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Kenmore 251.907Q1 Use & Care Manual page 7

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Power On/Off (1)
Pressing Power button once turns the
de h um i d if ier " O N " and p r e s s i ng i t a ga i n
t ur ns t h e d eh um i di f i e r " OF F . "
Setting (2)
By pressing this button, unit will cycle through
each setting with every press. The order of
settings are Auto - Cycle Timer - Delay Start
- H u m i d i t y - A u t o . . .
Auto (3)
When the unit is turned on for the first time, the
unit will begin in Auto mode. AUTO (3) will be
lit and "Auto" will be displayed in window (7/8)
for 5 seconds before returning to the ambient
t e m p er atur e and hu mi d i t y . I n thi s s ett i ng,
humidity level is automatically set for 50% RH.
Because lower temperatures usually correlate
with lower humidity levels, the unit will not run
frequenty. At h ig her tem peratu res h ig her h u m idity
is normal so the unit will run more often.
H u m i d i t y
In this setting, Humidity allows you to manually
set the desired humidity level by using the
humidity arrows (9). Humidity values are changed
in 5o/o increments ranging from 35% to70%.
When in this mode, there will not be a setting
LED lrt. When pressing v arrow key when the
value is 35%, the unit will operate continuously.
In this continuous operation, "Cont" will be
displayed in the window (7/8) for 5 seconds
before returning to the ambient temperature and
humidity. To leave continuous operation, press
the arrow,ror change the setting.
Delay Start (5)
Unit can be programmed
to turn on at a desired
d e la y ti m e b y p us h i ng t he ti m er a r r ow s ( 6 ) '
Time can be adjusted in t hour increments
rangirrg from 1 to 12 hours. Delay time will be
s ho wn i n w i n do w ( 7 / 8 ) a n d w i l l co u nt d ow n t o
start time in t hour increments.
C y cl e T i me r ( 4 )
I n t h i s se t t i n g , t h e u n r t w i l l r u n f o r ei t h er 3, 6 , o r
12 hours, then shut off for 3, 6, or 12 hours. Cycle
time can be adjusted by pushing the timer arrow
up or down (6) repeatedly to set operating time
for 3, 6, or 12 hours The cycle timer function will
continue until you change the setting or turn the
unit off.
F a n S p e e d ( 1 0 )
Press Fan Speed to toggle between Auto, Low,
and High fan speeds. Speed will be shown in
fan speed indicator (11). When AUTO is selected,
the unit will adjust the fan speed accordingly
depending on the humidity level. The order of
fan speed settings is Auto - High - Low - Auto...
B u ck e t F u l l I n d i ca t o r ( 1 2)
When the collection bucket is full, BUCKET FULL
i nd i c at or ( 1 2) w i l l c om e o n . Th e d e h um i d i f i e r
w i l l
not run until the bucket is emPtY.
P u m p On / O f f ( 1 a)
Pump On is an optional setting when using the
supplied '/o" drain hose to remove the collected
water in the bucket. To turn the pump on/off, press
the Pump Button (14). When the pump is on, Pump
D i s p l a y ( 1 3 ) w i l l l i g h t o n . T h e P u m p D i s p l a y ( 1 3 )
will be off when the pump is off. The pump should
only be turned on when there is a %" drain hose
properly connected to the machine and the pump
is intended to be used. lf the pump button is pressed
when using other water disposal options, E3 (Error
M e ss ag e ) w i l l
sh o w on di sp l a y p a ne l , P u m p w i l l r u n
whenever the bucket gets full. The
bucket may not empty cornpletely to protect the
pump, but once the bucket fills up again, the pump
w i l l r u n.



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