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12" (30cm)


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  • Page 1 12” (30cm) HDMI Port Display DVI/HDMI DVI/VGA...
  • Page 4 http://www.hp.com/go/contactHP http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/wwcontact_us.html...
  • Page 5 POD, Via G. Di Vittorio, 9, 20063 Cernusco s/ Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Naviglio (MI), Italy Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other Asia Pacific: Hewlett-Packard, POD, P.O. Box countries. 200, Alexandra Post Office, Singapore 911507 HP supports lawful use of technology and does...
  • Page 7: Getting Information

    Getting information Type of information Where to find ● Set up your computer. Quick Setup (this Guide) ● Use the computer. Quick Setup (this Guide) ● Connect to the Internet. ● Recover factory settings. Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide on your computer. Select the HP Support Assistant app on the Start screen, select My computer, and then select User guides.
  • Page 8 Type of information Where to find ● Find computer warranty HP Worldwide Limited Warranty and Technical Support included with your information. computer. Select the HP Support Assistant app on the Start screen, select My computer, and then select User guides. ●...
  • Page 9: Setting Up Your Computer

    Setting up your computer WARNING! To reduce the risk of electrical shock or damage to your equipment: • Place the computer in a location away from water, dust, moisture, and soot. These can increase the inside temperature, or can cause fire or electrocution. •...
  • Page 10: Connecting To The Internet

    Select your country and language, if necessary, and click Support & Drivers. Select Download drivers and software (and firmware), type your computer model name and number in the product field, and press Enter. If necessary, select your computer model from Product search results.
  • Page 11: Setting Up Additional Features

    Using an HDMI monitor If your computer has a graphics card with an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connector, Hewlett-Packard recommends using a DVI or VGA connector for a monitor, and using HDMI to connect a TV. If you use HDMI to connect your monitor, you may need to adjust some settings to hear sound (see the following steps).
  • Page 12: Adjusting Resolution

    Select Playback devices. The Sound window opens. On the Playback tab, look for the Default Device. It may display a green circle with a checkmark in it. If the Default Device is one of the following, then your HDMI monitor is already activated: ●...
  • Page 13: Setting Up Multiple Displays

    NVIDIA graphics Right-click an empty area of the desktop, and then click NVIDIA Control cards Panel. The View Selection window opens. In the Selecting a Task area on the left, under Display, click Change resolution. The Change resolution window opens. If your HP computer is connected to an HP monitor, make sure that the Show only TV resolutions check box does not contain a check mark.
  • Page 14 dual-monitor setup (or for three monitors), and proceed to the instructions for ATI Eyefinity Catalyst™ setup. Verify that the PC is set up according to the instructions in the setup view. Do not power on the PC or monitor. Connect the monitors to an available display connector on the back of the PC.
  • Page 15: Cleaning Procedures

    Maintaining your computer Cleaning procedures Keeping your computer system free of dust, dirt, and heat will prolong its life. ● Dust, pet hair, and other particles can build up, creating a blanket effect; as a result, components can overheat or, in the case of the keyboard and mouse, not work smoothly and effectively. ●...
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Refer to the documentation provided by the product manufacturer for information about peripheral-specific problems, such as issues with a monitor or a printer. The following tables present some issues you might encounter while installing, starting up, or using your computer and possible solutions. For more information or for additional troubleshooting options, see Getting information on page 1.
  • Page 17 Symptom Possible solution Computer Use the Task Manager to close any programs not responding, or restart the computer: seems to be Press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys on the keyboard simultaneously. locked up and is Select Task Manager. not responding. Select the program that is not responding, and then select End task. If closing programs does not work, restart the computer: Press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys on the keyboard simultaneously.
  • Page 18: Display (Monitor)

    Power Symptom Possible solution Computer does Press and hold the Power button until the computer turns off. Check Power Settings. not turn off when the Power button is pressed. ● Computer shuts The computer might be in an exceedingly hot environment. Let it cool down. down ●...
  • Page 19: Keyboard And Mouse (General)

    Keyboard and mouse (general) Symptom Possible solution Keyboard Use the mouse to turn off the computer, unplug and reconnect the keyboard to the back commands and of your computer, and then restart your computer. typing are not recognized by the computer.
  • Page 20: Keyboard And Mouse (Wireless)

    Keyboard and mouse (wireless) Symptom Possible solution ● Wireless keyboard Ensure that you are using the wireless keyboard or wireless mouse within range of or mouse does not the receiver, approximately 3 meters (10 feet) for normal use, and within 30 cm (12 work or is not inches) during initial setup or for re-synchronization.
  • Page 21: Speakers And Sound

    Speakers and sound Symptom Possible solution No sound is From the Start screen, type c, select Control Panel, and then select System and produced. Security. Under Action Center, select Troubleshoot common computer problems, and then select Troubleshoot audio playback. If you use an High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector on the graphics card (select models only) to connect your monitor to the computer, you should also connect analog speakers to the computer Audio Line Out connector if you want to hear sound during the initial setup of the computer.
  • Page 22: Software Troubleshooting

    Symptom Possible solution I cannot connect to From the Start screen, type c, and then select Control Panel. the Internet. Under Network and Internet, select Connect to the Internet. Verify that you are using the proper cables for your Internet connection type. Your computer might have a dial-up modem and an Ethernet network adapter (also called a network interface card, or NIC).
  • Page 23 Updating device Complete the following procedure to update a driver, or to revert to an earlier version of the drivers driver if the new one does not solve your problem: From the Start screen, type c and then select Control Panel. Select System and Security, and then in the System area, select Device Manager.
  • Page 24 Software If any of your factory-installed software programs or hardware drivers are damaged, you can program and reinstall them by using the Recovery Manager program (select models only). hardware driver NOTE: Do not use the Recovery Manager program to reinstall software programs that reinstallation came on CDs or DVDs included in the computer box.
  • Page 25: Support Information

    Support information Ways to get help Easy to reach. Easy to use. Award-winning HP Customer Support is our promise to help you get the most from your computer. Whether with tools located on your computer, from information on the web, by phone, or through your local retailer, you’ll find what you need.
  • Page 26: Customer Support For Repairs

    Customer support for repairs If your computer needs to be repaired or to have parts replaced, you have two choices: ● You can easily replace many of your computer parts that are considered consumer replaceable. This is the fastest method of repair, as many times we can send the part directly to your home or business in a few days.
  • Page 28 The power to make a change Thank you for your purchase. HP is dedicated to producing the highest quality, best performing, and easiest to use computers in the world. HP also designed this product with the environment in mind. But to reduce its impact even further, we need your help. Let’s work together to make a change.

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