Owner's Manual
Model Year 2010
Edition: June 2009
TS 1578-A-10
Operation, Safety, Maintenance

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    VAUXHALL Meriva Owner’s Manual Model Year 2010 Edition: June 2009 TS 1578-A-10 Operation, Safety, Maintenance...

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    Data specific to your vehic le Please enter your vehic le’s data here to keep it easily ac cessible. This da ta can be found under the sections " Technical Data" and “S ervice and m aintenance” as well as on the identifica tion plate. Fuel Des ignation Engine oil...

  • Page 3: In Brief

    Vauxhall genuine parts a nd acces- safety, environmental friend liness and sories). economy . z Its index will help you find what you want.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Our ai m: to k eep you happy with your slide and tilt sunroof ......24 vehicle. All Vauxhall Authorised Repairers S eats, Interior .......... 42 offer first-class serv ice a t competitiv e Instrum ents, Controls ..

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    In Brief In Brief To unlock th e vehicle: Press To adjust fron t seat leg roo m: Pull button handle, slide seat, release handle Open the door by pulling on the door S eats 3 42, Sea t position 3 43. ha ndle.

  • Page 7

    In Brief To adjust front seat backrests: To adjust front seat height : Pull Head restraint height of front an d Turn handwh eel lever rear outer seats: Tip h ead restraint forward to release, hold Do not lean on sea t backrest whilst Lift lever and reliev e some weight from seat and adjust height, engage adjusting it.

  • Page 8

    In Brief Extend the seat belt and clip it To adjust interior mirror by Use the lever to move the exterior into the buc kle swivelling mirrors in the appropriate direction The seat belt must not b e twisted and m ust Swivel lev er 3 on underside of mirror lie snugly a gainst the body.

  • Page 9

    In Brief Adjust exterior mirrors Steering wheel adju stment electrically Swivel lever down, adjust height, swivel lever up, engage Select the mirror to be adjusted using the rocker switch a nd adjust using the four- Ad just steering wheel only when vehicle is way sw itc h.

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    In Brief...

  • Page 11

    17 Brake pedal ....3 133, 3 149 and rear wind ow Vauxhall alarm system 3 .....3 32 18 C lutch pedal 3 ......3 133 washer sy stem 3 ....3 10, 3 98 Heated seats 3 ..

  • Page 12

    In Brief Control indicato rs Eng ine oi l pressure, Brake system, clutch system 3, 3 82. 3 83. S ea t belt 3 , 3 80. Turn signal l amps, Anti-lock Brak e S ystem 3 , 3 9, 3 82. 3 150.

  • Page 13

    In Brief Exterio r lights Headlamp flash, main beam and Turn sign als dipped beam Rotate Right Stalk upwa rd s Head la mp flash Pull stalk towards Left Stalk d ow nwa rd s steering wheel Parking lamps Turn signal la mps 3 101. Main bea m Push stalk forwards Dipped or main beam...

  • Page 14: Hazard Warning Lamps

    In Brief Hazard warning lamps Horn: Press Win dscreen wipers O perated with the ¨ button. Airba g system 3 3 65, Steering wheel & Fast remote control 3 3 109. Slow Haza rd warning lamps 3 102. Timed interval wipe §...

  • Page 15: Exterior Mirrors

    In Brief Operating windscreen and Rear window wiper and washer Heated rear window, h eated headlamp washer systems system exterior mirrors Pull stalk towards steering wheel O perated with the Ü button. Wiper on Push stalk forwa rd s The w ip ers will swipe for a few strokes. Wiper off Pull stalk towards C lim ate control 3 112, H eated rear window...

  • Page 16: Control System

    In Brief To clear fogged or icy windows To set automatic mode of c limate Man ual transmission control system Turn rotary switch for tem perature and air Reverse gear: With vehicle sta tionary, wait volume, for air flow also press V,for air 3 seconds a fter d epressing the clutch, then Press AUTO button, select temperature conditioning system 3: button n, climate...

  • Page 17

    In Brief Before starting off, check z Tyre pressure and ty re condition 3 153, 3 223. z Engine oil lev el and fluid levels 3 204 to 3 211. z All windows, mirrors, ex terior lighting and number plates a re free from dirt, snow and ice and opera tional.

  • Page 18

    In Brief Parkin g the vehicle z Alw ays apply the hand brak e w ithout pressing the release button. O n an incline, apply as tight as possible. To reduce activation force, depress foot brake at the sam e time. z Switch off engine and ignition.

  • Page 19

    30 seconds before switching off in order to protect the turbocharger 3. Remote control 3 26, central locking system 3 28, Vauxhall alarm system 3 3 32, laying the vehicle up for a long period of time 3 212.

  • Page 20

    In Brief Flexible Seat System (FlexSpace) The b ack seat of your vehicle has three seats or, with the centre seat lowered, two seats with max imum seating space. The outer seats can be lowered to obtain a lev el loading surface.

  • Page 21

    In Brief The b ackrest can engage in several positions. In ad dition, the back rest can be folded all the wa y down to the seat when extending the lug gage compartment. Warning To prevent injuries, alway s hold b ack seat b ackrest firmly and guide downward w hen folding .

  • Page 22: Airbag System

    In Brief Config uration 2 wit h two rear seats, w ith Low er out board seats Airbag system ma xim um sea ting spa ce z Pull seat belt from belt guide at backrest. The airbag system consists of sev eral z Lower centre seat.

  • Page 23

    In Brief Sid e a irbag system 3 Curtai n airbag system 3 Active head restraints on front The side airb ag is trigg ered in the ev ent of In the event of a side-on collision, the seats a side-on collision to form a safety cushion curtain a irba g system triggers and In the ev ent of a rear-end im pact, the for the driver or front passeng er in the...

  • Page 24: Travel Assistant, Information Display

    In Brief Travel Assistant Di sm antling the Tr avel Assistant Operating m enu s via the z Press lower button on the information display The Trav el Assistant contains Travel Assista nt. z Arm rest. Menu op tions are selected using menus z Pull Travel Assistant upwards out of and using the b uttons/four-wa y button or z Tray .

  • Page 25: Trip Computer

    In Brief Ü Board Computer 19,5° 19:36 BC 1 All values BC 2 257.0 miles Timer Ø gals 8 8 8 8 Ø 31.0 Selection using multifunction knob 3: To select w ith steering wheel buttons 3 Trip computer rotate a nd press multifunction knob. Select menu options via the menus and the Functions: buttons.

  • Page 26: Ultrasonic Parking Sensors 3

    In Brief Steering wheel remote c ontrol Rear seat au dio system Ultrasonic parking sensors The functions of the infotainment system Tw in Audio allows rear seat occupa nts the When rev erse gear is selected, the p arking and the information display can be choice between the audio source p layed on sensor switches itself on automatically .

  • Page 27: Adaptive Forward Lighting

    In Brief The lamp beam projects at a 90° a ngle to the left or right of the vehicle up to a distance of approx. 30 m etres. Rev ersi ng function Turning the lights on, selecting reverse gear a nd activating the turn signal activates the cornering light for the relev ant side.

  • Page 28: Replacement Keys

    Tailgate ..........vehicle d ata and should therefore be k ept Vauxhall alarm system a safe place. Child safety locks ........ .

  • Page 29

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof If control indica tor A illuminates after the eng ine has started, there is a fault in the eng ine electronic s or transmission electronics 3 3 81, 3 131, 3 141 or there is water in the d iesel fuel filter 3 3 207.

  • Page 30: Radio Remote Control

    Used to op erate: z Central locking system , z Mechanical anti-theft locking system 3, z Vauxhall ala rm system 3 . In vehicles with electric windows in all doors 3, the radio rem ote control can be used to closed the windows.

  • Page 31

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof Fault K ey with fix ed key bit, see Fig. 15331 T on If the central locking system cannot be previous pa ge. opera ted with the remote control, it m ay b e Hav e the battery changed in a workshop .

  • Page 32

    Keys, doors, windows, slide and tilt sunroof When the mechanical anti-theft locking sy stem 3 is enabled, the doors cannot be unlocked by pulling up the lock buttons. Country -specific version 3: pressing once unlocks the driver’s door, a nd pressing twice unlocks the entire vehicle.

  • Page 33

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof Within 10 seconds of locking, press the Fault p b utton on the remote control aga in. If the central locking cannot be operated, this can be for one of the following reasons: The m echanical anti-theft locking system is switched off when the vehicle is unlocked.

  • Page 34

    Keys, doors, windows, slide and tilt sunroof Malfunc tion in central loc king system To unl oc k Turn key c lock wise in driver’s door lock, return to the vertical position and remove. The driver’s door is unlocked. The other doors can b e unlocked by pulling the interior lock buttons (not possible if the anti-theft lock ing sy stem is enabled 3 ).

  • Page 35

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof To open To close To lock The tailga te is opened by pulling on the Close the tailgate using the handle on the Press button p on radio remote control. button in the handle recess. inside of the tailgate.

  • Page 36: Vauxhall Alarm System

    10 seconds. 3. Close doors. 4. Activate the Vauxhall a larm sy stem. The LED lights up. After approx. 10 seconds, the system is activa ted. The LED flashes until the sy stem is deactivated .

  • Page 37

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof After the first 10 second s of Vauxhall alarm sy stem activation: z LED flashes = S ystem sw itc hed on, slow ly z LED comes on for = S witch-off function.

  • Page 38: Child Safety Locks

    Exterior mirro rs button on the rem ote control or by Adjust manually with the lever in the front switching on the ignition. The Vauxhall Warning door or electrically 3 with the switch in the alarm system is dea ctiv ated at the same driver’s door console.

  • Page 39

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof Adj ust exterior mi rrors el ect ricall y 3 To ret ract exter ior mirr or s For the safety of pedestrians, the ex terior Select the mirror to be adjusted using the Manua l: The exterior m irrors c an b e folded mirrors will swing out of their norm al rocker switch a nd adjust using the four-...

  • Page 40

    Keys, doors, windows, slide and tilt sunroof Heated exter ior mirror s 3 On vehicles with electronic climate control Interio r mirror Heating is activated or dea ctivated by Ü appears on the climate control d isplay . S wivel m irror housing to adjust. pressing the Ü...

  • Page 41: Electric Windows

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof Electric windows Warning Take care when operating the electric windows. Risk of injury , pa rticularly to children. If there are children on the rear sea t, switch on the child safety system 3 for the electric windows.

  • Page 42

    Keys, doors, windows, slide and tilt sunroof O per ation Child sa fety system for r ear window s 3 C losi ng window s 3 from out sid e To opera te window in stages, tap Switch between the rocker sw itc hes in the O n vehicles with electric windows in all appropriate switch.

  • Page 43

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof O verload If the windows a re repeatedly operated at short intervals, the power sup ply is briefly cut off. Fault If the windows cannot be opened and closed a utoma tica lly , activ ate the wind ow electronics as follows: 1.

  • Page 44

    Keys, doors, windows, slide and tilt sunroof Front r oof (slid ing sun roof) Left roc ker switch l and \ between the sun visors. Operable when the ig nition is To op en: Press button I , sun roof opens. To stop the movement, press button a gain.

  • Page 45

    Keys, doo rs, windows, slide an d tilt sunroof Sun shade To red uce the sunlight in the interior with the sliding roof closed or raised. O pen or close sun shad e as required. When the sun roof is opened, the sun shad e is also op ened.

  • Page 46

    Seats, Interior Seats, Interior Front sea ts .......... . Head restraints ........Armrest 3 ..........Travel Assistant 3 ...

  • Page 47

    Seats, Interior Adj usti ng the seat hei ght 3 Adjusting t he lum bar supp ort 3 Seat position Lift front side lever and relieve som e weight Turn side ha nd wheel on backrest w hile from seat to ra ise it or press down on seat reliev ing the load on the backrest.

  • Page 48: Head Restraints

    Seats, Interior z Sit with your shoulders a s far b ack against the b ackrest as possible. Set the backrest rake so that you can easily reach the steering wheel with y our arm s slightly bent. Maintain contact between your shoulders and the backrest w hen turning the steering w heel.

  • Page 49

    Seats, Interior Adj usti ng the rear centre hea d restraint Hea d rest raint p osi tion Act ive head restraint s 3 on front sea ts Pull head restraint upwa rd s, press springs In the ev ent of a rear-end im pact, the Warning and push head restra int d ow n.

  • Page 50

    Seats, Interior Remov ing Armrest Travel Assistan t Press and release the two c atches. Pull and Armrest at d river’s seat The Tra vel Assistant contains rem ov e the head restraint. Push raised arm rest backwa rd against z Arm rest, resistance and fold down.

  • Page 51

    Seats, Interior Instal ling The Travel Assistant Fold Trav el Assistant down and audibly Arm rest Low er centre seat 3 52. engage in front recesses. The arm rest can be m oved and therefore ada pted to the position of the outboard Insert Travel Assista nt in rear recesses on Warning seats.

  • Page 52

    Seats, Interior Tray Dr ink holder Disma nt ling the Trav el Assista nt There is a tray b eneath the armrest. O pen Open drink holder on front by pressing Press low er button on the Trav el Assistant. tray by pushing up per button.

  • Page 53

    Seats, Interior Pull Travel Assistant upwards out of Rear seats Ad just back rest rake of rear outb oard recesses. seats Slidi ng outboard rear sea ts front-rear Grasp bac krest, pull handle at outboard The rea r outboard seats can be There is a carrying handle on the ba ck to side of seat and guid e backrest, unloaded, indiv idua lly adjusted front-rear.

  • Page 54

    Seats, Interior Flexible Seat System (FlexSpace) Warning The rea r seat row on the Meriva can be fitted with three seats in configuration 1, or To prevent injuries, alway s hold b ack two seats with maxim um seating space in seat b ackrest firmly and guide configuration 2.

  • Page 55: Luggage Compartment Extension

    Seats, Interior Luggage compartment extension To increase the size of the lugg age compartment you can z fold down the outboard rear sea t back rests, z lower the midd le seat, z lower the folded outboard seats, z fold down the passeng er seat back rest 3, see following instructions.

  • Page 56

    Seats, Interior Grasp the b ackrest, p ull the handle a t the Fold the cent re seat forw ard a nd lower. Ra ise centre seat outboard side of the seat and fold the House centre seat belt in the holder in the Pull release handle on the back of the back rest onto the seat.

  • Page 57

    Seats, Interior Rai se outboa rd sea ts Pull release handle on b ack of bac krest and pull sea t upward until it engag es. Pull hand le on outboard side of rear seat and m ov e rear seat b ackrest upright. Release handle and latch.

  • Page 58: Safety Net

    Seats, Interior Remov ing Safety net Hook the net straps into slots on the outer O pen cover, disengag e toward the rear seat brack et of the front sea ts and tighten. The safety net can be mounted behind the and remove from above.

  • Page 59: Bag Hangers

    Seats, Interior Stow age of safety net Lash ing eyes Bag hangers Roll up the removed safety net and secure Lashing ey es are provided to secure There are two retainers on the back of the it with Velcro strip. ob jects against sliding with straps 3 or rear seat bac krests for hanging ca rrier netting 3.

  • Page 60: Notes On Loading The Vehicle

    Seats, Interior z C lose lug gage compartment cover 3 z To calculate the EC kerb weight, enter 3 53. the data for your v ehicle on page 3 221. z If the backrests are not folded down z The EC kerb weight includ es allowances when transporting objects in the for the driver (68 kg ), luggag e (7 kg) and luggage compa rtm ent, they must be...

  • Page 61

    Seats, Interior Three-stage safety system Warning Com prising: The a irb ag system s serve to supp lement z three-point seat belts, the three-point seat belts and belt z belt tensioners at the front seats, tensioners. The seat belts must therefore z airb ag systems for the d riv er and front always be worn.

  • Page 62: Belt Tensioners

    Seats, Interior Checking the seat b el ts Warning From time to time, check operation of a ll seat belt system components and check for Fasten your seat belt before ea ch trip . damage. Ha ve damaged comp onents In the event of an a ccident, persons not replaced.

  • Page 63

    Seats, Interior z The belt tensioner and airbag sy stem Warning control electronics can be found in the centre console area. In order to av oid Have the ca use of the fault rem edied malfunctions, do not store mag netic immed iately by a workshop.

  • Page 64

    Seats, Interior Loose or bulky clothing prevents the b elt from fitting snugly. Do not place objects such as ha nd bags or mobile phones between the belt and y our b od y. Warning The belt m ust not rest against hard or fragile objects in the p ock ets of your clothing .

  • Page 65

    Seats, Interior Height a djustment Rem oving t he b el t Three- point seat belt on c entr e rear seat Adjusting the height of the upper To relea se seat belt, press red button on Pull latch p la tes out of belt retainer in roof. anchorage point of the front sea t belts: belt buck le.

  • Page 66: Restraint Systems

    Seats, Interior Mounting clips for ISOFIX child restraint systems The ISO FIX points for fitting a child seat are located between the seat backrest and the seat surface. Fasten perm itted IS OFIX child restraint systems to the mounting bra ckets. C losely follow the insta lla tion instructions acc om panying the I SO FIX child restraint system.

  • Page 67: Child Restraint System

    Seats, Interior Child restraint system Perm issib le options for fitt ing a chil d safety seat Follow the usa ge instructions for the child Weight and O n front On outb oard seats in O n cent re restraint sy stem. age class passeng er seat the rear seats...

  • Page 68

    The covers of the Vauxhall child restraint position. sy stem can b e wiped clean. = Conditiona l, without side airbag, of...

  • Page 69

    3. The occupancy recognition system deactiva tes the front and side airbags for the p assenger when the seat is unoccupied or a Vauxhall c hild restraint system w ith transponders 3 is fitted to the passenger seat. S eat occupancy recognition 3 70.

  • Page 70

    Seats, Interior When trigg ered , the front airbags inflate in The front airbag sy stem will not be Warning milliseconds to form a safety cushion for triggered in the ev ent of the d riv er and front passenger. The Optimum protection is only provided z the ignition being switched off, forward movement of the front seat...

  • Page 71

    Seats, Interior In addition, the front airb ag sy stem will not be triggered for the front passenger in versions with seat occupancy recognition 3 z the front p assenger seat is unoccupied, z or there is a p roperly m ounted Vaux hall child restra int system with transponders 3.

  • Page 72

    Vauxhall child The side airbags will not b e trig gered in the restraint sy stem with transponders 3 is event of fitted to the passenger seat.

  • Page 73

    Seats, Interior Curt ain airb ag 3 The curtain airbag system will be triggered: When the curtain a irb ag is triggered it The c urtain airbag sy stem consists of an z depending on the severity of the inflates within milliseconds and provides a airbag in the roof frame on each sid e.

  • Page 74

    Vauxhall child restraint system w ith transponders 3 has z collisions involving a side impact outside been fitted to the front pa ssenger seat.

  • Page 75

    Control i nd icator for Va uxhall child restra int systems w ith transponders 3 The presenc e of a Vauxhall c hild restraint sy stem with transponders 3 is ind icated Vehicles with seat oc cup anc y recog nition...

  • Page 76

    Do not place any objects between the z Use only a dry cloth or interior c leaner to If no Vauxhall child restraint system with airbag sy stems and the v ehicle transponders 3 is fitted, the control clean the steering wheel, instrument occupants;...

  • Page 77

    Seats, Interior z The speeds, directions of movement and z The applicable sa fety regulations must z When using a Vauxhall c hild restraint deformation properties of the vehicles, be adhered to when the vehicle is sy stem with transponders 3 on the front and the properties of the obstacle disposed of.

  • Page 78

    Seats, Interior Use of child restrai nt systems 3 on the front p assenger sea t in v ehicl es w ith airb ag system s 3 , but w ithout seat occupa ncy recog ni tion 3 Warning Vehicles with front passeng er airbag 3 without side airbag 3: Child seats facing the rear of the vehicle must not be installed on the front passenger seat,...

  • Page 79

    Seats, Interior The seat occupancy recognition system detects Vauxhall child restraint sy stems with transponders 3 and switches off the front and side airbag system s for the front passenger sea t. The curtain airba g sy stem remains a ctivated. Seat occupancy recognition 3 70.

  • Page 80: Cigarette Lighter

    Seats, Interior Caution Do not dam age the soc ket b y using unsuitable plugs. Do not exceed the maxim um power consum ption of 120 watts. Electrical ac cessories connected to the socket must c om ply with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements laid down in DIN VDE 40 839, otherwise v ehicle malfunctions may oc cur.

  • Page 81

    Seats, Interior Ashtrays To empty , grip b oth sides of the ashtray Rear a sht ray 3 insert a t the spots illustrated a nd pull The ashtray is in the rear c entre console. C aution up wards. To open, pull ashtray towards the ba ck of the vehicle.

  • Page 82: Stowage Compartments

    Seats, Interior Ashtray 3 Stowage compartments Glov e c ompar tment The ashtray ca n be put in the front or rea r To open, pull handle upw ards. Stowa ge compa rtment 3 b eneath of the centre console or in the od dments passenger seat O n the insid e of the glove compartment tray 3.

  • Page 83: Coin Holder

    Seats, Interior Stow age com partm ent for glasses 3 Foldaway tables Coin holder O n driver’s side: fold down to open. These are located in the front seat In the centre console. backrests. Do not store heav y objects in the stowag e Su n visors compartment.

  • Page 84: Instrum Ents, Controls, Lighting

    In struments, Controls Instruments, Controls Control indic ators Control indicators ....... . Seat belt 3 The control indica tors described here are Instrument display ....... C ontrol indicator lights up red. not p resent in all vehicles.

  • Page 85

    In struments, Controls For vehicles with diesel engine, the diesel fuel filter m ay need to be drained of water 3 207. Flashes when the ig nition is on Fault in the electronic immobiliser system ; the engine c annot be started 3 25. Exhaust emi ssion C ontrol indicator lights up and/or flashes yellow.

  • Page 86

    In struments, Controls Turn signal lamp s C ontrol indicator flashes green. The control indicator flashes if a turn signal or the ha zard warning flashers are activa ted. Rapid flashing: failure of a direction indicator lamp or associated fuse. C ha nge bulbs 3 183.

  • Page 87

    In struments, Controls Lights up when the hand brake is released when the fluid lev el for the brake or clutch systems is low 3 209. Warning S top. Do not continue your journey . C onsult a workshop . Flashes O n vehicles with Easytronic 3, control indicator R flashes for a few second s after...

  • Page 88

    In struments, Controls Prehea ting system 3, Diesel p artic le filt er 3 C ontrol indicator lights up and/or flashes yellow. Illuminated Preheating activated. Only activ ates when outside temperatures a re low. Flashes (in vehic les with diesel particle filter) C ontrol indicator ! flashes if the filter requires cleaning and p revious driving conditions did not permit a utoma tic...

  • Page 89

    In struments, Controls In strument display Mil ea ge display If the ignition is off the mileage is displayed Seat oc cupancy recognition 3 In some versions, the indica tors of the for approx. 15 seconds by briefly pressing 3 65, 3 70. instruments briefly rotate to the end the reset knob.

  • Page 90

    In struments, Controls For physical reasons, the engine temperature gauge show s the coolant temperature only if the coolant level is adeq uate. During operation the system is pressurised. The temp erature ma y therefore rise briefly to ov er 100 °C. Coola nt temperat ure d isplay Fuel gauge Coolant temperature disp lay...

  • Page 91

    In struments, Controls Reverse gea r. N eutral. Easy tronic a utoma tic mode. Manual m od e, current gear in Easy tronic. Easy tronic transmission 3 3 127. Servi ce Di sp lay 3 Tr ansm issi on display 3 When the InSP indicator in the odometer Display of current gear or mode with display c om es on, mak e a service...

  • Page 92

    In struments, Controls S om e information appears in the d isplay in an ab breviated form. Ü Board Computer 19,5° 19:36 BC 1 All values 12:01 °C BC 2 257.0 miles Timer 90,6 Ø FM 3 8 8 8 8 gals Ø...

  • Page 93: Outside Temperature

    In struments, Controls Warning C aution: The road surface ma y already be icy ev en though the display indicates a few degrees above 0 °C. 8:56 ° C Slippery road 07.04.2008 -2, 5°C Outside temperature In vehicles with graphical inform ation display 3 or colour information display 3, a A fall in temperature is indica ted warning message Slipp ery road appears...

  • Page 94: Infotainment System

    In struments, Controls Automatic tim e synchronisation 3 The RDS signal of m ost VHF transmitters autom atic ally sets the tim e. This can be identified b y } in the display. Some transmitters do not send a correct [TP] C Din tim e signal.

  • Page 95

    In struments, Controls To sel ect with four-w ay button Selec tion wit h the multifunct ion knob 3 Selecti on using buttons 3 on steering Select menu item s via menus and with the Turn the multifunction knob to highlig ht w heel buttons/four-way button of the menu item s or commands and to select...

  • Page 96

    In struments, Controls 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Settings 19,5° 19:36 Time, Date 19,5° 19:36 [TP] C Din Time, Date 19:36 Time 19:36 Language 90.6 Units 10 . 07 . 2008 Date 10 . 07 . 2008 Contrast Day / Night Synchron.

  • Page 97

    In struments, Controls Autom atic time sy nchronisa tion 3 The R DS signa l of most VHF transm itters automatically sets the time. 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 13 Languages 19,5° 19:36 Settings 19,5° 19:36 Some transmitters do not send a c orrect time sig nal.

  • Page 98

    In struments, Controls Sett ing displ ay m ode 3 Display b rig htness is ind epend ent of vehicle lighting. S ettings are made as 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 follows: Contrast19,5° 19:36 Settings 19,5° 19:36 S elec t menu item Day / Night from the Time, Date Sett ings menu.

  • Page 99

    In struments, Controls Ü Board Computer 19,5° 19:36 BC 1 All values Range miles BC 2 257.0 Range miles 24.0 Timer Aver. Consump. Ø 2 3 m ile s 31.0 Inst. Consumpt. 8 8 8 8 gals Ø 19,5° 19: 36 Graphical information display Range If the fuel in the ta nk will allow less than...

  • Page 100

    In struments, Controls Distance tra velled Display of distance trav elled. The measurement ca n be reset at a ny time. Ü Ü Board Computer 19,5° 19:36 Reset BC 1 19,5° 19:36 Averag e sp eed Display of av erage speed. The BC 1 All values All values...

  • Page 101

    In struments, Controls The desired stop wa tc h display can be selected from the O ptions menu 3: Driv ing Time exc l. St ops Ü Ü Reset BC 1 19,5° 19:36 Board Computer 19,5° 19:36 The tim e the vehicle is in motion is record ed.

  • Page 102: Windscreen Wipers

    In struments, Controls Warning buzzers Ad just able wi pe interval 3 S etting wiper interval to a value between When sta rting t he engine or whil st 2 and 15 seconds: Stalk to timed interval driv ing: wipe $ , stalk to § , wait until wiping z If seat belt is not fastened 3.

  • Page 103

    In struments, Controls Windscreen washer and headla mp Rea r window washer and w iper system wa sher system 3 Push stalk forwards. The rear w indow wiper Pull stalk towards steering wheel. S creen wipes in tim ed interval m od e. S witch off by wash is squirted onto the screen and the pulling stalk towa rd s the steering wheel.

  • Page 104: Exterior Lights

    Ligh ting Lighting Mod el w ith da yti me runni ng light s 3 With ignition on and lights turned on 7 , the dipp ed headlamps are on without instrument illum ination. The day time running lights switch off when the ignition is switched off.

  • Page 105

    Lightin g Main beam, headlamp flash Turn signal lamps Front fog lamps > 3 Push stalk forward to switch from dipp ed The front fog lamp s c an only be switched Stalk upwa rd s Right turn signal beam to m ain beam . on when both the ignition and lights are on.

  • Page 106

    Ligh ting Fog tail lamp The fog ta il lamp ca n only be switched on when b oth the ignition a nd dipped beam/parking lamps are on. O perated with the r button. The fog ta il lamps on the v ehicle a re deactivated when towing a caravan/ trailer.

  • Page 107

    Lightin g Setting s. Automat ic headlam p rang e adjustm ent 3 Front seats occupied On vehicles with Xenon headla mps, All seats occupied headlamp range is adjusted automatically All seats occupied and lug gage based on v ehicle load . compartment load Driver’...

  • Page 108

    Ligh ting Adaptive Forward Lighting C ont rol indic ator B for adap tive dri ving Cornering lig ht (AFL) lig hts An additional lamp com es on with Illuminated : Fault in sy stem. The sy stem is ensures better illumination of certain steering wheel positions (after not rea dy for opera tion.

  • Page 109

    Lightin g If the driver’s door is left open, the lam ps will go out after two m inutes. The light is switched off immediately by inserting the key into the ignition or pulling the turn signal stalk toward s the steering wheel again.

  • Page 110

    Ligh ting To a ctiv ate the door-to-door l ight function, press b utton q on the remote control twice with the v ehicle loc ked. Country-specific v ersion 3 : to ena ble the door-to-d oor function, press button q on the remote control once with the vehicle locked.

  • Page 111

    Lightin g Entry l ighting 3 After unlocking the vehicle, the instruments, switch illumination plus the courtesy lamps come on for a few seconds. I lluminat ed mirror i n the sun v isor s 3 The lig hting switches on when the cover is opened.

  • Page 112

    Ligh ting Battery discharge protectio n To return to asym metrical d ip ped beam , pull and hold the main beam stalk again, Some consum ers such as the interior switch on the ignition and wait for the lighting sw itch themselves off after acoustic sig nal.

  • Page 113: Infotainment System, Radio Reception

    Info tainment system Infotainment system Radio reception Radio reception may be disrupted by static, noise, distortion or loss of rec eption due to z changes in distance from the transm itter, z multi-path rec eption due to reflection and, z sha dowing . In fotain men t system Radio reception 3 ..

  • Page 114

    In fotain men t system Rear seat audio system AUX inpu t Electronic data acquisitio n in to ll systems Twin Aud io allows rear seat occupants the The AUX input is next to the hand brake i n choice between the audio source played on the centre console.

  • Page 115

    10 watts. We rec om mend you contact your Vauxhall Authorised Rep airer w ho will have brackets and v arious different accessory kits ava ilab le and can fit them c orrectly.

  • Page 116: Climate Control

    Climate c ontrol Climate control Heating and ventila tion system, air cond itioning system 3 ..... . 112 Electronic climate control system 3 .. . 112 Air vents ..........113 Heating and ventilation system, Electronic climate control Heating and ventila tion system ...

  • Page 117: Air Vents

    Climate control Windscreen defrost er nozzles (2) Air distribution switch set to V or J : Air is directed onto the windscreen and door windows. Ad ditional vents are beneath the w indscreen and side windows and in the front footwell. Air vents Centre and side (1) ai r vents To op en vent: rotate w heel upw ards.

  • Page 118

    Climate c ontrol Heatin g and ventilation system Air flow Air distribut ion Ad justed using centre rotary switch. S et using rig ht rotary sw itch. Temperature Adjusted using left-hand rota ry switch. to wind screen and front side wind ow s selected fan sp eed red area...

  • Page 119

    Climate control Hea ting The c om fort and general well-being of the For rapid warming of the p assenger vehicle occupants are to a large extent compartment: dependent on a suitab le v entilation a nd hea ting setting. z Turn the temperature switch clockw ise as far as it will g o (warm).

  • Page 120

    Climate c ontrol z Set fa n to 3 or 4. z Set air distribution switch to V. z Switch on heated rear window Ü 3. z Open sid e air vents as required and direct them towards door windows. z For simultaneous footwell heating, set air distribution switch to J.

  • Page 121: Air Conditioning System 3

    Climate control Air conditioning system As a supplement to the heating and ventilation system, the air c onditioning system c ools and dehumidifies (dries) inflowing air. If cooling or dehum id ification is not desired, switch off cooling in order to sa ve fuel.

  • Page 122

    Climate c ontrol Temperature sw itch in c entre of Warning adjustment range: w armer air will flow into the foot well and cooler air into the upper The a ir recirculation sy stem minimises zone, w ith warmer air coming from the sid e the entry of outside air.

  • Page 123

    Climate control z Cooling n on, the air conditioning compressor automatically switches itself off a t low outside tem peratures (icing). z Turn the temp erature switch clockwise. z Set fa n to 3 or 4. z Air distribution switch to V, air recirculation sy stem 4 automa tic ally switches off, –...

  • Page 124: Electronic Climate Control

    Climate c ontrol Electronic climate control system Provides the greatest amount of comfort in the interior regardless of the weather, outside tem perature or season. To ensure a constant and com fortable climate in the v ehicle, the tempera ture of the inflowing air, the air-flow rate a nd the air distrib ution are cha nged automatically according to clim atic conditions outside...

  • Page 125

    Climate control Switching off the air conditioning Temperat ur e p reset compressor (ECO appears in displa y) can The left rotary knob can be used to set the ha ve a detrimental effect on comfort and temperature to values of between 16 ° C safety 3 123.

  • Page 126

    Climate c ontrol Manual sett ings Temperature, air distribution and blower Under certain circumstances (e. g. iced or are set automatically. misted wind ow s), the functions of the To return to automatic m ode: press climate control sy stem can be modified button V or AUTO .

  • Page 127

    Climate control Acti vati ng and d eac tiva ting ai r Air distri bution Air flow condit ioning com pressor Press one or more of the following buttons. S et air flow using the right-hand rotary Press the ECO button. EC O ap pears in the The corresponding sy mbol app ears in the knob.

  • Page 128

    Climate c ontrol Press button 4, % a ppears in the air conditioning display. Warning The exchange of fresh air is reduced in air circulation m od e. The quality of the passenger compa rtm ent air deteriorates whic h may cause the vehicle occupants to feel d row sy.

  • Page 129: Auxiliary Heater, Pollen Filter

    Climate control Auxiliary heater Pollen filter Dep ending on outside tem perature and The pollen filter cleans dust, soot, pollen engine tem perature, the passenger and spores from the air entering from compartment of v ehicles with Quickhea t 3 outside.

  • Page 130

    Climate c ontrol Regular operatio n Service For consistently good operation, the air For optimal cooling p erform ance, we cooling sy stem 3 must be switched on for recommend that the clim ate control several minutes once per month regardless sy stem be check ed annua lly , starting three of the w eather a nd the time of year.

  • Page 131: Driving And Op Eration

    Driving and o peration Driving and operation Easytronic The Ea sy tronic transmission 3 permits manual (m anual mode) or automatic gea r shifting (automat ic mod e), both with autom atic clutch control. Ea sy tronic 3 ......... 127 Manual transm ission ..

  • Page 132

    Drivin g and operatio n Selector lev er in o (centre position) O nce the selector lever ha s b een moved from N to position o (centre position) w ith the foot bra ke operated , the Easytronic is in autom atic mode and first gear ha s been selected (second gear with winter programm e enabled ).

  • Page 133

    Driving and o peration Selec tor lever in + or - St opping t he v ehi cle In Automatic or Ma nual m ode, when the S hift to a hig her gear. vehicle has stopped first gear (with Winter S hift to a lower gear.

  • Page 134

    Drivin g and operatio n Engine brak ing Automatic mode: When driving d ow nhill, Ea sytronic does not shift into higher g ears until a fairly high eng ine speed has been rea ched. When brak ing, Easytronic shifts down in good time.

  • Page 135

    Driving and o peration Vehicle storag e Ap ply the hand brak e a nd remove the key from the ignition. The most recently engaged gear (indicator in transmission display ) remains enga ged. With N , no gea r is engaged.

  • Page 136

    Drivin g and operatio n 3. C lean transm ission around the cap (see Fig.) so tha t no dirt can get into the opening w hen the ca p is removed. 4. Rotate cap to slacken and remove by lifting upwards –...

  • Page 137: Driving Hints

    Driving and o peration Driving hints Brake servo unit Driv ing wi th a roof loa d When the engine is not running, the brake Do not exceed the perm issible roof load The first 600 mil es servo unit is no longer effective once the 3 221.

  • Page 138

    Drivin g and operatio n Sav e energy – m ore m iles Wa rming up C ool ing fan Please observe the running-in hints on the Allow the engine to warm up while driving. The cooling fan is controlled v ia a previous pag e and the tips for energ y Do not warm it up by letting it run at idling therm oswitch and therefore only runs if...

  • Page 139

    Driving and o peration Saving fuel, protecting th e End-of-Life Vehic le recov ery Warm ing up environment For detailed information on Va ux ha ll’ s z Full throttle and w arming up at idle on-going comm itment to achieving an speed increase w ear, fuel consumption, Trend-set ting technology environmentally susta inab le future,...

  • Page 140

    Drive in a low engine speed Electri cal loa ds Vauxhall Authorised Repairer. ra nge for each gear as much a s possible z The power consum ption of electrical Extr em e d riving conditions with uniform engine speeds.

  • Page 141

    100% Bio Diesel, which is not and engine damag e. to be used in Vauxhall eng ines. The flow and filterab ility of diesel fuel are temperature-dependent. Diesel fuels w ith improved low temp erature properties are therefore a vailable on the m a rk et during the winter months.

  • Page 142

    Drivin g and operatio n Fuel fi ller cap O nly a Vauxhall Genuine fuel filler cap Warning provides full functionality. Diesel-engined Fuel is flammab le and exp losive. No vehic les have special fuel filler caps. smoking. N o naked flames or sparks.

  • Page 143

    Driving and o peration Correct filling depends to a la rg e ex tent on C lose fuel tank cov er. prop er operation of the fuel dispensing pump: Caution 1. Fully insert the pump nozzle and switch it Wipe off a ny overflowing fuel imm ediately.

  • Page 144

    Drivin g and operatio n Fuel grades other than those listed on pages 137, 215 (e. g. LRP = Lead Replacement Petrol or leaded fuel) c ould damage the catalytic converter or electronic com ponents. Ca ution Damage to the cataly tic converter or the vehicle may result if the following points are not observed.

  • Page 145

    Driving and o peration If it illuminates briefly, but does not rec ur, it is of no significance. Lighting of A ma y indicate water in the diesel fuel filter 3. Ha ve the fuel filter checked for water residue 3 207. If it flashes after the ignition is switched on, there is a fault in the im mobiliser sy stem.

  • Page 146

    Drivin g and operatio n Eng ine exhaust Under c ertain driving cond itions, e.g . short journeys, the sy stem may not clea n itself Warning automatically. If the filter req uires cleaning and p revious Engine exhaust g ases contain poisonous driving c onditions did not enable carbon monoxide, which is colourless automatic c leaning, control ind icator !

  • Page 147

    Ma intena nce Hav e a ll maintenance work carried out at the specified intervals. We recommend that you entrust this w ork to y our Vauxhall Authorised repairer, who has proper equipment and tra ined personnel av ailable. Electronic testing systems permit rapid diagnosis and remedy of faults.

  • Page 148: Drive Control Systems

    Drivin g and operatio n Drive Control Systems As soon as the vehicle starts to swerve The vehicle is now in a critical situa tion; Pl us (understeer/ov ersteer), engine output is ESP® allows you to keep control of the P lu s Elec tronic St abili ty Progra m (ES P®...

  • Page 149

    Driving and o peration Control indicator v Illuminates after interruption of power The w arning light lights up for a few supply e.g. after disconnecting battery . seconds when ignition is switched on. Once After a power supply interrup tion the it goes out, the system is ready for steering angle sensor must be calibrated to opera tion.

  • Page 150

    Drivin g and operatio n Crui se control 3 For Easy tronic 3, eng age cruise control in Cruise control can store and maintain autom atic mode only . speeds of approx. 20 to 125 m ph Warning (30 to 200 k m/h). Dev ia tion from the stored speed is possible on uphill or d ownhill When the cruise control is active, inclines.

  • Page 151

    Driving and o peration Ac celera te To deactivate With cruise control activated, hold down Briefly press the O button: cruise control is button I or briefly press it repeatedly : deactivated. speed is increased continuously or in steps Automatic deactivation: of 1.2 m ph (2 k m/h).

  • Page 152

    Drivin g and operatio n Park ing dista nc e sensors 3 Towing equip ment, c aravan/trailer towing Parking distance sensors makes reverse If a towing dev ice is sub sequently fitted to parking easier by measuring the distance the vehicle, the system must be set to the between the bac k of the v ehicle and modified vehic le leng th by a work shop.

  • Page 153: Hydraulic Brake System

    Driving and o peration To ensure that full peda l tra vel can be utilised, especially in case of a fault in one of the brake circuits, there must be no mats in the vicinity of the ped als 3 134. When the engine is not running, the support of the brake servo unit disappears once the brake peda l has b een depressed...

  • Page 154

    Drivin g and operatio n For vehicles w ith Easytronic 3, the control Self t esting indicator flashes for a few seconds when When the eng ine is started a nd the vehicle the ig nition is turned off when the ha nd starts off, the sy stem p erform s a self-check, brake is not applied .

  • Page 155: Brake Assist, Hand Brake

    Driving and o peration Brake assist Wheels, tyres If the brak e pedal is operated quick ly with S uitable tyres and restrictions 3 223. a powerful push, the v ehicle is Tyres fitted in the fac tory are adapted to autom atic ally braked at full braking power the chassis and provide optimum driving in order to achieve the shortest possib le...

  • Page 156

    Drivin g and operatio n Fitting new tyres Alway s inflate the spare wheel 3 to the Fit tyres in pairs or in sets, which is ev en pressure specified for full load. better. Ensure that tyres on one a xle are Do not reduce tyre pressure w hen the tyres z the same size are warm.

  • Page 157

    Driving and o peration Tyre conditi on, wheel condition Tread d ep th Warning Driv e over edges slowly and at right angles C heck tread depth regularly. if possible. Driving over sharp edges can For reasons of safety , tyres should be If the pressure is too low, this ca n result cause ty re and wheel da mage.

  • Page 158

    Drivin g and operatio n General i nformati on Tyre d esigna tions z The risk of aq ua planing is greater if the Meaning s: tyres are worn. e.g. 175/70 R 14 88 T z Tyres age, ev en if they are not used or 175 = Ty re w idth in mm used infrequently .

  • Page 159

    Use of wheel trim s and tyres that approved achieve a concentric fit. by Vauxhall for the vehicle in question and thereby fulfil all requirem ents for the wheel Alway s use fine mesh chains tha t add no and ty re comb ination.

  • Page 160: Towing Equipment

    Ask a workshop Tyre chains m ay only be used at speed s up Vauxhall roof rack system that is a pproved to retrofit towing equipment. It may be to 30 mph (50 k m/h). When trav elling on for y our vehicle.

  • Page 161

    Driving and o peration Towing equipment with Fit ting the coupl ing bal l bar C hecking the tensioning of the coupling removable co upling ball bar Fold d own the soc ket. Remov e the sealing ball bar plug from the hole for the coupling b all ba r z Red marking on rotary k nob must p oint C aution and stow it in the luggage compa rtm ent.

  • Page 162

    Drivin g and operatio n O therwise, the coup ling ball bar m ust be Inserting the coupling ball ba r Lock the coup ling ball bar in position by tensioned before it is inserted into the Insert the tensioned c oupling ball ba r in the turning key to position 2 3 157, coupling housing: housing and push firmly upwards until it...

  • Page 163

    Driving and o peration Check that the coup ling ball bar is correctly installed z Green m arking on rotary knob m ust point tow ards white marking on c oupling ball bar z There m ust be no gap between the rotary hand le and the coupling ball ba r z The coupling ball bar must b e firmly engaged in the opening...

  • Page 164

    Drivin g and operatio n Caravan/trailer towing The permitted c aravan/trailer load a pplies up to the sp ecified inc line and up to a n Cara van and trailer loa ds altitude of 1000 m etres ab ov e sea lev el. The permissible caravan/trailer loads are S ince engine power decreases as altitud e vehicle and eng ine-dependent m aximum...

  • Page 165

    Driving and o peration Coup ling socket l oa d Rea r axle load duri ng towing Driv ing chara cteristics, t owing ti ps The c oupling socket load is the load With the tra iler connected and the towing Before attaching the trailer/carav an, exerted by the trailer/caravan on the vehicle fully loaded including all...

  • Page 166

    Drivin g and operatio n If the tra iler/ca ra van starts to sway , drive Start ing on inclines Before starting off under ex treme more slowly, do not attem pt to correct the For vehicles with manual transmission, operating cond itions, switch off steering and brake sharply if necessary.

  • Page 167

    Self-help, vehicle care Self-help, vehicle care Diesel fuel system , bleeding If the tank is allowed to run dry, the diesel fuel sy stem m ust be bled. Turn over the Diesel fuel system, bleeding ....163 ignition three times for 15 seconds at a Bonnet ..

  • Page 168

    Self-help, vehicle care Starting the engine with jump leads Do not start with a quick cha rg er or by pushing or towing the vehic le. A vehicle with a d ischarged battery ca n be started using jump leads and the battery of another v ehicle.

  • Page 169

    Self-help, vehicle care z Use a booster battery with the same voltage (12 volts). Its capacity (Ah) must not be much less than tha t of the discharged battery. z Use jump leads with insulated terminals and a cross section of at least 16 mm (25 m m for diesel engines).

  • Page 170

    Self-help, vehicle care Route the lead s so that they cannot catch on rotating parts in the engine compartment. To start the eng ine: 1. Start the engine of the vehicle p rov id ing the jump start. 2. After 5 minutes, sta rt the other engine. Start attem pts should be made at intervals of 1 minute and should not last longer than 15 seconds.

  • Page 171

    Self-help, vehicle care Switch on ignition to release steering colum n lock and to permit opera tion of brake lamps, horn and windscreen wipers. Gear lever in neutra l. Ca ution Driv e slowly. Do not driv e jerkily. Excessive tractive force ca n damage the vehicle.

  • Page 172

    Self-help, vehicle care If the automa tic clutch has been ma nually disengaged in vehicles with manual automated transmission 3 towing is not permitted 3 132. In this c ase, contact a workshop for assistance immediately. After towing, unscrew towing eye by rotating cloc kwise and insert a nd c lose the cap.

  • Page 173: Jack And Vehicle Tools

    Self-help, vehicle care Warning triangle To op en, remove the luggage Jack and vehicle tools ¨ 3 £ 3 First-aid kit compartment cov er 3 3 53, lift the floor Vehicles with spar e w heel 3 3 3 3 using the handle and raise tow ard the The ja ck and v ehicle tools are stowed in a The w arning triangle and first-a id cushion...

  • Page 174: Spare Wheel

    Self-help, vehicle care Plac ing wid e w heels in the spare w heel w ell The spare w heel well is not designed for all sizes of permitted ty res. If a wider wheel is stowed in the spare w heel well after changing wheels, the floor cover can rest on the protruding wheel.

  • Page 175

    Self-help, vehicle care Genera l informa tion Notes on tem porary spare wheel 3 Not es on di rect ional tyres 3 Dep ending on version, the spa re wheel z The use of the tem porary spare wheel Fit directional tyres such that they roll in the may be in the form of a temporary spa re may affect the handling of the vehicle, direction of trav el.

  • Page 176: Changing Wheels

    Self-help, vehicle care Changing wheels z If the ground on which the vehicle is z No people or a nima ls m ay be in the standing is soft, a solid board (max. 1 cm vehicle when it is jack ed up. There may be a tyre repair kit instead of a thick) should b e placed under the jack 3.

  • Page 177

    Self-help, vehicle care 1. Pull off the w heel trim with the hook 3 . Alloy wheels 3: Prise off the hub cap b y Alloy wheels with a nti-theft protection 3: Vehicle tools 3 169. inserting a screwdriver 3 in the recess at unscrew hubc aps using the wheel nut the side of the hub ca p.

  • Page 178

    Fit the jack a rm O n Meriva VXR a nd vehicles w ith sill half a turn. at the front – or rear – so that the jack trims, the jack 3 cannot be used.

  • Page 179

    Self-help, vehicle care 10. Before refitting the wheel trim, clean the wheel around the retaining clips. Valve symbol 3 on back of w heel trim must point towards valve on wheel. Align and refit w heel trim or wheel bolt caps 3.

  • Page 180

    Self-help, vehicle care Tyre repair kit Minor d amage to the tyre tread or sidewall can be repaired with the tyre repair kit. Do not rem ov e the foreign body from the tyre. Tyre d amage exceeding 4 mm or that is on the rim cannot be repaired with the ty re rep air kit.

  • Page 181

    Self-help, vehicle care 4. Screw the compressor air hose to the 7. Sc rew the filler hose to the ty re v alve. 10. Switch on ignition. connection on the sealant bottle. 8. The switch on the compressor m ust be 11.

  • Page 182

    Self-help, vehicle care 15. Detach the ty re repair kit. Screw the filler hose to the free connection on the sea lant bottle. This prev ents sealant leakage. S tow the ty re repair kit in the luggag e com partment. 16.

  • Page 183: Electrical System

    Self-help, vehicle care Im portant The sealant can only be stored for approx. Electrical system 4 years. After this time, the sealing Fuses The d riv ing comfort of the rep aired ty re is prop erties can no longer be gua ra nteed. Data on the replacement fuse must match severely affected, therefore have this ty re Heed the exp iration date on the sealant...

  • Page 184

    Self-help, vehicle care Keep spare fuses in the fuse box lid (shown Slot fuse-gripping tool onto fuse and Fuses and the most important in yellow in the Fig.). O pen lid 3 180. withdra w it. circuits they protect Before replac ing a fuse, turn off the Some functions are protected by sev eral Fuse box in pa ssenger comp artm ent respective switch and the ignition.

  • Page 185

    Cigarette lighter, auxiliary heater Fuel injection system , fuel p um p, Tilt/slide sun roof, skylight roof Seat heater (left) stationary heater Vauxhall alarm system Seat heater (rig ht) Turn signal lamps Rear window wiper Adaptive Forward Lighting, Infotainment sy stem, Information...

  • Page 186

    Self-help, vehicle care Circuit Ci rcuit Fuse box in engine comp artm ent The fuse box is at the front left of the Engine cooling, lighting Left dipp ed b eam: eng ine compartm ent. Xenon head la mp Left parking lamp Halogen headlam p Warning Right parking lamp...

  • Page 187: Bulb Replacement

    Self-help, vehicle care Bulb replacement Switch off the ignition and switch off the relev ant switch or c lose the doors. Only hold a new b ulb at the b ase! Do not touch the bulb glass w ith your bare hands. Replace the bulb , chec king that the da ta on the base matches that of the d efec tiv e bulb .

  • Page 188

    Self-help, vehicle care Dipp ed beam 3. Press the b ulb down in the holder. 5. Detac h plug connector from b ulb ba se. 1. Open bonnet and engage supp ort. 4. Remove bulb with connector from 6. Attach connector to new bulb . reflector housing.

  • Page 189

    Self-help, vehicle care Mai n bea m 3. Detach plug connector from bulb. 5. Remove bulb from reflector housing. 1. Open bonnet and engage supp ort. 4. Disengag e spring wire clip from 6. When fitting the new bulb, insert lugs in retaining lugs by moving it forwards the reflector rec esses.

  • Page 190

    Self-help, vehicle care Halogen headlamp system Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) Halogen headlamp system for dipped and main beam in combination w ith c urve lighting and cornering light. Warning The x enon headla mps work with very high electrical voltage. Do not touch. Hav e bulbs changed by a workshop .

  • Page 191

    Self-help, vehicle care 3. Detach p lug connector from bulb. 5. Remove bulb from reflector housing. Parkin g lamps 1. Op en bonnet a nd engage sup port. 4. Disengage spring w ire clip from 6. When fitting the new bulb, insert lugs in retaining lug and swivel upward.

  • Page 192

    Self-help, vehicle care 3. Push side lugs of parking la mp holder 4. Remove bulb from holder. Front indicator lam ps together and remov e holder from 1. Op en bonnet a nd engage sup port. 5. I nsert new bulb. reflec tor.

  • Page 193: Tail Lamps

    Self-help, vehicle care 7. Rotate bulb carrier to right as far as it will go. Side turn signal lam ps Have bulb replacem ent carried out by a work shop. Front fog lamps Have bulb replacem ent carried out by a work shop.

  • Page 194

    Self-help, vehicle care 3. Disenga ge the plug of the m ain bulb 5. Slac ken both screws on the back of the Bulb s in m ain bulb carrier: mounting by pressing (arrow in Fig.) and main b ulb mounting. Press the catches Turn signal lamp pull from bulb mounting.

  • Page 195: Number Plate Lamp

    Self-help, vehicle care Fog tail la mp bulb: Rota te bulb Number plate lamp 2. Rotate bulb holder to left and mounting anticlockwise and disengage. disengage. 1. Insert screwd riv er 3 vertically on right- hand side of bulb housing , exert pressure Remove bulb from holder.

  • Page 196

    Self-help, vehicle care 5. Enga ge b ulb holder by rota ting rig ht in lamp housing. Insert lam p housing and eng age. 3. Remove bulb from holder. Courtesy lam ps Front courtesy l amp, rea ding la mps 3 4.

  • Page 197

    Self-help, vehicle care Rea r c ourt esy la mp, rear reading lam ps 3 Have bulb replacem ent carried out by a work shop. 2. Remove bulb from holder. Glov e c ompar tment lam p 3, luggage com partm ent lamp 3.

  • Page 198

    Self-help, vehicle care Veh icle c are Bird d ropp ings, dead insec ts, resin, pollen and the like should be cleaned off When caring for your vehicle, observe all imm ediately, a s they contain aggressive na tional environm ental reg ulations, constituents which can ca use paint particula rly when wa shing it.

  • Page 199

    Self-help, vehicle care Polishing and waxing Exterior light s The instrument panel should only b e Wax the vehicle reg ularly (by the time the Head la mp and other lamp cov ers are cleaned using a soft damp cloth. water no longer beads at the la test).

  • Page 200

    Self-help, vehicle care Windows and windscreen wip er b lades Lock s Underbod y Use a soft lint-free cloth or chamois leather The locks are lub ric ated with a high-q uality S om e areas of the vehicle underbody have together with window cleaner and insect lock ing c ylinder grease in the fac tory.

  • Page 201: Scheduled Maintenance

    Serv ic e is valida ted using the spaces Inspection system ....... . 203 prov ided in the Service and Warranty Genuine Vauxhall Parts and Book let. The date of service and mileage Acc essories .......... 204 reading are add ed, stam ped and signed Performing work ..

  • Page 202

    Vehicle sy stem check using TECH 2 Replace pollen filter or a ctive cha rc oa l filter If the air is particularly polluted, full of dust or sand or pollen, if the air c onditioning Discussion between customer / Vauxhall ⊕o system sm ells...

  • Page 203

    Service and mainten ance S erv ice work after y ear miles (x 1000) km (x 1000) ⊕ Replace timing belt and tension pulley Z 18 XE every 6 y ears 60 000 miles / 90 000 km Z 17 DTH every 10 yea rs 60 000 miles / 90 000 km Z 16 LET, Z 16 XEP every 10 years 100 000 miles / 150 000 km...

  • Page 204

    Service and maintenance S erv ice work after y ear miles (x 1000) 1) ) km (x 1000) ⊕o Remove brake drum, clean, c arry out visua l check every 4 y ears 40 000 miles / 60 000 km Visually inspect steering system boots, track rods, final drive C heck trac k rod end and supporting ball joint ⊕...

  • Page 205

    Service and mainten ance Additional service work With hard d riv ing cond itions it might be Reco mmended fluids and necessary to carry out certain service work lubrican ts Add itional w ork ⊕ more frequently than the sched uled Additional work is not alway s necessary at O nly use products w hich have been tested intervals.

  • Page 206

    Service and maintenance Eng ine oi l Engine oil: top up Engine oil add itiv es Engine oil is graded by qua lity and Oils from different m anufacturers and The use of motor oil additives c an lead to viscosity .

  • Page 207: Inspection System

    If the remaining dista nce is less tools and up-to-date serv ice instructions than 1000 m iles (1500 k m), I nS P is from Vauxhall. It is p articularly advisable display ed with a rem aining distance of to use a Vaux hall Authorised Repairer...

  • Page 208

    Service and maintenance Genuine Vauxhall Parts and Accessories We recommend that you use " Genuine Vauxhall Parts a nd Accessories" and conversion parts released expressly for your vehicle ty pe. These parts have undergone special tests to establish their reliab ility , safety and specific suitability for Vauxhall vehicles.

  • Page 209

    Service and mainten ance Engine oil Check with the v ehicle on a level surface. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, insert it The engine must be at operating to the stop on the handle, p ull out and read In vehicles fitted with engine oil level temperature and switched off for a t least the engine oil level.

  • Page 210

    Service and maintenance We recommend that you use the sam e The engine oil lev el must not ex ceed The amount filled must be between the engine oil as was used the last tim e it w as the MAX m ark on the dip stick. MI N and M AX marks 3 225.

  • Page 211: Diesel Fuel Filter

    Service and mainten ance Diesel fuel filter Coo lant In the event of engine oil change, have fuel The coolant provides a nti-freeze filter check ed for possible w ater residue by protection down to approx. -28 ° C. a w orkshop. Ca ution Illumination of A indicates wa ter in the fuel filter 3.

  • Page 212

    Service and maintenance Top up with anti-freeze. If no a nti-freeze is Brakes available, fill with clean tap water or A screeching noise indicates that the brak e distilled water. Have the anti-freeze lining is at its minimum thickness. concentration checked. C ontinued driving is possible.

  • Page 213: Brake Fluid

    Service and mainten ance When top ping up, ensure m aximum Brak e fluid cha ng e cleanliness as contam ination of the brake Brake fluid is hygrosc op ic , i.e. it ab sorbs fluid c an lead to function problem s in the water.

  • Page 214

    Service and maintenance Windscreen wiper replacement Wi per blad e on the rear w indow 3 Win dscreen and h eadlamp Lift wiper arm. Diseng age wiper b la de a s washer systems Wiper bla des on t he w indscreen shown in illustration and remove.

  • Page 215

    Service and mainten ance Laying up the vehicle for more tha n 4 weeks can lead to b attery discharge. Disconnect the negative terminal of the vehicle b attery. The Vaux hall alarm system 3 siren m ust be deactivated as follow s: switch the ignition on the off, disconnect the vehic le’s battery within 15 seconds.

  • Page 216

    Service and maintenance Laying th e vehicle up for a long z Park v ehicle in dry and well ventilated Putting the vehicle bac k into period of time place. S elect first gear or reverse gear, service and w ith Easytronic 3 move selector If the vehicle is to be laid up for several Perform the following work before lever to middle p osition b efore switching...

  • Page 217: Technical Data

    Technical Data Technical Data Veh icle data The tec hnical d ata is determined in accordance with European C ommunity standards. We reserve the right to make modifications. S pecifications in the vehic le docum ents alwa ys have priority ov er those given in this manual.

  • Page 218

    Tec hnic al D ata Eng ine identifier and engine num ber: ma rk ed on left-hand side of engine in eng ine block. Information on id entific ation p la te: The vehic le identification number is stamp ed on the identification plate and on Manufac turer the right sid e of the floor of the vehicle Type approval number...

  • Page 219: Engine Data

    Technical Data Engine data Sales designation 1. 4 TWIN PORT 1.6 TWI NPORT Eng ine identifier code Z 14 XEP Z 16 XEP Z 18 XE Z 16 LET Numb er of cylinders Piston displacement [cm 1364 1598 1796 1598 Brake horse power [k W] at rpm 5600...

  • Page 220

    Tec hnic al D ata Engine data Sales designation 1.3 CDTI 1.7 C DTI Eng ine code Z 13 DTJ Z 17 DTH Numb er of cylinders Piston displacement [cm 1248 1686 Brake horse power [k W] at rpm 4000 4400 Torque [Nm ] at rpm...

  • Page 221

    Technical Data Performance Z 14 XEP Z 16 XEP Z 18 XE Z 16 LET Top speed [mph / km/h] 5-speed ma nual transmission 104/168 112/181 118/190 – 6-speed ma nual transmission – – – 138/222 Easytronic – 112/181 118/190 –...

  • Page 222

    Tec hnic al D ata Performance Z 13 DTJ Z 17 DTH Top speed [mph / km/h] 5-speed ma nual transmission 98/157 111/178 6-speed ma nual transmission – – Easytronic – – The ma xim um s peed ind ica ted is achieva ble a t kerb weig ht (with out driver) p lu s 200 kg p ayloa d. Optiona l eq uipm ent cou ld red uce the s pecified maximu m sp eed of th e vehicle.

  • Page 223

    Technical Data Fuel c onsu mption, CO -emissions The direc tiv e is oriented to actual driving The figures given m ust not be taken as a practices: Urban d riv ing is rated at ap prox . guarantee for the actual fuel consumption Directive 80/1268/EEC (last c hanged and extra-urban d riv ing with of a p artic ular vehicle.

  • Page 224

    Tec hnic al D ata Fuel cons umption, CO e miss ions Z 14 XEP Z 16 XEP Z 18 XE Z 16 LET 5-speed / sport / 6-speed / Easytronic fuel consumption urban [l/100 k m] 8.1/–/– /– 8.9/–/– / 8.9 10.3/–/–/10.1 –...

  • Page 225

    Technical Data Weights, payload and roof load The combined total of front a nd rear ax le Roof loa d loa ds must not exceed the perm issible The permissib le roof load is 100 kg . The The p ayload is the difference between the gross vehicle weight.

  • Page 226

    Tec hnic al D ata Table 1, kerb weight Meriv a Engine Manua l Manua l transmission tra nsmission autom ated wi thout/w ith ai r Z 14 XEP 1330/1355 –/– condit ioning [kg] Z 16 XEP 1375/1400 1375/1400 Z 18 XE 1380/1405 1380/1405 Z 16 LET...

  • Page 227: Winter Tyres

    We recommend that you consult a behaviour may be modified. Replace the the wheel balanced and fitted to the Vauxhall Authorised Repairer concerning faulty tyre as soon a s possible, b alance the vehicle. suitab le tyre mak es.

  • Page 228: Tyre Pressure

    Tec hnic al D ata Tyre pressure Suspension b ehaviour when loaded with up With full load to 3 people Tyres front [psi/b ar] rear [p si/bar] front [psi/bar] rea r [psi/bar] Z 14 XEP 175/70 R 14, 35/2. 4 32/2.

  • Page 229

    Technical Data Capacities Eng ine oi l Eng ine Z 14 XEP Z 16 XEP, Z 18 XE Z 13 DTJ Z 17 DTH Z 16 LET Including filter [I] 4.25 5. 0 Betw een MIN a nd MAX [I] 1.

  • Page 230

    Tec hnic al D ata Dimensions M eriv a Meriv a VXR Length [mm] 4052 4068 Width without exterior m irrors [mm] 1694 1694 Width with two ex terior mirrors [m m] 1948 1948 Height [mm] 1624 1624 Length of luggage compartment floor [m m] Lug gage compartment width [mm] 1034...

  • Page 231

    Technical Data Mounting dimensions of towing Di mensi ons Dim ensions equipment [m m] [mm ] All measurements refer to Va ux ha ll- approved towing equipment. Warning O nly use towing eq uipm ent app rov ed 508.1 for your vehicle. We recomm end 471.5 entrusting retrofitting of towing equipm ent to y our workshop.

  • Page 232

    Tec hnic al D ata...

  • Page 233: Index

    Index Index Battery ..........134, 211 AB S (Anti-lock Brake System )....150 Interruption of p ow er supply ..39, 132 Ac cessories..........169 Battery discharge protection ..

  • Page 234

    In dex Chassis number, see Vehicle identification Cruise control .......... 146 number ..........214 Curtain airbags......... 69 Easy tronic ..

  • Page 235: Horn., Fog Tail Lamp ., Climate Control, Glove Compartment 3

    Index Glov e com partment lighting ....107 Hill S tart Assist ........151 Bulb replacem ent ....... 193 Horn............10 Fan..

  • Page 236

    In dex O il consumption .....205, 215, 216 O il lev el........... . 205 Main bea m..........9 O il pressure ..

  • Page 237: Seat Occup Ancy R Ecog Ni Tion

    Index Rear seats..........49 Self-help Tail lam ps ..........100 Rear window washer system ..11, 99, 210 central lock ing ..

  • Page 238

    Valve cap key ......... 152 Window demisting Vauxhall alarm system ......32 and d efrosting ....116, 119, 122 Vehicle care..........194 Windscreen wa sher system, Vehicle decomm issioning.

  • Page 239


  • Page 240

    In dex...

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