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  • Page 1: Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual Colour Television FS-59V81S FS-68V81S...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important safeguards Before Operation Connecting external equipment Identification of Controls Daily use Menus Specifications Service Centres...
  • Page 3: Important Safeguards

    Important safeguards WATER AND MOISTURE Never install the set in the following places : In a wet basement, bathroom. Do not place any container with liquid on the set. HEAT Never place the set near heat sources. VENTILATION Do not cover the ventilation openings in the cabinet and never place the set in a confined space such as a bookcase or built-in unless proper ventilation is provided.
  • Page 4: Before Operation

    Before Operation Battery options INSERTING BATTERIES INTO THE REMOTE CONTROL UNIT Insert the batteries (two 1.5V, type AA) MAINS CONNECTION Plug the mains cable into the power socket with 240V/50Hz AC. AERIAL CONNECTION When using an outdoor aerial, it is usually connected to the set by means of 75 ohm.
  • Page 5: Connecting External Equipment

    Connecting external equipment When connecting to external equipment, please ensure you turn the main switch OFF to prevent any damage to the equipment. TV AND AV Use the TV/VIDEO button on the remote control or on the front of the set to select one of the three options.
  • Page 6 HEADPHONE JACK Insert the headphone plug(3,5mm) into the headphone socket. The sound from the speaker will be cut off. VIDEO GAME CAMCORDER INPUT2 (RCA JACK) Connect the AV (Audio/Video) socket with an appropriate cable to the corresponding socket of the external equipment. Select AV2 mode by pressing the TV/VIDEO button.
  • Page 7: Identification Of Controls

  • Page 8 REMOTE CONTROL 1 OPERATE 2 NUMBER 0-9 3 PICTURE/OK 4 TV/VIDEO 5 CH (CURSOR)UP 6 VOLUME UP (CURSOR RIGHT) 7 MENU 8 CH(CURSOR) DOWN 9 VOLUME DOWN(CURSOR LEFT) 10 MUTE 11 RECALL 12 SLEEP 13 MOVE(Edit mode only) 14 SKIP(Edit mode only) 15 DELETE(Edit mode only) 16 MODE(Sound Mode Change)
  • Page 9: Daily Use

    DAILY USE PROGRAMME SELECTION Direct selection Use remote control NUMBER 0…9 buttons. For two digits programme numbers, press the button for the second digit within 2.5 seconds. Up/Down moves Use CH UP/DOWN buttons of the remote control unit or on the front of the set. SOUND CONTROL Volume adjustment Use VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons of the remote...
  • Page 10 PICTURE CONTROL You can choose between three picture settings, PICTURE/OK using repeatedly remote control PICTURE/OK button : Normal I (standard hard picture) Normal II (standard soft picture) Favourite (you can adjust picture setting as you want, using Picture menu). For other adjustments : Brightness, contrast, colour, sharpness, see Picture menu.
  • Page 11: Menus

    Menus MAIN MENU Menu display will disappear after 25 seconds. Direct selection PICTURE SOUND Press remote control MENU button to display MENU main menu. FEATURES INSTALL Then, you have the choice between several sub- menus . If you want to cancel immediately main menu, MENU press MENU button once more.
  • Page 12: Volume Up

    PICTURE MENU Select and adjust the level of each function : PICTURE BRIGHT. CONTRAST BRIGHT. COLOUR CONTRAST COLOUR SHARP. SHARP. Adjusted values are automatically stored in the favourite mode. SOUND MENU Select and adjust the level of each function : SOUND VOLUME BASS...
  • Page 13 FEATURES MENU FORMAT FEATURES Picture format selection. Select picture format between : FORMAT 4 : 3 - 4/3: normal size CHILD LOCK CLOCK 00 : 00 - 16/9: 16/9 size WAKE TIME - Zoom : expanded picture. WAKE PR CHILD LOCK Child lock prevent the use of the TV set without remote control unit.
  • Page 14 INSTALL MENU INSTALL AUTO SETUP Automatic Tuning system. AUTO SETUP EDIT EDIT CHANNEL C 49 Programme list edition. FREQ 720,01 NAME ----- CHANNEL PROGRAM Channel number. STORE TO FREQ Channel Frequency. NAME Channel name. PROGRAM Programme number. STORE TO Programme storage number. EDIT MENU EDIT Programme number.
  • Page 15: Delete(Edit Mode Only)

    AUTOMATIC TUNING SYSTEM Automatic Tuning System Select "AUTO SETUP" function. PICTURE/OK Press remote control button "PICTURE/OK" button for more than 3 seconds to start the automatic tuning. When automatic tuning is finished, recorded programmes are displayed on screen. PROGRAMME LIST EDITION Using the Edit Menu, you can easily modify the programme listing.
  • Page 16 Channels order changing Select the programme to move using remote control CURSOR UP/ DOWN buttons. Press the remote control PICTURE/OK button : the programme appears on red and can be moved to another place using remote control CURSOR UP/ DOWN buttons. PICTURE/OK When required position is reached, confirm this new position pressing the remote control...
  • Page 17 Fine Tuning If you are unable to get a good picture or sound because of a poor broadcasting signal, it is possible to fine tune a signal. Select channel frequency ("FREQ.") function. Press and release the remote control CURSOR RIGHT/LEFT buttons to fine tune a signal. Enter station name Select "NAME"...
  • Page 18: Specifications

    FS-59V81S : 113W FS-68V81S : 118W Sound Ouput Power 5W+5W(60% MOD. at 1KHz THD. 10%) Dimensions(WxHxD) FS-59V81S : 646 x 501 x 448mm, 26.5Kg &Weigt FS-68V81S : 730 x 560 x 496mm, 36.5Kg Screen size FS-59V81S : 59Cm FS-68V81S : 68Cm...
  • Page 19: Service Centres

    Western Australia Perth 45 Sarich Court, Osborne Park 6017 (08)9445 5901 For Service in outer areas, please contact your NEC retailer for the address of the nearest Authorized NEC Service Centre. NEC Australia Pty. Ltd. 244 Beecroft Road EPPING 2121 Tel.

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