Test Operation (Operating The Treadle) - Brother S-7200A Basic Operation Manual

Single needle direct drive straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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4-5. Test operation (Operating the treadle)

Do not touch any of the moving parts or press any objects against the machine while sewing, as this may result in
personal injury or damage to the machine.
<Turning on the power>
Press the ON power switch (1).
The power indicator (2) will illuminate.
NOTE: When turning the power switch on for the first time
The treadle and the operation panel will not operate for
approximately four seconds after the power switch is
turned on.
After approximately 4 seconds, "iniT rPM" (speed
initialization) or "iniT ALL" (full initialization) will be
displayed on the operation panel. After "iniT rPM" or "iniT
ALL" is displayed, the treadle can be operated. (The
operation panel will change to the stitch number display.)
This message will not appear the second and subsequent
times that the power switch is turned on.
<Test operation>
1. Check that the machine sews at low speed when the
treadle (3) is gently pressed to position (B).
2. Then check that it sews at high speed when the treadle
(3) is gently pressed to position (C).
3. After pressing the treadle (3) forward, check that the
needle is lowered to the top of the needle plate when the
treadle (3) is returned to the neutral position (A). (when
needle down stopping has been set.)
4. If the treadle (3) is pressed to position (D), thread
trimming is carried out and the needle then rises above
the needle plate and stops.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents