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How to Ride the Motorcycle
For your safety, always exercise extreme
caution when braking (whether or not ABS
is fitted), accelerating or turning as any
improper action can cause loss of control
and an accident. Independent use of the
front or rear brakes reduces overall
braking performance. Extreme braking
may cause either wheel to lock, reducing
control of the motorcycle and causing an
accident (see ABS warnings below).
When possible, reduce speed or brake
before entering a turn as closing the
throttle or braking in mid-turn may cause
wheel slip leading to loss of control and an
When riding in wet or rainy conditions, or
on loose surfaces, the ability to manoeuvre
and stop will be reduced. All of your
actions should be smooth under these
conditions. Sudden acceleration, braking or
turning may cause loss of control and an
When descending a long steep gradient,
use engine braking by down changing and
use the brakes intermittently. Continuous
brake application can overheat the brakes
and reduce their effectiveness.
Riding with your foot on the brake pedal
or your hands on the brake lever may
actuate the brake light, giving a false
indication to other road users. It may also
overheat the brake, reducing braking
Do not coast with the engine switched off,
and do not tow the motorcycle. The
transmission is pressure-lubricated only
when the engine is running. Inadequate
lubrication may cause damage or seizure
of the transmission, which can lead to
sudden loss of motorcycle control and an


Table of Contents

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