Battery Connector; Charge Indicator Leds - Fujitsu FJBC-GP User Manual

Fujitsu battery charger user's guide
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Charge Indicator LEDs

The Charge Indicators show the condition of the battery being
charged. Table 1 on page 3 shows the LED color and its relation to
the charging status.

Battery Connector 1

Battery connector 1 is used to connect a battery to the charger.
Battery Connector 2
Battery connector 2 is used to connect a battery to the charger.
AC Adapter Connector
The AC Adapter Connector is used to connect power to the battery
charger via the AC adapter.
• This charger is designed only for charging
Fujitsu Lithium ion battery packs that have
the proper mating connector. If you have
questions, check your system User's Guide
or our accessories Web site to ensure that
you are using the correct charger.
• Use only the system AC adapter (UL Listed,
Class 2 AC adapter with output rating of
16V dc, minimum 2.5A).

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

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