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Safety Precautions - Samsung AC160C Owner's Instructions Manual

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Safety Precautions

The following safety precautions must be taken into account when using this product.
Do not place this product in places where it will come into contact with
combustible gases such as sulfuric gas, hydrogen gas, methane gas, etc.
Do not place this product in places that are exposed to direct sunlight,
near heating equipments and wet places.
When using this product, do not bend the wire excessively
or place a heavy object on it. The wire may be disconnected or
Avoid using inflammable spray gases such as insecticides near
this product.
Prevent children from inserting their fingers or objects into the air inlet
and outlet.
Do not attempt to repair this product by yourself. If the
product needs repairing, consult with an authorized service personnel.
Do not use this product on surfaces that are not even or slant.
This may cause the malfunction or make a strange noise due to
Make sure that the product is used in a location that ensures enough
space(at least 5 cm) in front of the air inlet.
Make sure that there are no obstacles near the air inlet and
outlet of the product.
If a strange noise, burning smell or smoke come from the product,
disconnect the power supply immediately and consult with an
authorized service personnel.
Do not use this product except purifying air.
Do not spill any kind of liquids into the product.
Do not place containers containing liquid substances on the top of the
Do not apply excessive impact on the product.
When using this product in a closed area that combustible fuels are
fired, make sure to ventilate the air occasionally.
Do not use the product in places that have a high temperature and
humidity level, such as a bathroom or a sauna.
Before cleaning or repairing the product, make sure that the power
supply is disconnected and the fan is stopped.
Do not use substances such as benzene, thinner or alcohol to clean
the surface of the product.
Do not open the front panel when the product is in operation.
When drying the washable filters, do not expose it to direct sunshine.
The powerful sunshine may affect the transformation of the filter case.
Do not touch the Washable Filter Section with wet hands because the
user may be received an electric shock. This is especially true for the
Washable Filter Section where a high voltage current flow.


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