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Philips 32PFL7406 Series User Manual Page 28

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If your TV remote control does not have a
and select [Programme guide].
1. Press
2. With the current TV programme selected,
OPTIONS and select [Record].
The TV sets the end time of the recording
to the end of the programme.
3. Select [Schedule]and press OK to start
To stop recording immediately, press
While recording, you cannot switch TV
While recording, you cannot pause the
TV broadcast.
Schedule a recording
You can schedule a recording of an
upcoming programme for today or a few
days from today (maximum of 8 days away).
1. To schedule a recording, press
select [Programme guide]. On the
programme guide page, select the channel
and programme that you wish to record.
Press the right or left navigation buttons
to scroll through programmes. You can
also enter the channel number to select
the channel in the list.
To change the date, select the date at
the top of the page and press OK.
Select the date you want and press OK.
2. Select the programme, press
OPTIONS, and select [Record].
3. If needed, adjust the recording time to
add a buffer at the end of the programme.
Select [Schedule] and press OK. The
programme is scheduled for recording.
A warning displays automatically when
overlapping recordings are scheduled.
If you plan to record a programme during
your absence, remember to switch the TV
to standby and keep the USB hard disk
switched on.
Set a timed recording
To manually set a recording that is not linked
to any programme:
1. From the programme guide page, press
press OK.
2. Set the channel, date and time span in the
dialogue box.
3. Select [Schedule] and press OK.
Programme information
To view more information on a programme,
select the programme from the programme
guide and press OK. Depending on the
status of this programme, you can start
watching it, schedule its recording, play back
the recording, or delete the recording from
this page.
Manage recordings
List of recordings
To view the list of recordings and scheduled
recordings, select the [TV Recording]
button at the top of the programme guide
and press OK.
Note: The [TV Recording] button changes
to [{0} Recordings]after the TV recordings
are made. The number in front of the
button indicates how many recordings have
been made.
At this page, you can:
Watch a recording
Select a recording from the recording list
and press OK. The playback of the recording
You can use the
remote control to control play.
Delete a recording
To delete an existing recording:
1. Select the recording in the list and press
2. Select [Delete recording] and press OK.
OPTIONS, select [Manual record], and
select a recording to watch,
delete a recording,
schedule a timed recording not linked
to a specific TV programme,
cancel a scheduled recording, or
check the remaining hard disk space.
(pause) or
(stop) keys on the


Table of Contents

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