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AIWA CDC-X15 Operating Instructions Manual

Stereo car cd receiver.
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For your convenience, record the model number and
serial number (you will find them on the bottom of your
set) in the space provided below. Please refer to them
when you contact your AIWA dealer in case of difficulty.
Model No. CDC-X20M, CDC-X15
Serial No.


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   Summary of Contents for AIWA CDC-X15

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    For your convenience, record the model number and serial number (you will find them on the bottom of your set) in the space provided below. Please refer to them when you contact your AIWA dealer in case of difficulty. Model No. CDC-X20M, CDC-X15 Serial No.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS PRECAUTIONS ..........................3 DETACHING THE CONTROL PANEL ....................4 CONTROL PANEL ..........................5 TURNING ON/OFF THE UNIT ......................6 SELECTING FUNCTION ........................6 SOUND ADJUSTMENTS ........................7 RADIO OPERATION .......................... 8 PRESETTING STATIONS ........................ 10 CD PLAYBACK ..........................12 PROGRAM PLAY ..........................
  • Page 3: Precautions

    PRECAUTIONS Notes on CDs • Do not attempt to disassemble this unit. Laser rays from the optical pickup are dangerous to • A defective or soiled disc inserted into the unit the eyes. can cause sound to drop out during playback. •...
  • Page 4: Detaching The Control Panel

    DETACHING THE CONTROL PANEL You can detach the control panel from the unit and carry it with you when you leave your car unattended. If a disc is inserted, remove it to prevent possible damage to the unit. Press PWR to turn the unit off. While supporting the control panel with one hand, press to release one side of the panel.
  • Page 5: Control Panel

    4 DISP (display) button ( TUNE/DISC M/N button (CDC-X20M 5 FUNC (function) button only) 6 Disc compartment TUNE M/N button (CDC-X15 only) 7 BAND button ) DISC indicator 8 LOAD/EJECT z button - ST (stereo) indicator 9 AUDIO CTRL +/- (audio control) button...
  • Page 6: Turning On/off The Unit

    TURNING ON/OFF THE UNIT To turn on the unit Press PWR or any other button (except To turn off the unit Press PWR. SELECTING FUNCTION To select the function Press FUNC repeatedly. The function changes in the following order. Radio CD changer* * CMT indicator lights up when ADC-M35 is connected.
  • Page 7: Sound Adjustments

    SOUND ADJUSTMENTS Press MOD/LD to select the mode you want to adjust from VOL (volume), BAS (bass), TRE (Treble), BAL (balance), and FAD (fader). The mode indicator lights up in the following order. The selected mode changes to the volume mode when MOD/LD is pressed for more than 5 seconds.
  • Page 8: Radio Operation

    RADIO OPERATION Press any button (except ) to turn on the unit. The radio frequency is displayed. If the radio frequency is not displayed, press FUNC to select the radio operation. Press BAND to select the desired band from FM1, FM2, FM3, and AM.
  • Page 9 Note • FM1, FM2, and FM3 have the same frequency range. • ST indicator lights up when an FM stereo broadcast is received with a sufficient signal strength. Seek Tuning The seek function is used to search for the station automatically. 1 Press BAND to select the desired band.
  • Page 10: Presetting Stations

    PRESETTING STATIONS Up to 6 stations for each band [FM1, FM2, FM3, and AM] can be stored on the preset station buttons. Press BAND to select the band from FM1, FM2, FM3, and AM. Tune in the station to be preset. Press one of the preset station buttons (1 –...
  • Page 11 Automatic Presetting The automatic presetting function is used to automatically preset up to 6 stations for each band. 1 Press BAND to select the band. 2 Press and hold A.M down for more than 2 seconds until a beep tone is heard. The scanning starts from the currently displayed frequency to higher frequencies and stops when 6 stations have been preset or the receivable frequencies have been scanned once.
  • Page 12: Cd Playback

    CD PLAYBACK Press any button (except ) to turn on the unit. Insert a disc with the labeled side up to start playback. If a disc is already inserted, press FUNC to select the CD operation. DISC indicator lights up, and the track number and elapsed playing time are displayed.
  • Page 13: Repeat Play

    Repeat Play Note • The disc is neither inserted nor ejected when Press RPT during playback. the unit is not turned on. RPT indicator lights up and the currently selected • Smaller 3-inch (8 cm) CDs can not be played on track is played repeatedly.
  • Page 14: Program Play

    PROGRAM PLAY Up to 10 tracks can be set in the program memory in any order. Press PROG. PROG indicator lights up. Select a desired track by pressing SEEKr/t until its number is displayed. a Track number DISC PROG b Program number Press PROG to set the track in the program memory.
  • Page 15: Setting The Clock

    To confirm the programmed tracks Press PROG in sequence. The track and program numbers are displayed in the order of the playback. To stop the program play, press PROG again. Note • The program memory of the disc is not erased even after turning off the unit. The program memory is erased when ejecting the disc and inserting another disc.
  • Page 16: Cd Changer

    The disc and track numbers are displayed. Adjust the volume with 6/7. You can play CDs with this unit by connecting the optional AIWA ADC-M35 compact disc changer. Make sure that the disc magazine loaded with the discs is inserted into the connected compact disc changer.
  • Page 17 Repeat play To skip tracks To repeat the current track, press RPT (the “RPT” Buttons Short press* Long press indication is displayed). To repeat the current Skips to the Advances disc, press RPT 1 (the “RPT 1” indication is next track rapidly.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS RADIO SECTION GENERAL Power Supply Voltage: 14.4 V (11 to 16 V allowable), DC, negative ground Frequency Range: 87.5 MHz – 108 MHz 4 Ω Load Impedance: Usable Sensitivity: 12.7dBf Tone Control: Bass ± 10 dB at 100 Hz 50 dB Quieting Sensitivity: Treble ±...
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    E--4 Problem with the compact disc changer. Reset the unit by pressing the reset button. If this does not correct the problem, consult an AIWA service center. E--5 The compact disc changer is Allow the changer to cool off by moving overheated.
  • Page 20 87-KC1-901-01 970317ATM-OX Printed in Korea...

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