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Siemens Be inspired SL56 User Manual

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Table of Contents
User Guide
Guide De L'Utilisateur
Guia Para El Usuario


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 SL56 User Guide Guide De L'Utilisateur Guia Para El Usuario...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety precautions ..... 2 Games & More ......42 Setup ........43 Safety Information ..... 4 Antenna care ......4 Profiles .......51 ç Phone operation ...... 4 Organizer ......52 Electronic devices ..... 5 Calendar .........52 SAR (Cell Phone Designation) ..8 Appointments ......52 Overview of the phone ....
  • Page 3: Ts Safety Precautions

    (classification as per When using the mobile phone IEC 60825-1)]. hold it to the ear farthest from Only use original Siemens bat- the pacemaker. teries (100% mercury-free) and Always use the handsfree kit to charging devices. Use of non- make calls while driving (p.
  • Page 4 Use of other carry ac- cessories may not ensure com- pliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines. Only use original Siemens ac- cessories in order to avoid pos- sible injury and property damage and to ensure compli- ance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    For are- ments could damage the phone and as where the use of mobile phones may violate FCC regulations. while driving is permitted, Siemens encourages persons to use their Phone operation phones responsibly and to employ hands-free devices.
  • Page 6: Electronic Devices

    Safety Information For vehicles equipped with Persons with pacemakers: Air Bags • should ALWAYS keep the phone more than six inches from their An air bag inflates with great force. pacemaker when the phone is DO NOT place objects, including ei- turned ON;...
  • Page 7: Posted Facilities

    Safety Information Vehicles Potentially explosive atmospheres RF signals may affect improperly in- stalled or inadequately shielded Turn your phone OFF when in any ar- electronic systems in motor vehicles. ea with a potentially explosive at- Check with the manufacturer or its mosphere and obey all signs and in- representative regarding your vehi- structions.
  • Page 8 Safety Information nications (for example, medical emergencies). Remember - to make or receive any calls, the phone must be switched on and be used in a serv- ice area that has adequate signal strength. Emergency calls might not be possible on all wireless phone networks or when certain network services or phone features are in use.
  • Page 9: Sar (cell Phone Designation)

    INFORMATION well below the maximum value. This is because the phone is designed to THIS SIEMENS SL56 PHONE MEETS operate at multiple power levels so THE GOVERNMENT'S REQUIRE- as to use only the power required to MENTS FOR EXPOSURE TO ELECTRO- reach the network.
  • Page 10 SAR (Cell Phone Designation) While there may be differences between the SAR levels of various phones and at various positions, all Siemens products meet the govern- mental requirements for safe RF exposure. For body worn operation, this mobile phone has been tested...
  • Page 11: Overview Of The Phone

    Overview of the phone w of Loudspeaker Display icons Signal strength/GPRS available/battery level. Control key ª See next page. Service provider Input keys 25.04.03 12:30 Numbers, letters Menu Microphone Integrated antenna Do not interfere unnecessarily with the phone above the battery cover. This reduces the signal quality/signal strength.
  • Page 12 Overview of the phone Soft keys The current functions of these keys are shown in the bottom line of the display as §text§ symbols (e.g. d). ª Control key Service provider In the main menu: 25.04.03 12:30 Navigation. Menu In lists and menus: Scroll up/down.
  • Page 13 Overview of the phone On/Off/End key • Switched off: hold down to switch on. • During a conversation or in an application (except for Surf &Fun): press briefly to finish. ª • In menus: press briefly to go back a level. Hold down to go back to standby mode.
  • Page 14 Overview of the phone Open keypad: • Light on. • Keypad unlocked. • Opening melody on (if set). • The call is accepted. • Alarm sound off (appointment, alarm). Close keypad: • Back to standby mode. • Light off. • Keypad locked (if set). •...
  • Page 15: Display Symbols (selection)

    Display symbols (selection) ² Display symbols No network access. Signal strength. Function activated/deactivated. Charging. Phonebook/Addressbook. Battery charging status. ABC/ Indicates whether upper or è Abc/abc lower-case letters are active. Standard directory ™ (Phonebook or Addressbook). Text input with T9. Call lists. IrDA activated.
  • Page 16 Display symbols (selection) Soft keys Message received. Voice mail received. Data received. — Picture received. – Melody received. Unanswered call. Store in Phonebook/ Addressbook. · Retrieve from Phonebook/ Addressbook. Change Phonebook/ Addressbook.
  • Page 17: Getting Started

    Getting started Insert SIM card/battery • Insert the battery in the lower edge , then press downwards The service provider supplies you until it engages. with a SIM card on which all the important data for your line is stored. If the SIM card has been delivered in credit-card size, snap the smaller segment out and remove any rough edges.
  • Page 18: Charge Battery

    Getting started Charge battery Charge icon not visible If the battery is totally discharged, no The battery is not fully charged charge icon is displayed when the when delivered. Plug charger cable charger is plugged in. It will appear into the bottom of the phone, plug after two hours at most.
  • Page 19: Short Switch On, Off/pin Entry

    Switch on, off/PIN entry Activate/deactivate Switching on your phone ntry for the first time Hold down On/Off/End key to switch on or off. Contrast Enter PIN Set display contrast. The SIM card can be protected with a Time/Date 4–8 digit PIN. Open keypad.
  • Page 20: Nd Signal Strength

    Switch on, off/PIN entry Emergency number Phonebook or Addressbook (SOS) You can choose whether you want to use the Phonebook on the SIM card Only to be used in real emergencies! or the internal Addressbook as standard. By pressing the soft key you can §SOS§...
  • Page 21: General Instructions

    General instructions User guide This corresponds to: Open menu. §Menu§ The following symbols are used to explain operation: From standby mode: press right soft key. Enter numbers or letters. Messages É è On/Off/End key. ç Ñ Call key. Press the control key on the Favorit.
  • Page 22: Security

    Security Security numbers Change PIN You can change the PIN to any The phone and SIM card are 4–8 digit number you find easier protected against misuse by several to remember. security codes. Enter current PIN. Keep these confidential numbers in a safe place where you can access them Press.
  • Page 23 Security Clear SIM card barring If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the SIM card is barred. Enter the PUK (MASTER PIN), provided by your service provider with the SIM card, according to instructions. If the PUK (MASTER PIN) has been lost, please contact your service provider.
  • Page 24: Calling

    Calling Dialing with number keys Redial previous numbers The phone must be switched on To redial numbers that were dialed (standby mode) and the keypad previously: must be open. Press the Call key once. Dial number (always with area code, if necessary Pick out the required with international dialing phone number from the...
  • Page 25: Accept Call

    Calling Accept call Reject call The phone must be switched on or press briefly. §Reject§ (standby mode). An incoming call Close slider fully (this only will interrupt any other use of the ends the call if the slider phone. was already fully open). If the keypad is open or closed, press the soft key to disable the ring-...
  • Page 26 Calling Swap Multi Party • You can call another number • Call up to 5 parties and link them during a call. together in a conference call. When a call is established: Open call menu. y§menu§ Open menu and select y§menu§...
  • Page 27: Text Entry

    Text entry Enter text without T9 Press once/repeatedly: . ,? ! ’ " 0 - ( ) @ / : _ Press number key repeatedly until Hold down: Write 0. the required letter appears. The cur- sor will jump forward after a brief in- Writes blank.
  • Page 28: Text Input With T9

    Text entry Text input with T9 Do not use special characters such as Ä rather use the standard characters, "T9" deduces the correct word from e.g. A; T9 will do the rest for you. the individual key entries by making Additional information comparisons with an extensive dic- tionary.
  • Page 29: Text Modules

    Text entry Text Modules To add a word to the dictionary: Select. §Spell§ Text modules can be stored in the Now write the word without any T9 phone for adding to your SMS mes- support and save it in the dictionary sages.
  • Page 30: Highlighting Mode

    Highlighting mode ting With some applications (e.g. Ad- dressbook) one or more entries in a list can be highlighted, to carry out a function jointly. Open menu. §Options§ Activate highlighting Mark Text mode. N Addressbook Ú o Anne o Barbara p Carol Mark Text Options...
  • Page 31: Default Book

    è Default Book K è K Businesscard Select function. ault §Menu§ Create your own business card. Show Entries Send this by SMS or infrared to Entries in the standard directory another GSM phone or to a suitable (Addressbook or Phonebook) are PC/printer.
  • Page 32: Phonebook

    Phonebook Call, search for an entry Entries in the Phonebook (on the SIM card) are managed separately from Open Phonebook and those in the Addressbook. select name. <New Entry> Number is dialed. If the Phonebook is set as standard: Change entry Open Phonebook Select entry in Phone- (in standby mode).
  • Page 33: Addressbook

    Addressbook bookThe Addressbook can store up to Picture 500 entries that are managed in the Assign a picture to an Ad- §Select§ phone memory. dressbook entry. It is dis- played if you are called by <New Entry> the corresponding phone number.
  • Page 34: Voice Dialing

    Addressbook Change/read entry Voice dialing Open Addressbook Dial numbers by voice command. Up (in standby mode). to 20 recorded names for voice dial- ing or voice commands (p. 56) can Select required entry. be saved on the cell phone (not on the SIM card).
  • Page 35: Groups

    Addressbook Apply voice dialing Private Select. §Options§ Open menu. Hold down the bottom of the plus/ minus side key at the bottom Rename Group (in standby mode). Select and give group a name. Now say the name. The number is dialed.
  • Page 36: Z Call Log/durat/charges

    Z Call Log/Durat/Charges Durat/Charges Your phone stores the phone num- bers of calls for convenient redialing. You can display the charges and the §Menu§ duration of calls and set a unit limit Press. §Select§ for outgoing calls. Select call list and press §Menu§...
  • Page 37: Voice Mail/cb Services

    ] Voice mail/CB Services Voice mail/mailbox Save call divert number Calls are diverted to this phone num- Msg. Setup §Menu§ ber. Voice Message §Menu§ Phone Setup Most service providers supply an ex- Call Forward ternal voice mail service. A caller e.
  • Page 38: Message Lists/profile

    §Menu§ Unsent evant information. See also on the Message type. Internet at: The list of not yet successfully trans- mitted MMS messages is displayed. The settings for Voice Message Services are described in a separate chapter (see p. 36).
  • Page 39: Sms

    ] SMS Archive You can transmit and receive very long messages (up to 760 charac- SMS-Archive §Menu§ ters) on your phone. They are auto- matically composed of several The list of SMS messages stored in "normal" SMS messages (note higher the phone is displayed.
  • Page 40: Mms

    ] MMS The Multimedia Messaging Service Tones/Alerts: enables you to send texts, pictures The music list is §Insert§ (even photos) and sounds in a com- opened for selection. bined message to another cell phone Slide duration or to an e-mail address. Enter length of display for Depending on the setting you will ei- individual pages (mini-...
  • Page 41: E-mail

    ] E-mail mail Your phone has its own e-mail pro- Highlight file. §Mark§ gram (client). You can use it to cre- Copy file as an attach- §OK§ ate and receive e-mails. ment. The content received in an e-mail is Receive e-mail saved in the File Manager in one of the MyData\sub folders.
  • Page 42: Internet Browser (wap)

    É Surf & Fun Internet browser (WAP) End connection & Hold down to end the con- Get the latest information from the nection and to close the Internet that is specifically adapted to browser. the display options of your phone. In addition, you can download games Note and applications to your phone.
  • Page 43: Games & More

    In these cases the page is loaded. purchaser will need to download the application again or re-enable it. Siemens does not warranty Note or guarantee or accept any liability for the The maximum file size when downloading...
  • Page 44: Setup

    m Setup Display Screensaver The screensaver shows a picture in Display §Menu§ the display when a period set by you Select function. has elapsed. The function is ended Language by an incoming call or by pressing any key. Set the language of the display text. "Automatic"...
  • Page 45: Ringer Setting

    m Setup Tones/Alerts Key Tones You can set the acoustic key tone: Tones/Alerts §Menu§ Click Tone Silent Select function. Minute Beep Ringer Setting During the call, you will hear a beep Activate/deactivate the ringer or once a minute as a reminder. reduce it to a short beep.
  • Page 46: Phone Setup

    m Setup Phone Setup Tones/Alerts §Menu§ Select function. Phone Setup §Menu§ ProSlide Lock Select function. Enable/disable automatic keylock Call Waiting when closing keypad. The keypad is If you are registered for this service, always automatically unlocked when you can check whether it is set and the slider is fully opened.
  • Page 47 m Setup Auto Off All Calls Divert all calls. Symbol in The phone switches off each day at the top line of the display the set time. in standby mode. Clock Other possibilities for divert: Not reachable, No reply, Busy, Receiving Clock §Menu§...
  • Page 48 m Setup Connectivity HTTP Profile Preparation of the phone depends Connectivity §Menu§ on current service provider: Select function. • The settings have already been in- GPRS stalled by provider. You can start immediately. Activate/deactivate GPRS. §Yes§ §No§ • Access profiles have already been Data Counter set by your provider.
  • Page 49 m Setup Security Network Security Network §Menu§ §Menu§ Select function. Select function. Codes Line (See p. 21) Two independent phone numbers must be registered. Only ‚ Network Info Restrict calls to SIM-protected num- bers in the Phonebook. The list of GSM networks currently available is displayed.
  • Page 50 GSM 1900. Headset Fast Search Only in conjunction with an original Network reconnection is Siemens headset. The profile is auto- speeded up. matically activated when headset is plugged in. User Group Accept call with Call key or PTT key...
  • Page 51 m Setup ProSlide ProSlide §Menu§ Select function. Volume Adjust the volume of the music which is played when opening and closing the slider. Open. Melody Adjust the music to be played when opening the keypad. Closing Melody Adjust the music to be played when opening the keypad.
  • Page 52: Profiles

    Several settings can be stored in a phone profile in order, for example, If an original Siemens Car Kit is used to adapt the phone to the surround- (p. 49) the profile is activated auto- ing level of noise.
  • Page 53: Calendar

    ç Organizer KçK Select function. §Menu§ Additional information The organizer provides you with a An alarm sounds even when the phone is calendar with monthly, weekly and switched off. To deactivate it press any daily views as well as a notepad and key.
  • Page 54: Time Zones

    ç Organizer Time Zones Pause Release the dictation key for a maxi- KçK Time Zones §Menu§ mum of 10 seconds to pause record- Set the time zone for your area. ing. If you press the key again, re- cording is resumed, otherwise it is Voice Memo stopped.
  • Page 55: Extras

    [ Extras Currency Conv Select function. §Menu§ You may calculate the exchange Alarm Clock rates between three different cur- The alarm will ring at the time set by rencies. you, even when the phone is If no currency has yet been entered, switched off.
  • Page 56: Countdown

    [ Extras Select function. Press when the camera §Menu§ §Camera§ has been attached Countdown (in standby mode). A set time elapses. The last 3 seconds are indicated by a beep. At the end a §Menu§ Camera special beep sounds. The number of shots that can still be taken is shown.
  • Page 57: Voice Command

    Hold down the plus/minus side key at Sync. setup the bottom (in standby mode). Select. A short signal (beep) sounds and a Sync. Profile prompt appears in the display. Now Select, then choose a pro- say the function. file and activate with §Activate§ Additional information
  • Page 58: Fast Access Key/favorites

    Fast access key/Favorites Left soft key Favorites orites Assign a function/phone number to Press. §Menu§ this key for fast access. Press. §Favorit.§ Change (example) Set up your own menu. The list of Press briefly. 10 entries is preset, but can be §Internet§...
  • Page 59: File Manager

    Ñ File Manager To organize your files, you can use The following files can be viewed the file system like a PC file manager. from here: The file system assigns special fold- bmp, jpg, Pictures: show picture. ers to different data types. gif, png In order to protect content from be- bmx,...
  • Page 60 Ñ File Manager File system menu Open menu. §Options§ Open Open folder. Move Place highlighted file or folder in temporary memory. Copy Copy highlighted file into temporary memory. Paste Transfer content of temporary memory into current folder. Delete Delete current entry. Delete All Delete all entries.
  • Page 61: Print Via

    Print via.../Send via ... Via SMS/vCard .../ Access to these functions is provided in the options menu for the relevant Phonebook and Addressbook entries application. Please make sure you as well as appointments can be sent use the ANSI character set for trans- as an SMS to other suitable cell mission purposes.
  • Page 62: Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers ns & If you have any questions about using your phone, visit us at customercare anytime. As further help we have listed below some frequently asked questions and answers. Problem Possible causes Possible solution Phone cannot On/Off key not pressed long Press On/Off key for at least two seconds.
  • Page 63 Questions & Answers Problem Possible causes Possible solution No network Weak signal. Move higher, to a window or an open space. connection. Outside GSM range. Check service provider's coverage area. Invalid SIM card. Complain to the service provider. New network not authorized. Try manual selection or select a different network (p.
  • Page 64 If the PUK (MASTER PIN) has been lost, please contact your service provider. Phone code error. Three wrong entries. Contact Siemens Service (p. 64). Service provider- No authorization for this service. Contact your service provider. code error. Too few/too many Functions may have been added or Check with your service provider.
  • Page 65: Customer Care

    Customer Care Simple, straightforward support for technical and operational queries is available from our online support service on the Internet: or in the extended version of the user guide on the CD-ROM in the chapter "Questions & Answers". Abu Dhabi .........0 26 42 38 00 Malta ........+ 35 32 14 94 06 32...
  • Page 66: Specifications

    Specifications Exposure to The design of your phone complies with the FCC guidelines (and those radiofrequency signals standards). For additional informa- tion concerning exposure to radio Your wireless handheld portable frequency signal, see the statement telephone is a low power radio trans- by the FDA at the end of this user mitter and receiver.
  • Page 67: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Your phone has been designed and The suggestions given above apply crafted with great care and attention equally to your phone, battery, ance and should also be treated with care. charger and all accessories. If any of The suggestions below will help you these parts are not working properly, to enjoy your phone for many years.
  • Page 68: Fda

    U.S. FDA been done to address these ques- tions, no clear picture of the biologi- cal effects of this type of radiation has emerged to date. Thus, the avail- able science does not allow us to The U.S. Food and Drug conclude that mobile phones are ab- Administration's (FDA) Center solutely safe, or that they are unsafe.
  • Page 69 U.S. FDA How much evidence is there that hand- ty of mobile phones. This research held mobile phones might be harmful? has resulted in two findings in partic- ular that merit additional study: Briefly, there is not enough evidence to know for sure, either way; howev- 1.
  • Page 70 U.S. FDA 2. Researchers conducted a large Two other studies of interest have battery of laboratory tests to assess been reported recently in the litera- the effects of exposure to mobile ture: phone RF on genetic material. These • Two groups of 18 people were ex- included tests for several kinds of ab- posed to simulated mobile phone normalities, including mutations,...
  • Page 71 U.S. FDA and industry, to assure that research called a case-control study. The cur- is undertaken to provide the neces- rent case-control study of brain can- sary answers to the outstanding cers by the National Cancer Institute, questions about the safety of mobile as well as the follow-up research to phones.
  • Page 72 U.S. FDA • Cooperate in providing mobile hand-held mobile phones could con- phone users with the best possible sider holding lengthy conversations information on what is known on conventional phones and reserv- about possible effects of mobile ing the hand-held models for shorter phone use on human health.
  • Page 73 U.S. FDA • World Health Organization (WHO) International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (select Qs & As): • United Kingdom, National Radio- logical Protection Board: • Cellular Telecommunications In- ternet Association (CTIA): • U.S. Food and Drug Administra- tion (FDA) Center for devices and Radiological Health:
  • Page 74: Fcc/industry Canada Notice

    FCC/Industry Canada Notice ustry Your phone may cause TV or radio in- terference (for example, when using a telephone in close proximity to re- ceiving equipment). The FCC or In- dustry Canada can require you to stop using your telephone if such in- terference cannot be eliminated.
  • Page 75: Ten Driving Safety Tips

    Whether you choose an installed mounted device for your phone or a speaker phone accessory, take advantage of these devices if Your Siemens wireless phone gives they are available to you. you the power to communicate by Position your phone within easy reach.
  • Page 76 Ten Driving Safety Tips Dial sensibly and assess the traffic. Use your phone to help others in emer- gencies. If possible, place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into Your wireless phone provides you a traffic. Try to plan your calls before perfect opportunity to be a "good you begin your trip, or attempt to co- Samaritan"...
  • Page 77: Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property shall remain with Siemens, its affiliates, partners or suppliers. Siemens will have no liability with re- spect to any claim of patent infringe- ment which is based upon the com- bination of the Product or parts...
  • Page 78: Index

    Index Camera ........55 Addressbook....... 32 Car Kit.........49 Agenda........52 Care of phone ......66 Aircraft mode ......51 CB services ........36 Alarm ......... 54 Cell Broadcast (CB) ......36 appointment......52 Charging battery ......17 switch off ....... 52 Command (voice command) ..56 Alarm clock.........
  • Page 79 Organizer........52 Hide ID ........45 Highlighting mode...... 29 Phone (settings)......45 Hold call ........25 Phone barring ......48 Hotline Siemens ......64 Phone code .........21 HTTP profile........ 42 Phone identity number (IMEI)..46 Phonebook .........31 Icons .......... 14 Identity number (IMEI)....46 change........21...
  • Page 80 Index Send via........60 Service numbers (Siemens)..64 T9 text input .......27 Set clock........46 Tasks ..........52 Set date/time ......46 Technical data......65 Set ring tone....... 44 Text blocks........27 Set time/date ......46 Time zones .........46 Settings ........43 display ........

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