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Fujitsu 32 User Manual

Fujitsu scansnap organizer user's guide.
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User's Guide


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  • Page 1

    P2WW-1850-01ENZ0 Organizer User’s Guide...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    1.Introduction ... 1 1.1. System Requirements ... 3 2.Using ScanSnap Organizer ... 4 2.1. Starting ScanSnap Organizer... 4 2.2. Operating Window ... 5 2.2.1. Menu Bar ... 6 2.2.2. Toolbar... 9 2.2.3. Thumbnail View ... 10 2.3. Connecting to ScanSnap... 12 2.3.1.

  • Page 3: Introduction

    Trademarks Fujitsu is the registered trademark of Fujitsu Ltd. ScanSnap is the trademark of PFU Limited. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

  • Page 4

    Use in High-safety Applications This product has been designed and manufactured on the assumption that it will be used in office, personal, domestic, regular industrial, and general-purpose applications. It has not been designed and manufactured for use in applications (simply called "high-safety applications"...

  • Page 5: System Requirements

    Symbols Used In This Manual This manual uses the following symbols in explanation. This symbol alerts operators to particularly important information. Be sure to read this information. This symbol alerts operators to helpful advice regarding operation. Screen Examples In This Manual The screen examples in this manual are subject to change without notice in the interest of product improvement.

  • Page 6: Using Scansnap Organizer

    2.Using ScanSnap Organizer This chapter explains how to use ScanSnap Organizer. 2.1. Starting ScanSnap Organizer 1. From the [Start] menu, select [All Programs] -> [ScanSnap Organizer] -> [ScanSnap Organizer]. => The ScanSnap Organizer window appears. You can also double-click the ScanSnap Organizer icon on the desktop.

  • Page 7: Operating Window

    2.2. Operating Window ScanSnap Organizer uses the following window. Menu Bar Displays the menu used in SnapSnap Organizer. Folder View Folders selected in ScanSnap Organizer are displayed. Pop-up Thumbnail Window The selected page is displayed in a pop-up window. PDF and JPEG files are displayed as thumbnails in the Folder view. Other files are displayed as icons associated with their applications.

  • Page 8: Menu Bar

    2.2.1. Menu Bar File Open Delete Rename Properties Import Export Print Attach to E-mail Exit Edit Undo Copy Paste Select All Starts the associated application and opens the selected file. (Example: For a PDF file, [Adobe Acrobat] is started.) Cabinet: Creates a new Cabinet directly under [My ScanSnap] folder.

  • Page 9

    View File Name Shows the file name under the displayed thumbnail when the check box is selected. Pop-up Thumbnail Shows the thumbnail when you select the file. Format Changes the display of File View to either Large, Medium, Small, or Top Thumbnail view.

  • Page 10

    Tools Options Help Search Topics Displays ScanSnap Organizer’s help. About ScanSnap Displays ScanSnap Organizer’s version information. Organizer Online Update Updates ScanSnap Organizer to the latest version. [General Settings] tab My ScanSnap folder: ● Specifies the location of My ScanSnap folder when ScanSnap Organizer is started.

  • Page 11: Toolbar

    2.2.2. Toolbar New Cabinet: Creates a Cabinet in Folder view. New Folder: Creates a Folder in Folder view. Folders cannot be created under [My ScanSnap] folder. Also, if a new folder is created directly under [My ScanSnap] folder in other programs such as Windows Explorer, it is shown as [Cabinet] in ScanSnap Organizer.

  • Page 12: Thumbnail View

    2.2.3. Thumbnail View (Thumbnail Large/Medium/Small) file name (Thumbnail Top) ● PDF and JPEG files are displayed as thumbnails in the File view. Other files are displayed as icons associated with their applications. ● Thumbnails of password-protected PDF files cannot be displa restrictions*.

  • Page 13

    Mouse Operations Point to the Thumbnail image Click the Thumbnail image Double-click the Thumbnail image Double-click the file name Double-click the Page Number Click the “Zoom-in/Zoom-out” Button Click the Page Forward button Drag the Thumbnail image and drop it on to any location Drag the Thumbnail image and press the [Ctrl] key before dropping it on to any...

  • Page 14: Connecting To Scansnap

    2.3. Connecting to ScanSnap This section explains how to use ScanSnap Organizer to display and arrange images scanned by ScanSnap. 2.3.1. Preparing Right-click the [ScanSnap Manager icon] [Settings] from the menu that appears. => The “Scan and Save Settings” window appears. 2.

  • Page 15: Scanning

    2.3.2. Scanning Load the document onto the scanner. Press the [SCAN] button. => Scanning is started. When scanning stops, "ScanSnap Organizer" starts, and the scanned image is displayed as a thumbnail. The scanned image is saved in the folder specified in [My SnapSnap Folder] on the [Option Settings] window.

  • Page 16: Sorting Files

    2.3.3. Sorting Files This section explains the procedure to create a new Cabinet and folder, and how to move scanned files to the Cabinet and folder. The idea is similar to arranging a big pile of documents (files) in the room ([My ScanSnap] folder), purchasing a new shelf (Cabinet) and a new document tray (folder), and classifying them according to subject to sort out the documents.

  • Page 17

    5. Enter a Folder name. In case you want to change the name once it is decided, select the name you want to change and click it. Or, select the name and then select [Rename] on the [File] menu. 6. Repeat Steps 4, 5 to create folders as needed. As an example, create two folders named [July 2004] and [August 2004].

  • Page 18: Copying/moving

    2.4. Copying/Moving This section explains how to copy/move files and folders to other Cabinets or folders in [My ScanSnap] folder. 1. Select the files you want to copy or move in File View. In case of folders, select in Folder View. ●...

  • Page 19: Importing Files

    2.5. Importing Files This section explains how to copy files in folders other than [My ScanSnap] folder to any Cabinet or folder in [My ScanSnap] folder. 1. In Folder View, select the Cabinet or folder you want to copy to. (Files will be copied here.) 2.

  • Page 20: Exporting Files

    2.6. Exporting Files This section explains how to copy files in [My ScanSnap] folder to a folder other than [My ScanSnap] folder. 1. In File View, select the file. => The selected file is shown in a red frame. 2. Select [Export] on the [File] menu, or click the =>...

  • Page 21: Printing

    2.7. Printing This section explains how to print the selected files using a printer. 1. In File View, select the file. 2. Select [Print] on the [File] menu, or click the => The selected file is printed using a printer. ●...

  • Page 22: Deleting

    2.9. Deleting This section explains how to delete unnecessary Cabinets, folders, Folder Links, and files. 1. Select the Cabinet, folder, Folder Link, and file you want to delete. When deleting Cabinets, folders, and Folder Links, use Folder View; when deleting files, use File View. ●...

  • Page 23: Updating

    2.10. Updating In an effort to improve the usability and functionality of ScanSnap Organizer, program updates are carried out timely. ScanSnap Organizer can automatically detect whether the latest program (Update Pack) is available and update the program. Update Packs are made available without notice. We recommend that you update your program regularly.

  • Page 24

    3. Click the [Install] button. When you click the [Information] button, Internet Explorer opens and information about the latest update for ScanSnap Organizer appears. => Installation starts, and the “Welcome to InstallShield Wizard for ScanSnap Organizer” window appears. Follow the instructions on the screen to install.

  • Page 25: Scansnap Organizer

    ScanSnap Organizer User’s Guide P2WW-1850-01ENZ0 Date of Issuance: January, 2005 Issuance Responsibility: PFU Limited • The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice. • PFU Limited assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of this manual, and any claims by a third party.

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