ Sound On/Off
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