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Kenmore 13485 Manual page 2

47 bottles capacity
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Use and Care Information
1. Tips on everyday care and use
This unit is automatically set at medium temperature setting
(#4 in the above diagram) when power is turned on. In the
event of a power outage. The unit will return to the medium
setting upon the resumption of power supply.
For ideal long term storage of your wine collection,
keep the
at default setting (#4 in the above diagram). After
the wine cooler is turned on, wait at least 24 hours for the
to settle at its appropriate setting.
Press the TEMP button on the exterior control panel to adjust
the temperature setting for your wine cellar. An LED indicator
on the control panel will indicate the current temperature
setting. Each time the TEMP button is pressed, the
setting will increase by one increment
until it
reaches the final indicator (#7 in the above diagram). Temp
setting will then recycle to #1 and so forth.
Setting the temperature to #7 (in the above diagram) is the
warmest setting, while #1 (in the above diagram) is the coldest
setting. Note that the interior temperature
of the wine cooler
may vary depending upon the frequency of the door opening
and the number and positioning of wine bottles.
It is ideal to keep the temperature
at setting 4 (default setting).
If your collection consists of a specific wine category, our
are as follow:
Sparkling and sweet whites wines
Dry white wines
Different wine assortment (default)
Zinfandel, Chianti
Cabernet and other
Setting 1
Setting 1 or 2
Setting 3
Setting 4
Setting 5
Setting 6
Setting 6 or 7
For the best results, store red wine in the upper half
portion of the cabinet and white wine in the lower half.
Placement of Bottles:
Your wine cooler will accommodate
up to forty-seven
750 ml
bottles. Six bottles will fit on each of the upper six chrome
racks. Eleven bottles will fit on the bottom rack, by laying six on
the rack and stacking five on top, in a pyramid fashion. In the
event that your wine collection consists of different 750 ml
bottle shapes, please arrange your wine collection as follows:
a) Insert the 1st bottlewith the cork facing the glass door on
the rack of your selection.
Insert the 2nd bottle with the bottom facing the glass door.
3rd bottle similar as 1st bottle.
d) Follow the same process by alternating the bottle positions.
You may utilize the bottom rack to maximize bottle capacity
(eleven 750 ml bottles) or to store your magnum wine bottle
Note that storing magnum type bottles will reduce
total bottle capacity.
2. To Control
the Light
When pressing the LIGHT button, the interior lamp will turn on
even when thedoor
is closed.
The light will automatically
shut off approximately
two minutes
after the LIGHT button is pressed.
Your wine cooler is equipped with auto-defrost
technology. The product will defrost automatically;
unplugging the unit is unnecessary.
3. For all cleaning
Mix 2 tablespoons baking soda with 1 quart of warm water or
use a mild soap. Do not use strong cleaners, scouring powder
or pads. For persistent odors, contact your Sears Service
Center, for odor removal.products.
Do not put the evaporating tray in the dishwasher.
Cleaning the evaporating tray:
Since the dust accumulated
on the evaporating
tray will
decrease the evaporation efficiency, remove the tray to clean it.
The evaporating tray is set in the back of the wine cellar. This
can be removed by pulling it out from the back of the unit.
Ener.qv Saving tips:
1. Close the door as soon as you can after opening it. Make
sure that the door is fully shut after each use so that cold air
doesn't escape from the wine cellar cavity.
Adjust the temperature
to a warmer setting. Your wine cellar
may be colder than necessary.
Reduce the number and length of time you open the door.
Your cooling system won't have to run as often.
Keep your wine cellar level, so that the door seals tightly by
using the adjustable
legs located under the unit. When the
door is closed, the door gaskets should completely touch
the wine cellar cabinet.
5. Keep the wine cellar away from stoves or other heat
sources. A cool, dry place allows your wine cellar to
operate more efficiently.
Before calling for service:
• Check the plug and fuse.
• Test the outlet with a lamp.
In the event that the power cord is unplugged or that
there is a power outage, the unit will be reset
and will resume function with the
set at the medium position (Setting 4).
• Read the manual, especially the items under Use and
Care Information. This may help you find the answer to
your question.
• If you do not find the answer to your questions in this
manual, find the unit model number (on the upper back of
the wine cellar) and contact your Sears Service Center.
When requesting or ordering parts, always provide the
following information:
• Product name.
• Model number.
• Part name.
• Part number.


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