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Fujitsu Mini-Dock Stylistic 3400 User Manual page 3

Mini-dock for stylistic 3400 tablet
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Figure 5. Installing the Stylistic 3400
5. Turn on the peripherals attached to the mini-dock.
6. Press the Suspend/Resume button to resume Stylistic
3400 system operation.
Note: If the required driver software for a
connected peripheral device is not installed,
the device may not work or may work
incorrectly. Contact your local help desk or
refer to the documentation provided with
your peripheral device and install the driver
software at this time.
You can now use your Stylistic 3400 with the
peripheral devices connected to the mini-dock.
Removing the Stylistic 3400
Follow these steps to remove your pen tablet.
1. Suspend operation of your Stylistic 3400 by pressing
the Suspend/Resume button or by shutting down from
the Start menu.
2. Turn off peripheral devices that are connected to the
3. Hold the base of the mini-dock with one hand, and
with your free hand, firmly hold and pull the Stylistic
3400 out of the mini-dock in a straight line.
4. Press the Suspend/Resume button to resume
operation of your Stylistic 3400.
Stylistic 3400 is a trademark of Fujitsu PC Corporation © 2000 Fujitsu PC Corporation
Adjusting the Stylistic 3400's Viewing
Your mini-dock allows you to adjust your Stylistic 3400
to a comfortable viewing angle. There are five positions
on the stand to which you can adjust the viewing angle
of your pen tablet. (Figure 6.)
Figure 6. Adjusting the viewing angle
To adjust your pen tablet's viewing angle:
1. Release the metal bail from the stand by firmly
pulling it up from the groove on the stand.
2. With one hand, hold and adjust the pen tablet to your
desired viewing angle; use your free hand to position
the metal bail in the appropriate groove on the stand,
then press until it snaps in place.
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