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Care And Maintenance - Fujitsu FJBC-GP User Manual

Fujitsu battery charger user's guide
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Note that the
battery shown is for
illustration only; your
battery may appear different.
• Never connect the battery charger to a physically defective
battery or use a defective charger.
• When the battery charger is not being used for charging, be sure
to disconnect the AC adapter and remove any battery connected
to the charger to avoid the chance of fire or equipment failure.
• When disconnecting the AC adapter, do not pull on the cable to
remove the adapter. Always remove by grasping the plug body.
• If the battery charger smokes, smells strange, heats abnormally,
or makes noise, immediately disconnect the AC adapter, and
contact your Fujitsu reseller (see "Fujitsu Computer Systems
Contact Information" below). It is normal for the charger to
become slightly warm during charging.
• Do not use the battery charger in humid, dusty, or poorly
ventilated places.
• Do not use the battery charger if any foreign substance, such as
water, dirt, etc. has gotten inside.
Figure 3. Connecting the battery




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