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Solving Common Problems - Samsung AC160C Owner's Instructions Manual

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Solving Common Problems

Before contacting the after-sales service, perform the following simple checks.
This may prevent you from making an unnecessary call and wasting your time and money.
The air cleaner does not
The air cleaner stops its
operation abruptly.
Unpleasant odors can be
detected coming from the
air cleaner.
The brightness of the control
part is too dim.
The air in the room still feels
The Clean Level indicator blinks.
indicator blinks.
Check for a power failure.
Check that the power plug is plugged in tightly.
Check that the power outlet is not of a poor quality.
Check that the front panel is closed properly.
Check whether the front panel was opened during operation.
Press the Power button if you wish to restart the air cleaner.
Check that the air cleaner is used in places that have
a high level of odor permeating contaminants in the air.
The air cleaner cannot fully function in an environment where the
level of contamination is too high.
Check whether the dirty filters are in the front panel.
Check whether the air cleaner operates in the Sleep mode.
In the Sleep Mode, the control part automatically diminishes its
brightness to ensure a comfortable sleeping setting.
Check whether the filters in the Washable Filter Section and the
Photocatalyst filter have been cleaned and replaced regularly.
Check that there are no additional contaminants entering the room
through open windows and doors.
Contact the service center when the sensor senses contaminants
Contact the service center when the fan motor operates improperly.


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