Fujitsu Stylistic 4110P User Manual
Fujitsu Stylistic 4110P User Manual

Fujitsu Stylistic 4110P User Manual

Tablet dock with combo dvd/ cd-rw drive for stylistic st4000 series
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Fujitsu Stylistic
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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Stylistic 4110P

  • Page 1 Fujitsu Stylistic ® ST4000 Series ABLET ’ UIDE...
  • Page 2: Declaration Of Conformity

    DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY according to FCC Part 15 Responsible Party Name: Fujitsu PC Corporation Declares that products: Tablet Dock (w/Combo DVD/CD-RW) FPCPR32AP This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operations are subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device must not be allowed to cause harmful interference, (2) This device must accept any interfer- ence received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 3 Your Tablet Dock may be configured in one of two ways: Configuration Tablet Dock with CD-ROM Drive Tablet Dock with Combo DVD/ CD-RW Drive Your Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000 Series Tablet Dock has the following interfaces: Port/Jack Purpose LAN (RJ-45) Allows you to connect a Local Area...
  • Page 4: Identifying The Components

    S t y l i s t i c S T 4 0 0 0 S e r i e s T a b l e t D o c k IDENTIFYING THE COMPONENTS Before using your Tablet Dock, you should familiarize yourself with its various features. Side Latch (both sides) Interface...
  • Page 5 DOCKING YOUR SYSTEM ® ® Microsoft Windows uses “plug- and-play” technology to automatically load the files necessary to operate your Tablet Dock and any attached devices. P O I N T The following instructions assume the Tablet Dock is positioned in portrait mode, with the Lock Handle on the right of the dock.
  • Page 6 S t y l i s t i c S T 4 0 0 0 S e r i e s T a b l e t D o c k CHANGING SYSTEM ORIENTATION With the Tablet Dock, you have the option of viewing the display either in Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal) mode.
  • Page 7: Connecting Devices

    You should periodically check the Fujitsu Web site at for current updated drivers. ■ All Fujitsu DVD players are set to play DVD titles with region code number 1 which is specified for the North American market. The region number is a regional restriction code defined by the DVD Forum acting on the requirements of Hollywood.
  • Page 8: Loading Media

    S t y l i s t i c S T 4 0 0 0 S e r i e s T a b l e t D o c k C A U T I O N Do not operate your media drive unless your system is sitting on a relatively flat surface.
  • Page 9: Removing The Drive

    ■ Tablet PC after turning it off. Failure to do this can result in damage to the system’s electrical circuitry. FUJITSU CONTACT INFORMATION If you have problems you are unable to resolve, consult your support representative, toll free at Phone: 1-800-8Fujitsu (1-800-838-5487) ■...
  • Page 10 S t y l i s t i c S T 4 0 0 0 S e r i e s T a b l e t D o c k TABLET DOCK SPECIFICATIONS Feature Ports 100-pin docking connector ■ ■...
  • Page 11 T a b l e t D o c k U s e r ’ s G u i d e...
  • Page 12 Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Fujitsu and the Fujitsu logo are regis- tered trademarks of Fujitsu Ltd., and Stylistic is a registered trademark of Fujitsu PC Corporation. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

Table of Contents