Toshiba D-KVR20U Owner's Manual

Dvd video recorder / video cassette recorder
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Table of Contents
Basic Setup
Function Setup
VCR Function


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Disc Introduction Connections Basic Setup Management Recording Playback Editing Function Setup VCR Function Others D-KVR20KU D KVR20KU TOSHIBA DVD VIDEO RECORDER / VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER TOSHIBA DVD VIDEO RECORDER / VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER...
  • Page 2: Precautions

    PRECAUTIONS TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS WARNING: APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an CAUTION equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage”...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    PRECAUTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This unit has been designed and manufactured to assure personal safety. Improper use can result in electric shock or fire hazard. The safeguards incorporated in this unit will protect you if you observe the following procedures for installation, use and servicing.
  • Page 4 480 progressive scan output, it is recommended that the user switch the connection to the “standard definition” output. If there are questions regarding your TV set compatibility with this 480p DVD recorder, please contact Toshiba Customer Service. E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 4 E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 4 2008/05/27 16:10:04...
  • Page 5 PRECAUTIONS Maintenance IR Signal Check Servicing If the remote control does not work properly, you can test if the remote control sends out the infrared signal with AM • Please refer to relevant topics on “TROUBLESHOOTING” radio or a digital camera (including built-in camera of cellular on pages 102-105 before returning the product.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

  • Page 7 CONTENTS SPECIAL PLAYBACK ......58 Function Setup Resume Playback ....... . . 58 LIST OF THE DEFAULT SETTINGS .
  • Page 8: Features

    FEATURES This unit not only plays back DVD, CD and cassette tape but also offers features for you to record on DVD/cassette tape and edit them after that. The following features are offered with this unit. Setting or clearing chapter marks: Recording You can set or clear chapter marks on titles.
  • Page 9 FEATURES Discs for Recording, Playing back Disc type DVD-RW DVD-R DVD+RW DVD+R Logo Automatically Automatically Automatically Can be formatted in VR or video Format formatted in formatted in formatted in mode video mode +VR mode +VR mode Video Mode VR Mode Icon Maximum record 480 min (12cm)
  • Page 10 Performance of any other discs are not guaranteed. • CD-ROM • Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-I) • Toshiba is not liable for any damage or loss caused directly • Video Single Disc (VSD) • DVD-ROM or indirectly by the malfunction of this recorder, including, without limitation, any one of the following: •...
  • Page 11: Functional Overview

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Front Panel ( * ) The unit can also be turned on by pressing these buttons or by 16 15 13 12 inserting a cassette tape. 1. I/y ON/STANDBY button (DVD/VCR) 14. TRACKING buttons (VCR) Press to turn on and off the unit. Press to adjust the tracking during playback or in slow 2.
  • Page 12: Installing The Batteries In The Remote Control

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Remote Control Installing the Batteries in the Remote Using a Remote Control Control Keep in mind the following when using the remote control: Install the batteries (AAx2) matching the polarity • Make sure that there are no obstacles between the remote indicated inside battery compartment of the remote control and the infrared sensor window on the unit.
  • Page 13 FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW 1. INPUT SELECT button 18. TRACKING buttons (VCR) • Press to select the appropriate input. • Press to adjust the tracking during playback or in slow motion of the cassette tape. 2. OPEN/CLOSE A button • While playback is in still mode, you can stabilize the DVD mode: picture.
  • Page 14: The Vcr / Dvd Recorder Switching

    THE VCR / DVD RECORDER SWITCHING Because this product is a combination of a VCR and a DVD recorder, you must select first which component you wish to operate with [VCR/DVD]. DVD mode VCR mode Press [DVD] on the remote control. Press [VCR] on the remote control.
  • Page 15: Guide To On-Screen Displays And Menus

    GUIDE TO ON-SCREEN DISPLAYS AND MENUS This unit uses the following on-screen displays and menus to guide you to the easy operations. The on-screen displays give you the information on the loaded disc, the disc/file in playback, or the HDMI status, etc. The menus allow you to change the various kinds of settings for playing back, recording, or editing to suit your preference.
  • Page 16 GUIDE TO ON-SCREEN DISPLAYS AND MENUS Title/File Name Information HDMI Information Title name information Title Name Video Info. : 480p YCbCr My Title Audio Info. : Bitstream File name information File Name My File *1. Indicates the resolution of the HDMI output image. MP3/WMA Tag Information *2.
  • Page 17: Main Menu

    GUIDE TO ON-SCREEN DISPLAYS AND MENUS Main Menu Press [SETUP] to display the main menu. Then use 1. General Setting: [K / L] to select a menu and press [ENTER] to display the To go to general setting menu. menu. These menus provide entries to all main functions 2.
  • Page 18: Front Panel Display Guide

    FRONT PANEL DISPLAY GUIDE BS CS : Appears when this unit is in : Appears when this unit is in DVD output mode and a disc DVD output mode. : Appears in the afternoon with is in the unit. : Appears when the timer the clock display.
  • Page 19: Connection To An External Tuner

    CONNECTION TO AN EXTERNAL TUNER This section describes how to connect this unit to an external tuner such as cable/satellite box. rear of your TV • When you change the connections, all devices should be turned off. • Refer to the operation manual accompanying external devices for more information. Disconnect the power cords of the devices from the AC outlet.
  • Page 20: Settings For The Video Input

    SETTINGS FOR THE VIDEO INPUT You must let the unit know which video input jack you are using before making a recording. Press [SETUP]. OPEN/ INPUT HDMI CLOSE SELECT Use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [ENTER]. .@/: TRACKING Use [K / L] to select “Video”, then...
  • Page 21: Connection To A Tv

    CONNECTION TO A TV Make one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of your existing device. VCR and basic DVD connection RCA audio cable RCA video VIDEO cable AUDIO IN DVD/VCR this unit S-VIDEO IN --- AUDIO --- OUT HDMI OUT DVD/VCR DIGITAL...
  • Page 22: Connection To A Tv With An Hdmi™ Compatible Port

    CONNECTION TO A TV WITH AN HDMI™ COMPATIBLE PORT A simple 1-cable connection with a device having an HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) connector allows digital transfer of both digital video signals and multi-channel audio signals. Available for DVD only HDMI IN HDMI cable this unit HDMI OUT...
  • Page 23 CONNECTION TO A TV WITH AN HDMI™ COMPATIBLE PORT Actual Output Modes by Media Audio recording format of the disc Dolby Digital setting of this unit Actual output 2channel PCM Dolby Digital Stream Dolby Digital DVD-video LPCM 2channel PCM Stream 2channel PCM Dolby Digital Stream...
  • Page 24: Connection To An Audio System

    CONNECTION TO AN AUDIO SYSTEM • When you change the connections, all devices should be turned off. • Refer to the owner’s manual accompanying external devices for more information. 2 Channel Analog Audio Connection Digital Audio Connection stereo system Dolby Digital decoder audio COAXIAL digital audio...
  • Page 25: Initial Setting

    INITIAL SETTING Turn on this unit for the first time, you need to follow these steps. Press [I/y y ON/STANDBY]. Before: Turn the TV on. Select the input to OPEN/ INPUT HDMI CLOSE SELECT which the unit is connected. .@/: Use [K / L] to select your desired language, then press [ENTER] to set TRACKING...
  • Page 26: Setting The Clock

    SETTING THE CLOCK Set the clock before you try the timer programming. Clock Setting Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [ENTER]. OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE SELECT HDMI Use [K / L] to select “Clock”, then .@/: .@/: press [ENTER].
  • Page 27: Formatting A Disc

    FORMATTING A DISC Choosing the Recording Format of a Brand-New DVD-RW When inserting a brand-new DVD-RW or DVD+RW, the unit automatically starts to initialize the disc. DVD+RW will always be formatted in +VR mode, and DVD-RW will be formatted either video or VR mode according to the recording format mode setting of the unit.
  • Page 28: Choosing The Recording Format Of A Brand-New

    FORMATTING A DISC Reformatting a Disc Manually If you are using a DVD-RW or DVD+RW, you can format the disc by performing “Format”. You can format DVD-RW for either video mode recording or VR mode recording. DVD+RW can be format in order to erase all content of the disc. Insert a recordable disc.
  • Page 29: Setting A Disc To Protect

    SETTING A DISC TO PROTECT To prevent accidental recording, editing or erasing the Press [SETUP]. titles, you can protect them from “DVD Menu” menu. Use [K / ] to select “DVD Menu”, OPEN/ INPUT then press [ENTER]. CLOSE SELECT HDMI .@/: Use [K / L] to select “Disc Protect TRACKING...
  • Page 30: Playing The Discs In Other Dvd Players

    PLAYING THE DISCS IN OTHER DVD PLAYERS Auto Finalizing Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press You can finalize discs automatically using this function. You can use this function to finalize discs after finishing [ENTER].
  • Page 31: Finalizing A Disc

    PLAYING THE DISCS IN OTHER DVD PLAYERS Finalizing a Disc Press [SETUP]. You will need to finalize discs to play back on other DVD players. Finalizing may take several minutes up to an hour. Use [K / L] to select “DVD Menu”, Since the process of the finalization fills empty space of the disc, a shorter recording period on the disc will then press [ENTER].
  • Page 32 PLAYING THE DISCS IN OTHER DVD PLAYERS To cancel finalizing... Note (DVD-RW only) • Finalizing a disc in video mode and +VR mode Press [STOP C] during the finalizing is in progress. Use automatically creates a title menu. [K / L] to select “Yes”, then press [ENTER]. Finalizing is •...
  • Page 33: Information On Dvd Recording

    INFORMATION ON DVD RECORDING Recording Mode Restrictions on Recording You can select a recording mode among 5 options, and You cannot record copy-protected program using this the recording time will depend on the recording mode unit. Copy-protected video signal is included in DVD- you select as follows.
  • Page 34: Settings For A Recording

    SETTINGS FOR A RECORDING Make Recording Compatible Setting for Auto Chapter Use this feature to make the discs recorded on other unit You can set a specified time for chapter marks. recordable on this unit. When you make an additional recording on this unit with “Make Recording Compatible”...
  • Page 35: Recording Audio Select (Xp)

    SETTINGS FOR A RECORDING Recording Audio Select (XP) Setting Aspect Ratio for Video Mode Recording You can enjoy high quality sound recording. This function works only when the recording mode is set at XP. You can set aspect ratio for video mode recording. 1) Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General 1) Follow step 1 to 2 on “Recording Audio Select(XP)”.
  • Page 36: Basic Recording & One-Touch Timer Recording

    BASIC RECORDING & ONE-TOUCH TIMER RECORDING Press [I/y y ON/STANDBY]. Follow the steps to record TV programs. Turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected. Press [DVD]. OPEN/ OPEN/ INPUT INPUT HDMI CLOSE CLOSE...
  • Page 37 BASIC RECORDING & ONE-TOUCH TIMER RECORDING Press [REC I] to start recording. Press [STOP C] to stop recording. “I” will be displayed for 5 seconds. The recorded title will be included in the title list. (Refer to “Guide to a Title List” on page 70.) e.g.) DVD+R/DVD-RW/-R Please finalize the disc when the writing is completed before playing back on other DVD...
  • Page 38: Timer Recording

    TIMER RECORDING Guide to Timer Programming Display You can program the unit to record up to 12 programs within a month in advance. Daily or weekly program Timer Programming recordings are also available. JAN/ 2/08 12:00 AM L1 SP Before recording, make sure SP (1:00) TUE JAN/01 10:00AM Date...
  • Page 39 TIMER RECORDING Use [K / L] to enter the date, then Refer to “Recording Mode” on page 33 for DVD or “Recording” on page 99 for VCR. press [B]. • You can check the remaining recordable space Timer Programming of the disc when you select the recording mode.
  • Page 40: Programming Information

    TIMER RECORDING Checking, canceling, or correcting the timer If the timer program did not complete correctly, programming information the error number appears in the timer pro- gramming list. 1) Press [TIMER SET]. 2) Press [TIMER PROG.]. Timer Programming TUE JAN/01 10:00AM 3) Check the information on the list you want to edit.
  • Page 41: Hints For Timer Recording

    TIMER RECORDING Hints for Timer Recording • If there is a power failure or this unit has been [I/y ON/STANDBY] first, then select the recorded title and unplugged for more than 30 seconds, the clock setting press [PLAY B], or [OPEN/CLOSE A] to remove the disc. and all timer programming will be lost.
  • Page 42: Satellite Link

    SATELLITE LINK You can set the unit to start recording whenever it Press [SAT. LINK]. detects the video signal from the external tuner. Preparing for the satellite link timer recording: Preparation on the tuner • The external tuner should be equipped with some kind Use [K / L] to select the time, media of timer function.
  • Page 43 SATELLITE LINK Press [ENTER]. “To Standby Mode” is highlighted. Press [ENTER] again. Satellite Link Start Mode 12:00AM To Standby Mode In a second, the unit will be turned off automatically as it goes into the satellite link standby mode. To cancel the satellite link function while in the satellite link standby mode: Press [TIMER SET] to turn on the unit.
  • Page 44: Settings For An External Device

    SETTINGS FOR AN EXTERNAL DEVICE Connection to an External Device Connect the external device properly to the unit by using input jacks either L2 (Front) or L1 (Rear). When connecting an external device of monaural output to this unit, use AUDIO L jack of L2 (Front). Use S-video or the RCA audio/video cables for this connection.
  • Page 45: Recording From An External Device

    SETTINGS FOR AN EXTERNAL DEVICE Recording from an External Device Turn on the TV and press [I/y y ON/STANDBY], and be sure to Before recording from an external device, refer to the select the input of the TV to which instructions for the connection on page 44.
  • Page 46: Dv Dubbing

    DV DUBBING Guide to DV and On-Screen Display This function helps you to easily dub the contents of the DVC (digital video camcorder) to this unit. You can control basic operations of the DVC from the remote control of this unit such as playback, fast forward or reverse and stop all operations if the DVC is in video mode.
  • Page 47: Dvc To Dvd Dubbing

    DV DUBBING DVC to DVD Dubbing Press [REC MODE] to select a Before recording from DVC, see page 44 for connection recording mode. instructions. (Refer to “Recording Mode” on page 33 for DVD or “Recording” on page 99 for VCR.) Press [DISPLAY].
  • Page 48: Dvc To Vcr Dubbing

    DV DUBBING DVC to VCR Dubbing Repeat the steps 1 and 2 on page 47. Before recording from DVC, refer to page 44 for connection instructions. Press the PLAY button on your DVC DISC MENU TOP MENU to find where you wish to start dubbing.
  • Page 49: Dvd/Vcr Dubbing

    DVD/VCR DUBBING Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press You can copy a DVD to a cassette tape or copy a cassette tape to a DVD. This function will be possible only if the [ENTER].
  • Page 50: Start Recording

    DVD/VCR DUBBING VCR to DVD DVD to VCR Use [K / L] to select “VCR DVD”, Use [K / L] to select “DVD VCR”, then press [ENTER]. then press [ENTER]. General Setting General Setting Playback Playback Display Auto Chapter Display Auto Chapter Video Recording Audio Select (XP)
  • Page 51: Information On Playback

    INFORMATION ON PLAYBACK Structure of Disc Contents The contents of DVD are generally divided into titles, and the titles are subdivided into chapters. Audio CDs are divided into tracks. Data disc contains MP3/WMA/JPEG/DivX® are divided into folders, and the folders are subdivided into files. DVD video Title: Divided contents of a DVD video.
  • Page 52: Basic Playback

    BASIC PLAYBACK Direct Playback Press [I/y y ON/STANDBY]. Turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected. Press [DVD]. OPEN/ OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE CLOSE SELECT HDMI Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to open the .@/: disc tray and insert your disc with its TRACKING...
  • Page 53: Playback From The Title List

    BASIC PLAYBACK Playback from the Title List Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to open the disc tray and insert your disc with its label facing up. OPEN/ OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE CLOSE SELECT HDMI .@/: TRACKING Align the disc to the disc tray guide. PQRS WXYZ SAT.LINK...
  • Page 54: Playing Back An Audio Cd And A Cd-Rw/-R With Mp3/Wma/Jpeg Files

    4 MP3 file2 You must obtain any required permission from 5 WMA file1 copyright owners to download or use copyrighted 6 WMA file2 content. Toshiba cannot and does not grant such 1/ 2 permission. E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 54 E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 54 2008/05/27 16:10:55...
  • Page 55: Playing Back A Divx

    BASIC PLAYBACK Playing Back a DivX® Follow steps 1 to 2 in “Direct Playback” on page 52. OPEN/ OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE CLOSE SELECT HDMI Press [OPEN/CLOSE A] to close the .@/: disc tray. It may take awhile to load TRACKING the disc completely.
  • Page 56 BASIC PLAYBACK It is recommended that files to be played back in this • Some DivX® VOD files are unit are recorded under the following specifications: restricted with the limited playable times (you cannot Official DivX® Certified product DivX VOD Rental play them back beyond the This rental has views left.
  • Page 57: Using The Title/Disc Menu

    BASIC PLAYBACK Using the Title/Disc Menu Pause Press [DVD] first. 1) During playback, press [PAUSE F]. DVD may contain a title list, which describes the contents Playback will be paused and sound will be muted. of the disc, or a disc menu, which guides you through the available functions in the disc.
  • Page 58: Special Playback

    SPECIAL PLAYBACK Resume Playback Skipping TV Commercials During Playback You can play back from where you stopped playing back the disc last. Press [DVD] first. You can skip TV commercials to enjoy the recorded 1) During playback, press [STOP C]. programs without interrupting.
  • Page 59: Rapid Playback

    SPECIAL PLAYBACK Rapid Playback Slow Forward / Slow Reverse Playback Rapid playback function is available only during playback. Press [DVD] first. This function is available only on discs recorded in the 1) During playback, press [PAUSE F]. Then press Dolby Digital format, and plays back in a slightly faster/ [FWD D] or [REV E].
  • Page 60: Zoom

    SPECIAL PLAYBACK Zoom Marker Setting Press [DVD] first. This feature allows you to assign a specific point on a disc to be called back later. 1) During playback, press [DISPLAY] or [ZOOM]. Press [DVD] first. • If you press [ZOOM], skip to step3. •...
  • Page 61: Chasing Playback During Recording

    SPECIAL PLAYBACK Chasing Playback during Recording You can play back the already recorded part of the Using [TIME SLIP] ... currently recording program without waiting for the With [TIME SLIP], even if you leave your couch while recording to the end. This function works from 1 you are watching TV through this unit, you can come minute after the start of the recording.
  • Page 62: Simultaneous Playback And Recording

    SPECIAL PLAYBACK Simultaneous Playback and Recording 3) Press [STOP C] once to stop playback. You can also play back a recorded title during current recording or the timer recording on the same disc. The resume message will appear. Screen for the current recording: 1) During recording, press [DISPLAY].
  • Page 63: Search

    SEARCH Title/Chapter Search Track Search Using [SKIP j ] / [SKIP i ] Using [SKIP ] / [SKIP Press [DVD] first. Press [DVD] first. 1) During playback, press [SKIP i] to skip the 1) During playback, press [SKIP i ] to skip the current track/file and move to the next.
  • Page 64: Time Search

    SEARCH Time Search Press [DVD] first. • For audio CD, skip to step 2. 1) During playback, press [DISPLAY]. 2) Use [{ / B] to select , then press [ENTER]. e.g.) DVD-video 1/ 5 1/ 5 0:01:00 / 1:23:45 DVD Video e.g.) audio CD 1/ 5 0:00:15 / 0:05:00...
  • Page 65: Slide Show

    REPEAT/RANDOM/PROGRAM PLAYBACK/SLIDE SHOW Title: Repeat Playback The current title will be played back repeatedly. Chapter: Available repeat function may vary depending the discs. The current chapter will be played back repeatedly. Press [DVD] first. All: • For audio CD, MP3, or WMA, skip to step 2, or press The current disc will be played back repeatedly.
  • Page 66: Program Playback

    REPEAT/RANDOM/PROGRAM PLAYBACK/SLIDE SHOW Program Playback Slide Show You can program the disc to play back in your desired You can select the display time between 5 seconds and order. 10 seconds. Press [DVD] first. Press [DVD] first. 1) Press [SETUP] in stop mode. 1) Follow steps 1 and 2 in “Program Playback”...
  • Page 67: Selecting The Format Of Audio And Video

    SELECTING THE FORMAT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO You can select the format of audio and video as you prefer depending on the contents of the disc you are playing back. Switching Subtitles Switching Audio Soundtrack DVD-video may have subtitles in one or more languages. When playing back a DVD-video recorded with 2 or more Available subtitle languages can be found on the disc soundtracks (these are often in different languages), you...
  • Page 68: Switching Virtual Surround System

    SELECTING THE FORMAT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO Switching Virtual Surround System Switching Camera Angles Some DVD-video have scenes shot from two or more angles. Angle information should be on the disc case if You can enjoy stereophonic virtual space through your the disc contains multi-angle scenes.
  • Page 69: Adjusting Black Level

    SELECTING THE FORMAT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO Adjusting Black Level You can adjust the black level to control the brightness of the picture in order to get a better picture. 1) During playback, press [DISPLAY]. 2) Use [{ / B] to select .
  • Page 70: Information On Disc Editing

    INFORMATION ON DISC EDITING Guide to a Title List Editing Discs Title list allows you to check the titles recorded on the Edit the recorded disc disc easily. You can choose a title to play back from this list and easily edit the titles as you prefer. You will find editing discs is easy.
  • Page 71: Deleting Titles

    DELETING TITLES Notes for deleting titles After the disc is fully recorded: DVD-RW/DVD+RW DVD-R/DVD+R • When a title is deleted from • When the last title is deleted from • When a title is deleted from DVD-RW in VR mode, the DVD-RW in video mode or DVD+RW, the DVD-R and DVD+R, the recordable disc space will...
  • Page 72 DELETING TITLES Press [DVD]. You can delete titles which you do not need anymore. In stop mode, press [TOP MENU]. Please be advised that the titles once deleted cannot be Title list, original or playlist will appear. brought back to the disc. •...
  • Page 73: Creating/Deleting Playlist

    CREATING/DELETING PLAYLIST Adding Titles to a Playlist Follow the step 1 in “DELETING Playlist TITLES” on page 72 to display the For VR mode DVD-RW, you can create the playlist as you original. wish. You can add up to 99 titles to a playlist (as long as the total number of the playlist does not exceed 999 chapters).
  • Page 74: Erasing All Playlist

    CREATING/DELETING PLAYLIST Erasing All Playlist Press [DVD]. Playlist Press [SETUP]. A playlist can be deleted if it is no longer needed. Main menu will appear. Use [K / L] to select “DVD Menu”, then press [ENTER]. OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE SELECT HDMI .@/: Use [K / L] to select “Delete All...
  • Page 75: Editing Discs

    EDITING DISCS Putting Names on Titles You can put a name on the disc and change it from this Use [K / L] to select “Edit Title menu. Name”, then press [ENTER]. Edit SETUP DISPLAY AUDIO Scene Delete Edit Title Name DISC MENU DISC MENU TOP MENU...
  • Page 76 EDITING DISCS Putting Names on Titles (cont’d) Guide to Edit Title Name 1) Use [K / L] to select a desired character set, then press [ENTER]. OPEN/ INPUT 2) Follow the list below, use [the Number buttons] CLOSE SELECT HDMI repeatedly until the desired letter appears.
  • Page 77: Setting Chapter Marks

    EDITING DISCS Setting Chapter Marks Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Putting Names You can put chapter marks in each title. Once a chapter is on Titles” on page 75 to display “Edit” marked, you can use it for the chapter search feature. menu.
  • Page 78: Hiding Chapters

    EDITING DISCS Hiding Chapters Use [K / L/ s / B] to select a desired You can hide chapters from the title list. title, then press [ENTER]. Hidden chapters are skipped during playback. Title List JAN/15/08 12:00AM 12:00AM (2:00:00) JAN/15/08 L1 LP OPEN/ INPUT...
  • Page 79: Deleting A Part Of A Title

    EDITING DISCS Deleting a Part of a Title You can delete a specific part of a title. Follow the steps 1 to 3 in “Putting Even when parts of title are deleted from the playlist, the Names on Titles” on page 75 to original title will remain as it is.
  • Page 80 EDITING DISCS Deleting a Part of a Title (cont’d) Use [K / L] to select “Delete” then Use [SKIP H / G], press [ENTER]. [REV E], [FWD D], [PLAY B] and Edit - Scene Delete [PAUSE F] to find the start point, then press [ENTER].
  • Page 81: Dividing A Title

    EDITING DISCS Dividing a Title Playlist Use [K / L] to select “Edit”, then You can divide one title into two new titles. press [ENTER]. e.g.) VR mode DVD-RW playlist Title List JAN/ 1/08 12:00AM OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE SELECT HDMI 12:00AM (2:00:00) JAN/ 1/08 L1 LP...
  • Page 82: Combining Titles

    EDITING DISCS Combining Titles Follow the steps 1 to 3 in “Dividing a Playlist Title” on page 81 to display “Edit” You can combine two titles into a single title. menu. Use [K / L] to select “Title Combining”, then press [ENTER]. OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE...
  • Page 83: Setting Or Releasing The Title Protection

    EDITING DISCS Setting or Releasing the Title Protection Follow the steps 1 to 3 in “Putting Original Names on Titles” on page 75 to To prevent the accidental editing, or erasing of the titles, display “Edit” menu. you can protect them in “Edit” menu. You can cancel the title protection feature after it is applied.
  • Page 84: Setting Or Clearing All Chapter Marks At Once

    EDITING DISCS Setting or Clearing All Chapter Marks at Once Follow the steps 1 to 3 in “Putting Names on Titles” on page 75 to For titles in video mode DVD-RW, you can set or edit chapter at every time interval. You can clear the chapter display “Edit”...
  • Page 85: List Of The Default Settings

    LIST OF THE DEFAULT SETTINGS The following table is the contents which you can set and the default settings. Refer to the following table for useful operation. Setup Items (highlight is the default) Contents Playback Parental Lock Set the parental level for DVD playback. →...
  • Page 86 LIST OF THE DEFAULT SETTINGS Setup Items (highlight is the default) Contents Display V-Chip Canadian English Rating Set the viewing limitation according to Canadian → page 92 English language ratings. Change Password Change the password. → page 93 Video Progressive Set to the progressive scan mode (set to "ON") or →...
  • Page 87: General Setting

    GENERAL SETTING Playback Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting“, then press OPEN/ INPUT HDMI CLOSE SELECT [ENTER]. .@/: Use [K / L] to select “Playback”, then TRACKING press [ENTER].
  • Page 88 GENERAL SETTING Playback (cont’d) Parental Lock (Default: OFF) A password has not been set yet. Some DVD-video feature a parental lock level. Playback Use [K / L] to select “Yes”, then press [ENTER]. Use will stop if the ratings exceed the levels you set, it will [the Number buttons] to enter a new password except require you to enter a password before the disc will for 4737, then press [ENTER].
  • Page 89 GENERAL SETTING Playback (cont’d) Audio Out Settings for Dolby Digital (Default : Stream) Choose the appropriate audio setting for your external device. Use [K / L] to select a setting, then press [ENTER]. It will only affect a disc playback. General Setting Use [K / L] to select a desired item, then press [ENTER].
  • Page 90 GENERAL SETTING Playback (cont’d) Disc Menu Language (Default : English) Note • Only the languages supported by the disc can be Set the language for disc menu. selected. Use [K / L] to select a language, then press [ENTER]. • Audio language setting may not be available to some discs.
  • Page 91: Display

    GENERAL SETTING Display OSD Language (Default : English) Set the language for the on-screen display. OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE SELECT HDMI Use [K / L] to select a language, then press [ENTER]. General Setting .@/: .@/: Playback Display OSD Language TRACKING Video Screen Saver OSD Language...
  • Page 92 GENERAL SETTING Display (cont’d) V-Chip MPAA Rating With the v-chip system in this unit, you can set the TV Rating viewing limitation for the analog TV programs received from the external tuner or recorded on DVDs to prevent Canadian French Rating your children from watching inappropriate programs.
  • Page 93 GENERAL SETTING Display (cont’d) [Canadian English Rating] Change Password Rating Category Change the current password. Adult audience only higher Use [the Number Buttons] to enter new access Unsuitable for ages under 14 password. Parental guidance suggested Note General audience • Press [CLEAR] to erase numbers entered incorrectly. For children over 8 •...
  • Page 94: Video

    GENERAL SETTING Video Progressive (Default : OFF) .@/: This unit is compatible with the progressive scan system. The feature provides you with the higher definition TRACKING images than the traditional output system does. To utilize this feature, you must set progressive scan mode to “ON”. PQRS WXYZ SAT.LINK...
  • Page 95: Divx

    GENERAL SETTING DivX® Use [K / L] to select a desired item, then press [ENTER]. OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE SELECT HDMI DivX DivX Subtitle .@/: TRACKING DivX® VOD This unit allows you to play back the files purchased or PQRS WXYZ SAT.LINK rented from DivX®...
  • Page 96: Hdmi

    GENERAL SETTING HDMI Press [SETUP] in stop mode and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [ENTER]. OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE SELECT HDMI Use [K / L] to select “HDMI”, then .@/: press [ENTER]. TRACKING General Setting Playback Display PQRS WXYZ...
  • Page 97 GENERAL SETTING HDMI (cont’d) HDMI Audio (Default : ON) If you do not want to output the audio through HDMI (when you digitally output the audio through the COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT jack to your audio system, etc.), you can set the HDMI audio output off. Use [K / L] to select a setting, then press [ENTER].
  • Page 98: Reset All

    GENERAL SETTING Reset All Reset the setting to default. Press [SETUP] in stop mode and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [ENTER]. Use [K / L] to select “Reset All”, then OPEN/ INPUT CLOSE SELECT HDMI press [ENTER].
  • Page 99: Vcr Functions

    VCR FUNCTIONS Playback Recording Press [VCR] first. 1) Press [I/y ON/STANDBY] on the remote control or the front panel of the unit. Before recording, make sure: When you are playing back a cassette tape, turn on the • The appropriate external input position (L1/L2) to which TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is your external tuner is connected is selected by pressing connected.
  • Page 100: One-Touch Timer Recording (Otr)

    VCR FUNCTIONS One-touch Timer Recording (OTR) Index Search This feature allows you to set the recording length simply An index mark will be assigned at the beginning of each by pressing [REC I] on the remote control. recording you make. You may skip to a specific marked point by following the steps below.
  • Page 101: Time Search

    VCR FUNCTIONS Time Search Other Operations This feature allows you to go to a specific point on a Press [VCR] first. cassette tape by entering the exact amount of time you Fast forward: wish to skip in order to reach the point. When the unit is in stop mode, press [FWD D] to fast forward the cassette tape.
  • Page 102: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before requesting service for this unit, check the table below for a possible cause of the problem you are experiencing. Some simple checks or a minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper operation. Symptom Remedy The power does not turn on.
  • Page 103 TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Remedy DV signal cannot be input. • Before connection, turn on the power supplies for both this unit and the DVC, and make sure that these units are in stop mode. • Only a “DVC-SD” signal can be input from the DVC to this unit. Other types of signals are not supported.
  • Page 104 TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom Remedy The subtitle language cannot be • Multilingual subtitle are not recorded on the DVD-video. changed or turned off. The angles cannot be changed. • Multi-angles are not recorded on the DVD-video being played back. • The angle-change operation is whenever possible as long as the disc contains a multi-angle portion.
  • Page 105: Frequently Asked Questions

    TROUBLESHOOTING Error message Cause Solution Disc Error • Unplayable disc is inserted in the unit. • Insert the standardized disc which have — Please eject the disc. — • The disc is upside down. the marks on pages 9-10. Playback feature may not be available on this disc. •...
  • Page 106: Language Code

    LANGUAGE CODE Language Code Language Code Language Code Abkhazian 4748 Hungarian 5467 Russian 6467 Afar 4747 Icelandic 5565 Samoan 6559 Afrikaans 4752 Indonesian 5560 Sangho 6553 Albanian 6563 Interlingua 5547 Sanskrit 6547 Amharic 4759 Interlingue 5551 Scots Gaelic 5350 Arabic 4764 Inupiak 5557...
  • Page 107: Glossary

    GLOSSARY Analog Audio PCM (pulse code modulation) An electrical signal that directly represents sound. The most common system of encoding digital audio, Compare this to digital audio which can be an electrical found on CD and DAT. Excellent quality, but requires a signal, but is an indirect representation of sound.
  • Page 108: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS • This model complies with the below specifications. • Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. • This model may not be compatible with features and/or specifications that may be added in the future. General VCR video heads Four heads Power requirements AC120 V, 60 Hz...
  • Page 109: Limited Warranty

    Digital Audio Video (“DAV”) Product - Exchange Warranty Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. (“TACP”) makes the following limited warranties to original consumers in the United States. THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXTEND TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER OR ANY PERSON RECEIVING THIS DAV PRODUCT AS A GIFT FROM THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER AND TO NO OTHER PURCHASER OR TRANSFEREE.
  • Page 110 LIMITED WARRANTY 110 EN 110 EN E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 110 E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 110 2008/05/27 16:11:54 2008/05/27 16:11:54...
  • Page 111 LIMITED WARRANTY EN 111 E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 111 E9KGBUD_D-KVR20KU_EN.indd 111 2008/05/27 16:11:57 2008/05/27 16:11:57...

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