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Philips 32PFL7406 Series User Manual Page 22

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A prompt asks if you want to lock adult
5. To lock adult services, select [Lock], then
press OK.
To leave adult services unlocked, select
[Leave unlocked], then press OK.
6. To lock, enter a 4-digit code, then press
7. Re-enter the 4-digit code, then press OK.
The Net TV start page is displayed.
Access Net TV Applications (Apps)
The first page shown is the Net TV home
page. The icons on this page represent the
applications (Apps).
Browse Internet websites with the
Internet Apps.
Press the Navigation buttons to select
an App, then press OK to confirm.
Read the Net TV quick guide for more
Access the App Gallery to add more
Apps to your home screen.
You can change country settings and
select Apps from other countries.
Access website
1. Select an Internet App, then press OK.
2. Use the Numeric buttons on the TV
remote control to enter a web address.
To return to the Net TV home page, press
Onscreen keyboard
Select the area to enter the web address,
then press OK.
A keyboard appears on the screen.
Use this to enter a web address.
Clear Net TV memory
Warning: This option resets Net TV
You can clear the Net TV memory
completely, including your favourites, the
parental control code, passwords, cookies
and history.
1. Press .
2. Select [Setup] > [Network settings].
3. Select [Clear Net TV memory], then
press OK.
OPTIONS to select the following:
[Remove App]
[Lock App]
[Unlock App]
[Move App]
Show remote control
Keys such as play , rewind
can be called up with [Show
remote control].
OPTIONS and select [Show
remote control]. Use the onscreen keys to
operate the connected audio or video
Select a key and press OK to carry out its
function. Press
to hide the onscreen keys.
Select P+ and P- to scroll up and down on a
web page.
Zoom page
To zoom in and out on an Internet page,
OPTIONS and select [Zoom
page]. Use the slider bar to set the
To scroll through an Internet page, use the
Navigation buttons to jump from highlight
to highlight.
Reload page
If a page does not load correctly, reload it.
OPTIONS and select [Reload
Security info
To view security information about a page,
OPTIONS and select [Security
and fast


Table of Contents

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