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(Optional) Running Vpn Wizards - Cisco ASA 5512-X Quick Start Manual

Asa 5500-x series
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(Optional) Running VPN Wizards

You can configure VPN using the following wizards:
• Site-to-Site VPN Wizard—Creates an IPsec site-to-site tunnel between two ASAs.
• AnyConnect VPN Wizard—Configures SSL VPN remote access for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN
client. AnyConnect provides secure SSL connections to the ASA for remote users with full VPN
tunneling to corporate resources. The ASA policy can be configured to download the AnyConnect
client to remote users when they initially connect via a browser. With AnyConnect 3.0 and later,
the client can run either the SSL or IPsec IKEv2 VPN protocol.
• Clientless SSL VPN Wizard—Configures clientless SSL VPN remote access for a browser.
Clientless, browser-based SSL VPN lets users establish a secure, remote-access VPN tunnel to the
ASA using a web browser. After authentication, users access a portal page and can access specific,
supported internal resources. The network administrator provides access to resources by users on
a group basis. ACLs can be applied to restrict or allow access to specific corporate resources.
• IPsec (IKEv1) Remote Access VPN Wizard—Configures IPsec VPN remote access for the Cisco
IPsec client.

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