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Asus WL-500gP User Manual

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WL-500gP Wireless Router

User Manual

E2459/ March 2006



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  • Page 1: User Manual

    ® WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual E2459/ March 2006...
  • Page 2: Manufacturer Contact Information

    Web site address: Technical support General support: +1-502-995-0883 Support (fax): +1-502-933-8713 Online support: ASUS COMPUTER GmbH (Germany & Austria) Company address: Harkort Str. 25, D-40880 Ratingen, Germany General (tel): +49-2102-95990 Web site address: General (fax): +49-2102-959911 Online contact:
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    2) Setting up FTP site ................23 3) Download Master ................24 4) Web camera ..................25 5) Sharing USB printer .................28 6) Playing stream media on Xbox360 ..........31 6. Setting up using ASUS utility ..............34 1) Utility Installation for WL-500gP ............34 2) EZSetup ...................35...
  • Page 4 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 7. Troubleshooting .................37 8. Appendix .....................39...
  • Page 5: Package Contents

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 1. Package contents • WL-500gP wireless router x 1 • Power adapter x 1 • Utility CD x 1 • RJ45 cable x 1 • Quick Start Guide x 1 2. Connecting ADSL modem and wireless router...
  • Page 6: Status Indicators

    3. Tighten two screws until only 1/4'' is showing. 4. Latch the hooks of the ASUS Wireless Router onto the screws. Note: Re-adjust the screws if you cannot latch the ASUS Wireless Router onto the screws or if it is too loose.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Therefore, before using the ASUS Wireless Router, check the basic settings to make sure they all work in your environment. ASUS provides a utility named EZSetup for fast wireless configuration. If you would like to use EZSetup for your wireless network configuration, refer to chapter 6 for details.
  • Page 8: Configuring The Wireless Router

    • DNS: (WL-500gP), or assign a known DNS server in your network. 4) Configuring the wireless router Follow the steps below to enter the Web configuration interface of WL-500gP. Enter the following address in your web browser: Defaults...
  • Page 9: Quick Setup

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 5) Quick setup To start quick setup, click Next to enter the “Quick Setup” page. Follow the instructions to setup the ASUS Wireless Router. 1. Select your time zone and click Next. 2. ASUS wireless router supports...
  • Page 10 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual PPTP user If you are using PPTP services, select ADSL connection that requires username, herk036@adsl-comfort password and IP address. Fill in the username, password and IP address provided by your ISP into the fields. Click Next to continue.
  • Page 11 Configuring ASUS WLAN Card with One Touch Wizard If you have installed ASUS wireless card together with its utilities and drives on your PC, click Start -> Programes -> ASUS Utility-> WLAN Card -> One Touch Wizard to launch the One Touch...
  • Page 12 4) It takes several seconds for the wireless your WLAN card the same with those at card to associate with WL-500gP. Press WL-500gP. In the previous steps the Key Next to setup TCP/IP for your WLAN Card. Length is 64 bits, Passphrase is 11111 Click Next to continue.
  • Page 13 Configuring WLAN card with Windows WZC service ® If you use non-ASUS wireless card, you can set up the wireless connection with Windows Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service. 1) Double-click the wireless network icon on 2) Input the 10-digit keys you have set on the task bar to view available networks.
  • Page 14: Wireless Router Features

    You can set up routing policies in this mode; however, NAT function is disabled. Access point mode works when you setup WL-500gP as a wireless bridge. In this mode, all Ethernet ports on WL-500gP (4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port) are recognized as LAN ports. WAN connection, NAT, and Internet firewall functions are disabled in access point mode.
  • Page 15: Setting Up Wireless Encryption

    Click Wireless -> Interface to open the configuration page. Encryption The encrytion modes supported by WL-500gP are: WEP (64bits), WEP (128bits), TKIP, AES, and TKIP+AES. WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy, it uses 64bits or 128bits static keys to encrypt the data for wireless transmission.
  • Page 16: Setting Up Virtual Server In Your Lan

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual Authentication The authentication methods supported by WL-500gP include: Open, shared key, WPA-PSK, WPA, and Radius with 80.211x. Open: This option disables authentication protection for wireless network. Under Open mode, any IEEE802.11b/g client can connect to your wireless network.
  • Page 17: Setting Up Virtual Dmz In Your Lan

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 4) Setting up virtual DMZ in your LAN To expose an internal host to Internet and make all services provided by this host available to outside users, enable Vitural DMZ function to open all ports of the host.
  • Page 18 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 3. After clicking Free Trial, you are directed to the homepage of www.DynDNS. org, where you can register and apply for DDNS service. Read the policy and select "I have read...". 4. E n t e r y o u r u s e r n a m e , e-mail address, password, then click Create Account.
  • Page 19 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 9. After logging in, you can see this welcome message. 10. Select Services tab. 11. Click Add Dynamic DNS Host . 12. Enter the host name then click Add Host. 13. You can see this message when your hostname is successfully created.
  • Page 20 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 14. Fill the account information into the DDNS setting fields of your wireless router. 15. Click Finish. 16. Click Save & Restart to restart the wireless router and activate the settings. 17. Verify whether DDNS is working. Click Start menu and select Run..Type...
  • Page 21: Setting Up Bandwidth Management

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 6) Setting up Bandwidth Management Bandwidth Management provides a mechanism to setup download and upload bandwidth based on IP address and port range. You can define the minimum bandwidth and maximum bandwidth for host within your LAN, and therefore control the traffic of you network.
  • Page 22 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 4). T o s e t u p d o w n l o a d bandwidth policy for the all hosts in your LAN, leave the IP address and port fields blank, define the speeds (the speeds are higher than download policies).
  • Page 23: Application Features

    Status & Log -> External USB Disk page to prevent data corruption. Note: Before applying change and rebooting WL-500gP, make sure all USB applications are disabled, it would take more than 20 seconds for WL-500gP to reboot. 1) Sharing USB storage To use this feature, you need to plug a USB hard disk to the USB2.0 port on the rear...
  • Page 24 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 2. Click Add to add a share folder. 3. Select the folder you want to share from Folder Manager and click Ok. To create a share folder, input the folder name in Add Folder field and press Add.
  • Page 25: Setting Up Ftp Site

    To use this feature, you need to plug a USB storage disk to the USB2.0 port on the rear panel of WL-500gP. Make sure the hard disk is formated and partitioned properly.
  • Page 26: Download Master

    Download Master function helps to manage the download tasks without turning your computer on. To use this function, you need to mount a USB storage to WL-500gP Wireless Router. To use this function, you need to install ASUS Utilities from the support CD.
  • Page 27: Web Camera

    USB Web camera, enabling you to capture images and send them over the Internet. For this function, you need to plug a USB camera onto WL-500gP and enable ActiveX for your Web browser. Web camera 1. Click Web Camera page in USB Application folder.
  • Page 28 Refer to the USB Web Camera support list on ASUS Website ( for supported Web Camera models. Image Size - Select the image size from the drop down list. 320 x 240 provides a larger image while 160 x 120 provides faster transmission.
  • Page 29 Email Server - This field indicates the E-mail server you use for exchanging E-mail. If you leave this field blank, WL-500gP uses the mail server of your E-mail address in Send to field. Subject - This field is for the subject of E-mail.
  • Page 30: Sharing Usb Printer

    Remote Site. 5) Sharing USB printer You can connect a comptible USB printer to the USB2.0 port of WL-500gP to share the printer with your LAN users. Follow the procedures below to setup your computers to utilize the printer server function of WL-500gP.
  • Page 31 3. Select Create a new port and set Type accessing the network printer. of port to Standard TCP/IP Port, then click Next. 5. Input the IP address of WL-500gP in 6. Select Custom and click Settings... the Printer Name of IP Address field and click Next.
  • Page 32 Port then select Standard TCP/IP Port and click New Port button. Refer to step 5-8 for setting procedures. ® Note: If you use Windows 98 or ME which does not support Standard TCP/IP port, you need to use Romote Port which is supported by WL-500gP.
  • Page 33: Playing Stream Media On Xbox360

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 6) Playing stream media on Xbox360 If you have a set of Xbox360, you can connect it to WL-500gP and play the media files stored in the hard disk on your television! To use this function, make sure you have installed a wireless card on your Xbox360 and enabled Media Server function on your WL-500gP.
  • Page 34 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 3. To play music from the USB hard disk, select Media page -> Music. 4. Select Computer. 5. Select Yes, continue when prmopted to install Window Media Connect on your PC. 6. Xbox360 automatically searches and find the WL-500gP.
  • Page 35 7. Select Music folder in the hard disk and browse through the music list. Select the music you want to play. 8. To disconnect from WL-500gP, enter System page and select Computers. 9. Select Windows-based PC.The screen displays the currently connected PC.
  • Page 36: Setting Up Using Asus Utility

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 6. Setting up using ASUS utility 1) Utility Installation for WL-500gP 1. Click Install ASUS Wireless Router 2. Click Next to continue. Utilities to run the setup installation program. 3. Click Next to install the utility in the 4.
  • Page 37: Ezsetup

    flash and Internet connections will pause for a short period but will then return to normal operation without change. 2) To use EZSetup, we recommend using an ASUS wireless adapter such as WL-106gM, WL-100gE, and WL-169gE. Click the EZSetup button in the utility.
  • Page 38 WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual If you need to configure the ISP settings for your wireless router, select Configure ISP settings, click Next and follow the instructions to complete the settings. Setup is complete, press Print/Save Wireless LAN Settings button for future reference.
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 7. Troubleshooting Cannot access to web browser for router configuration 2. Click on "Delete Cookies" and "Delete 1 . O p e n a w e b b r o w s e r a n d o p e n Files".
  • Page 40 The following are factory default values. If you push the Restore button on the back of the ASUS Wireless Router for over 5 seconds, or click the “Restore” button on the “Factory Default” page under “ Advanced Setup”, the following default settings overwrite the old settings on your wireless router.
  • Page 41: Safety Information

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual 8. Appendix FCC Warning Statement This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 42: Ce Mark Warning

    WL-500gP Wireless Router User Manual Protection requirements for health and safety – Article 3.1a Testing for electric safety according to EN 60950-1 has been conducted. These are considered relevant and sufficient. Protection requirements for electromagnetic compatibility – Article 3.1b Testing for electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 301 489-1 and EN 301 489-17 has been conducted.