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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Samsung AC-B90AVWA/HC

  • Page 1 08000-7267864 16580 ALGERIA 3004 (Toll Free) IRAN 021-8255 SAUDI ARABIA 800 247 3457 (800 24/7 HELP) PAKISTAN 0800-Samsung (72678) TUNISIA 80-1000-12 800-SAMSUNG U.A.E (800 - 726 7864) 800-SAMSUNG OMAN (English) (800 - 726 7864)
  • Page 2 Air purifier User manual AC-B90AVWA/HC • Imagine the possibilities • Thank you for purchasing this Samsung product. ACR Alps_IB(2015)_EN_DB68-05435A-02.indd 25 2015-09-14 오후 1:50:23...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents PREPARATION Safety precautions Before using the product Using the filter / Accessories / Product specifications Name of the parts Main body / Display and buttons OPERATION Basic operations Turning the power on/off / Fan speed / Turbo mode / Virus doctor mode Timer function / Lock function / Filter reset function / Checking the air cleanness CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Cleaning and maintenance...
  • Page 4: Preparation

    PREPARATION Safety precautions These safety precautions are for owner’s safety and preventions of property damage. Therefore, please read this manual thoroughly before using your product. WARNING Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in severe personal injury or death. CAUTION Hazards or unsafe practices that may result in minor personal injury or property damage.
  • Page 5 CAUTION The appliance should be installed in a place where the power cord of the product can be easily pulled out. • Failure to do so may result in electric shock or fire due to electric leakage. Install your appliance on a level and hard floor that can support its weight. •...
  • Page 6 Plug the power plug into the wall socket firmly. Do not use a damaged power plug, damaged power cord or loose wall socket. • Failure to do so may result in electric shock or fire. When unplugging the product, do not pull the power cord. Grip the power plug, and then pull the power plug.
  • Page 7 Do not unplug the appliance during operation. • When plugging the appliance in again, flame may occur and it may result in electric shock or fire. When a repair is needed, contact the service center. • Failure to do so may result in a product malfunction, water leakage, electric shock or fire.
  • Page 8 Do not place an object near the product that makes it possible for children to climb onto the machine. • The child could fall and injure themselves or the product may fall over and injure the child. If water has entered the power supply module, unplug the power cable and dry the product completely before use.
  • Page 9 Do not tilt or turn the product upside down while the product is connected to the wall outlet. • Failure to do so may result in a malfunction or fire. Do not spray volatile material such as insecticide onto the product. •...
  • Page 10: Before Using The Product

    Before using the product 1 Using the Integrated filter Before using the product for the first time and when replacing the Integrated filter, make sure to remove the plastic packaging of the filter. f This product consists 2 sets of filters (upper and lower part) that are composed of the same type.
  • Page 11: Using The Filter / Accessories / Product Specifications

    Using the filter f If you operate the air purifier without f Deodorization function of the air purifier the filters, air purification performance is effective when air is penetrates will decrease. through the filter. Therefore when there's excessive odor in your room, f New filter may smell strange when you ventilate the room first and use the operate the product for the first time...
  • Page 12 For product improvement purposes, design and specifications of the product are subject to change without prior notice. Product dimensions Model name Area coverage (Width × Height × Depth) AC-B90AVWA/HC 360 mm × 1054 mm × 284 mm 93.1 m ENGLISH ACR Alps_IB(2015)_EN_DB68-05435A-02.indd 11 2015-09-14 오후 1:50:19...
  • Page 13: Name Of The Parts

    Name of the parts Main body 06 Handle (at the rear side) 01 Air outlet 07 Air outlet (at the side) 02 Display and buttons 08 Virus doctor 03 Air inlet 09 Integrated filter (Deodorization + 04 PM2.5/PM10 sensor HEPA) 05 Gas sensor 10 Pre filter ENGLISH...
  • Page 14 Display and buttons 01 Fan speed indicator NOTE 02 Particulate matter(PM10), Ultrafine • Particulate matter (PM10): Microscopic particulate matter(PM2.5) level/Timer solid or liquid matter in the atmosphere indicator that is smaller than 10 ㎛ - It's about 1/5th the thickness of a 03 Comprehensive Air-quality indicator human hair.
  • Page 15: Basic Operations

    Basic operations Turning the power on/off f The air purifier turns on with a ringing sound and begins purification. - When you turn on the air purifier, Sensor loading indication will be displayed for 30 seconds and then Comprehensive Air-quality indicator and particulate matter(PM10) level will be displayed.
  • Page 16: Timer Function / Lock Function / Filter Reset Function / Checking The Air Cleanness

    Turbo mode Use this mode to purify the air in strong and fast manner. f Air purifier will purify the air at maximum fan speed for 30 minutes. f When Turbo mode is done, the air purifier will operate in a previously selected fan speed. f If you select Turbo mode when the product is operating with fan speed selected at Sleep, Turbo mode will begin and Sleep indicator will be off.
  • Page 17 Lock function You can lock the buttons to prevent the button from being pressed unwillingly, or by children. f Press the [ ] button for over 3 seconds. You will hear "Beep" and the buttons will be locked. f When buttons are locked, all the buttons will not work. f You cannot set the Lock function when the product is operating with fan speed selected at Sleep.
  • Page 18 Checking the air cleanness NOTE • Surrounding environment (near Press the [ ] button. construction site, streets, in a room f Comprehensive Air- where it is being vacuumed, or near quality will be displayed fabric sofa etc.) could affect the in 5 levels of colors particulate matter(PM10)/ultrafine particulate matter(PM2.5) level.
  • Page 19 • Level of the Comprehensive Air-quality K For example, Comprehensive Air-quality depends on particulate matter(PM10), will be "Lightly Polluted" (Yellow) when ultrafine particulate matter(PM2.5) the particulate matter(PM10) level is and gas pollution level. Therefore, at 10(㎍/m ), and ultrafine particulate comprehensive Air-quality level can be matter(PM2.5) level at 40(㎍/m ), and...
  • Page 20: Cleaning And Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the exterior of the air purifier Cleaning and replacing the filter f Dip a towel in warm water and wring it Removing the filter out before using it to clean the product. f Use a cotton swab or exclusive cleaning (superfine fiber) cloth to clean the groove.
  • Page 21 Cleaning the Pre filter Assembling the filters 1 Clean with running water f If dust on the filter is heavy, clean it with warm water mixed with neutral detergent . 1 Put the Integrated filter ♴ 2 Dry completely in shade Replacing the Integrated filter 2 Put the Pre filter f Insert the hooks on the grooves at the...
  • Page 22 • You can purchase a new filter from a on and notified you when it’s time to nearby Samsung Electronics service replace the filter. However, if the filter center. is too dirty, or if it smells, or if you...
  • Page 23: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Refer to the following chart if the air purifier operates abnormally. This may save time and unnecessary expenses. Problem Solution • Check if the power is on and try to turn on the air purifier again. • Check if the power plug is connected properly and turn on the air Product is not purifier again.
  • Page 24 Problem Solution • Check the sensors for any foreign substances and clean them if Comprehensive necessary. Air-quality • In winter season if you operate the product immediately after indicator is fixed product was delivered, dew may form on the sensor due to on red.

Table of Contents